Moonhenges Tear [Quest]

Faction: Aldmeri Dominion
Province: Valenwood
Location: Greenshade
Required Level: 31

Text of the Quest:

I need to halt the Daedric invasion from Moonhenge. Dominion scouts have been captured by the Daedra around Moonhenge. I should free them.

Scout Ruluril: You made it past the undead outside Marbruk? Either that, or I lost more blood than I thought.
Hero: What happened here?
Scout Ruluril: Daedra, out of the Moonhenge. When the undead appeared in Driladan Pass, we got cut off from Marbruk, and in the Daedra came, like beasts that smelled blood.
Hero: What is the Moonhenge?
Scout Ruluril: An Ayleid ruin. We don't really know what it was for. Captain Ethrel and Sergeant Galandir took scouts to investigate, but they were captured. The Daedra are holding them for some kind of ritual. We need to save them.
Hero: I'll see what I can do.

Sergeant Galandir: Quickly. We don't have much time.
Hero: Time for what?
Sergeant Galandir: Captain Ethrel and the rest of our scouts are trapped on the other side of that portal!
Hero: How did that happen?
Sergeant Galandir: The main portal was unguarded when we got here. Captain Ethrel took four of our number through. That's when the Dremora swept in and captured us. Set up crystals to seal the portal. It was a trap and we walked into it like yesterday's dinner.
Sergeant Galandir: That's the idea. But there are secondary portals all around the main one, protecting the crystals. Ready yourself for a fight.
Hero: I'll handle the crystals.
Sergeant Galandir: If we don't close the portal from the other side, the Daedra will find a way to re-open it.
Hero: Aren't you going to assist me?
Sergeant Galandir: Basic tactics, soldier. I need to cover your back so the Daedra on the hill don't flank you.

Sinien: Looks like we only meet in horrible places! Did you bring the hundred blades this time? No matter. You didn't need them in Firsthold.
Hero: Sinien? How'd you get here?
Sinien: The Queen sent me to check on our Bosmer allies, and a good thing, too. This whole forest is rife with corruption. I offered my assistance to Captain Ethrel when the Daedra came through the Moonhenge.
Hero: Where are the rest of the scouts?
Sinien: The Daedra scattered us soon after we got here. We need to find the others and close the portal before the Daedra organize.
Hero: How do we close the portal?
Sinien: I've been watching the Daedra closely. The commanders pass in and out of a gateway to the north, or what passes as north in this place. If I had to guess, I'd say our Moonhenge has a twin on this plane.
Hero: What do you mean?
Sinien: The Moonhenge you came through was an Ayleid ruin. But where did they get the idea? Find the keys the Dremora use to unlock the pillars that seal the gateway. I suspect we'll find the sigil stone that powers the portal through there.
Hero: Aren't you coming with me?
Sinien: Ha ha! Once again, you have your duty and I have mine. I'm going to clear the gateway entrance for you in the meantime. Send the others my way, if you find them.

Nara: You again? You seem to make a habit of showing up just when things are getting properly twisted.
Hero: Nara? What are you doing here?
Nara: After Dread Vullain, I was sent to reinforce the outpost. You know how it goes. One moment you're sharpening your sword and the next you're entering a Daedric portal in the middle of a creepy Ayleid ruin.
Hero: I'm getting us out of here. Meet me at this plane's Moonhenge.
Nara: I'll try. Might get distracted exacting some much-earned payback on these monsters.

Hazazi: This one will never complain about a job again.
Hero: Hazazi?
Hazazi: Daedra, imprisonment, and crazy Bosmer—there is no end to Hazazi's suffering. At least you are here again to help me.
Hero: Meet me at this plane's Moonhenge, so we can leave.
Hazazi: Hazazi's tail swishes with joy.

Sinien: Now there's just one more thing, but it's a doozy.
Hero: What else is there?
Sinien: Well, there is the matter of this Moonhenge. It seems to be connected in some way to the Moonhenge in Greenshade. As long as it's here, all the Dremora would have to do to re-open the portal is replace the sigil stone. So we need to destroy it.
Hero: How do we destroy it?
Sinien: I created a scroll for just that purpose. Unfortunately, it requires the power of the sigil stone. As the sigil stone is destroyed, the portal will close for good. The person who casts the spell will be trapped here.
Hero: So I'll cast it.
Sinien: Stop right there. You've got more experience at saving the world than us. We're not leaving you to rot in Coldharbour.
Hero: [Intimidate] I won't leave anyone behind. Give me the scroll.
Sinien: You cannot be ... you're serious. Fine. There may be a planar tear before the portal collapses. You better come back.

Sergeant Galandir: You closed the Daedric portal! Moonhenge is back to its old self, plus a few decorations. But where's the Captain?
Hero: She didn't make it.
Sergeant Galandir: Damn. But it looks like everyone else got out.
Hero: I stayed behind to destroy the other Moonhenge.
Sergeant Galandir: That's the biggest risk I've ever seen a soldier take. You deserve a medal.
Hero: What will you do now?
Sergeant Galandir: We'll mop up the remaining Daedra and start rebuilding the outpost. Thanks to you, we won't have to fight a war on two fronts.
Hero: Complete Quest.

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