Moon-Sugar Medicament [Quest]

Faction: Aldmeri Dominion
Province: Elsweyr
Location: Khenarthi's Roost
Required Level: 2

Text of the Quest:

Moon-Sugar Medicament I found a note in a smuggler camp. A young Khajiit was captured and taken to by the . The note says the Khajiit was taken to . I should see if I can find it before the bandits kill the Khajiit.



Note: "A young Khajiit wandered into camp last night, said he's looking for Hazak. If anyone asks where I am, I'm dragging this fool off to Hazak's Hollow. He'll see the boss before his head and body part ways."
Hero: Continue readings
Note: "We spotted Aldmeri on the beaches. If you need me, send a runner up and around the hill above Hazak's Hollow. Double back to the dock near the entrance."
Hero: Take the note.

Zulana: Have you seen Khari? He's missing.
Hero: Who is Khari?.
Zulana: Zulana's son. When his father succumbed to skooma, Khari swore vengeance upon the smugglers responsible. This one tried to stop him from going by himself, but Khari wouldn't listen.
Hero: I found a note about a young Khajiit taken to Hazak's Hollow..
Zulana: Yes, that's Khari! Please, you must find him! He's all Zulana has left.
Hero: I'll find your son.
Zulana: Zulana heard many things in Mistral. Hazak leads the skooma-peddlers within a nearby cove. Its entrance is on the beach across from Cat's Eye Quay.
Hero: Who is Hazak?
Zulana: A vile skooma-peddler. Hazak destroys families and brings great warriors low with his filth.
Hero: What is skooma?
Zulana: Skooma is distilled from moon-sugar, which is sacred to we who worship the moons and stars. But those who use skooma for pleasure quickly become slaves to its visions. Scum like Hazak profit from this addiction.
Hero: Tell me more about your son.
Zulana: Khari hasn't learned that fear and hatred cloud judgment. Zulana said he would be foolish to seek revenge. But he's a boy, and they have more important things to do than listen to their mothers.
Hero: What happened to your husband?.
Zulana: He hurt his back in a terrible accident. He took skooma to relieve the pain, and it came to both sustain and enslave him. After years of its use, he withered to a shell of his former self.

Khari: Begone, bandit. I'll never join Hazak!
Hero: I'm not a bandit. Your mother asked me to rescue you..
Khari: Mother sent you? It is good she can't see me trussed up like a sheep. The bandits were more challenging than I expected. She could have killed a few when she scouted the cave, but no, I must always be tested.
Hero: What do you mean, she scouted the cave?
Khari: You thought her a poor mewling widow? Ha! Mother is not entirely what she seems. She warned me to wait and watch before approaching Hazak's Hollow. I have much to learn.
Hero: Tell me what's going on here..
Khari: I sought to avenge my father's memory, but was captured by bandits. Mother saw my capture and sent you here to assist. Next, you untie me and we kill Hazakfor his crimes. Simple, you see?
Hero: I came here to free you, not kill Hazak..
Khari: Then when you free me, I'll fight Hazak alone and will likely die. Hazak will poison more families with skooma. Another will swear revenge, be captured by bandits, and wait for death in this cave. Or we can kill Hazak. Still simple, yes?
Hero: All right. I'll help you kill Hazak.
Khari: Good. Now, untie my bonds so we can look for the key to Hazak's lair. Swish-slash-poke, done.
Hero: I'll untie you.

Zulana: What have you done?
Hero: Khari and I killed Hazak..
Zulana: Then you have done what I could not. My husband now rests with the ancestors, free of the skooma enslaving him.
Hero: Hazak was your husband? Khari killed his own father?
Zulana: When Hazak embraced skooma with more affection than he did with me, i gave him every chance to claw his way back. But skooma-peddlers are slavers of the mind itself. When Hazak turned his addiction into enterprise, there was no return.
Hero: How did you kill all these smugglers?.
Zulana: Poisoned arrows to stun, a blade to finish. I spoke to each as they lay frozen on the dock, before adding crescent moons to their throats. These unclawed shaveskins had it coming for pulling Khari’s father into their fold.
Hero: Why didn't you help kill Hazak?.
Zulana: I noted the ardor of the moons within you and sent you to aid Khari. That is help, yes? But I would know, how did my son fare against Hazak? Did he fight bravely, as he was taught? Khari fought well. We brought down Hazak together.
Hero: He didn't help much. I brought down Hazak by myself.
Zulana: Then Khari learns to stand with allies rather than on his own. He shows me he is ready. With time and training, he will honor his ancestors.
Hero: Who are you two, exactly?.
Zulana: Ahzirr traajijazeri—"we justly take by force." At Two-Moons Dance, we study the thin line between justice and vengeance. We train so we will always know the difference. Enjoy your life, walker. You never know when those you love can slip away.
Hero: Complete Quest.

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