Storm on the Horizon [Quest]

Faction: Aldmeri Dominion
Province: Elsweyr
Location: Khenarthi's Roost
Required Level: 2

Text of the Quest:

Storm on the Horizon An Aldmeri Dominion fleet was shipwrecked here by a hurricane. I wasnt part of the wreck, but perhaps I can use the chaos as cover. Razum-dar approached me on the beach of . He seemed to know more about my situation than I do. I should speak with him.


Talk to Razum-dar

Captain Tremouille: Ha! I was worried you'd never wake up. You slept all the way from Khenarthi's Roost. Right through the hurricane!
Hero: Hurricane? What hurricane?
Captain Tremouille: You don't remember? A Khajiit named Razum-dar fished you out of the ocean. He paid me a small fortune to bring you here. We barely made it out of Khenarthi's Roost before the hurricane hit!
Hero: Where is Razum-dar now?.
Captain Tremouille: He was headed to Eagle's Strand, an old fort on Khenarthi's Roost. My ship won't return there for some time, but a boatswain on the far dock can take you. Look for Sugar-Claws.
Hero: All right, I may do that.

Sugar-Claws: What is it? Is this about the fish? I took what I paid for! Um, never mind. What do you want?
Hero: I want to travel to Khenarthi's Roost..
Sugar-Claws: Good, I have business on Khenarthi's Roost. Passage is free! The inspectors won't be looking for two of us. Er, whenever you're ready.
Hero: I'm ready to travel to Khenarthi's Roost.

Razum-dar: We need your face to become familiar so your presence won't be questioned. Come, stay by my side.
Hero: What do you mean?
Razum-dar: This one saw you fall from thin air. Pop, drop, splash. Raz would have tried for a backflip, but under the circumstances this one is most impressed.
Hero: Why did you send me to Vulkhel Guard?
Razum-dar: Razum-dar is here on a mission of some ... delicacy. This one did not know how your presence here would change it. But honestly, Raz is glad you returned. You may be just what he needs.
Hero: Why do you need me?
Razum-dar: First, a question. Where did you come from?
Hero: You wouldn't believe me if I told you.
Razum-dar: If you'd landed five paces north, you'd have squashed a rat, slipped on its guts, and cracked your head on a signal drum. The whole island would have known of your arrival. So where did you come from, truly?
Hero: The Daedric Prince Meridia asked me to set things right across Tamriel.
Razum-dar: A Daedric Prince, you say? Raz has a nose for lies, but you seem clean as an ocean breeze. Hmm. If anyone else asks you ... where will you say you came from?
Hero: The truth. Why would I lie about Meridia's request?
Razum-dar: My, my. You're a focused one, aren't you? It is good to be focused. But it's also good, right now, to fit in. Your sudden arrival? It does not fit in. You understand?
Hero: Why should I trust you?
Razum-dar: You should not! You should trust your instincts. Leave if you wish! No one will stop you. Or, come with Raz and do what you can to help us recover. In the process, grow your stature and wealth. It is entirely up to you.
Hero: Why are you helping me?
Razum-dar: Because you are no soldier, which is useful. You can speak with the locals, assure them we are not invaders or marauders. Now, come. Let us try to fit in.
Hero: Very well.

Commander Karinith: Glad you're up and about, recruit. I'm in need of a scout to head to Shattered Shoals. Most of our fleet foundered to the west, but we've had few survivors trickle in from that direction.
Hero: What do you need, exactly?.
Commander Karinith: We captured a Sea Viper spying on the camp. Those pirates never travel alone. Find out if they're around Shattered Shoals and if so, what they're doing on this island. Of course, you should assist any shipwreck survivors you find. We must each do our part.
Hero: I'll do what I can.
Commander Karmitn: Before you head to Shattered Shoals, speak with Ealcil. He just returned from exploring a nearby temple. That wizard claims to know something about everything, so he may have insight on how these Sea Vipers operate.

Ealcil: Marvelous, isn't it? We'll have to construct a special room for the Mourning Stone when we bring it back to the Mages Guild. I'm sorry, did you need something?
Hero: Commander Karinith said you returned from a nearby temple.
Ealcil: Yes, the Temple of the Mourning Springs is an old Khajiit ruin not far from here. We excavated the Mourning Stone from one of the chambers. As you can see, its supply of water appears endless.
Hero: Did you encounter any Sea Vipers?
Ealcil: What do you mean? Pirates? In an ancient Khajiit temple? Preposterous! All we saw were the undead warriors that overran our camp.
Hero: Why were you attacked by the undead?
Ealcil: I have no idea. Actually I have twelve ideas, but they're far less fascinating than the Mourning Stone. Probably some sort of ancient curse—it usually is with these things.
Hero: So what can you tell me about Sea Vipers?
Ealcil: Arrogant Sea Elf pirates. To my recollection, they aren't known to raid Khenarthi's Roost. Oh, and they have a thing for snakes. But I'm sure we both have more important matters to attend. If you'd excuse me?

Razum-dar: There, you see? You fit in and no one will stop you from walking away. But, as this one said, there are opportunities here for people that fall from the sky. I
Hero: 'm listening..
Razum-dar: Ealcil is most impressed with his newest bauble. But the undead are a threat to all of Khenarthi's Roost. If you want to, you could search the Temple of the Mourning Springs. Determine how to contain the dead there. Then the locals should see we came here as allies, not conquerors.
Hero: All right. Anything else?
Razum-dar: Karinith told you how the hurricane dashed the fleet into Khenarthi's Roost. Now the Sea Vipers are picking at the bones of our ships. Strange, yes? You could scout the coast, as the commander said. Prove yourself to the soldiers.
Hero: Where are you headed?
Razum-dar: Oh, there's far less glamorous work to be done in Mistral, at the northern end of the island. Let's meet up there, after you've done what you decide to do. Until then, Bright Moons guide your steps.

Razum-dar: This one has heard reports. You've kept busy. Good! You fit in now more than ever. How did things go?
Hero: I put an end to the troubles in Shattered Shoals and the Temple of the Mourning Springs.
Razum-dar: Clearly, you were meant to help us out. Jone and Jode have a sense of humor, yes? And, of course, Raz thinks discretion deserves a reward.
Hero: Complete Quest.

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