Like Moths to a Candle [Quest]

Faction: Daggerfall Covenant
Province: Hammerfell
Location: Stros M'Kai
Required Level: 2

Text of the Quest:

Like Moths to a Candle The Sea Drakes have captured friends of . Theyre being held at . Crafty Lerisa is never far from her pet monkey, Howler. If I find him, Ill find her.


Find Howler

Telonil: Help me! They're after me!
Hero: What's the problem?
Telonil: The Sea Drakes! When it gets foggy, like last night, they play tricks with the lighthouse, lure ships aground. The Maiden's Breath — my ship — they lured us in and wrecked us.
Hero: Where's the rest of your crew?
Telonil: Drowned or captured. Captain Lerisa's looking for them. You heard of Crafty Lerisa, right? Anyway, I'm through, no more sailing for me. You want to find the captain, just look for her monkey, Howler.
Hero: Got it.

Crafty Lerisa: What brings you to this trashpit?
Hero: How did you do that?
Crafty Lerisa: Sneak up on you? It's what I do. Now, answer my question. What are you doing here?
Hero: I'm here to rescue Crafty Lerisa, captain of the Maiden's Breath.
Crafty Lerisa: How charming. The Maiden's wrecked on the sandy shore. As for Crafty Lerisa, you've found her. Just in time, too. Captain Helane's Sea Drakes have my crew. I won't leave without them. Help me rescue them, and I'll owe you a favor.
Hero: All right. What's the plan?
Crafty Lerisa: We're going to disguise my crew as Sea Drakes. Take these clothes. Look for a portly Breton, a sour Redguard, and a big Ore. The Drakes are keeping them in the large buildings. Once they're out, meet me by Helane's ship.
Hero: What if I need a disguise?
Crafty Lerisa: Look for hampers with clothes, or kill a Sea Drake and take theirs. Put on their clothes and you'll look just lovely. Oh, do watch out for the Sea Drakes with torches. They're not drunk. If you get too close, they'll spot you and alert the others.
Hero: I understand. Let's get started.

Crafty Lerisa: Helane may be a murderous witch, but she does have good taste in books. Don't bother looking for One-Legged Elvinn. I already set him free.

Crafty Lerisa: Sit down, warm your bones. See the two dead pirates? They killed Lazy Gwael. I liked him. Only pirate I ever knew who liked rats. Now, the pirates who killed him are rat food. Seems fitting, doesn't it?

Mekag gro-Bug: If you're going to kill me, get it over with.
Hero: Lerisa sent me. Take this disguise and sneak out. Goodbye.
Mekag gro-Bug: Ha. Another of Helane's tricks? Let me go, then chase me down and beat me within an inch of my life? I'll chance it and make a run for Port Hunding. See how far I get.
Hero: Let me untie you.

Haerdon: I knew she wouldn't leave me to rot! Quick, untie me! The Sea Drakes spent the past few hours breaking my fingers. I can't wield a sword, but I can still strangle a few on my way out.
Hero: Let me untie you.

Crenard Dortene: Ah! Please, don't beat me again!
Hero: Lerisa sent me. Take this disguise and get out of here.
Crenard Dortene: Thank the Eight! I thought I'd die in here! Helane came by not long ago. Told me to look forward to a public flaying. Then she beat me bloody, laughing the whole time. She's one cold witch.
Hero: Let me get you out of those ropes.

Crafty Lerisa: You're a welcome sight. I've rescued everyone but Crenard, Haerdon, and Mekag. Any luck?
Hero: Found all three. They're safely away.
Crafty Lerisa: Almost done then. Everyone's out except my first mate, Deregor. They've got him in the belly of Helane's ship. You'll find the keys below deck. Look for Deregor down in back.
Hero: What are you going to do while I rescue Deregor?
Crafty Lerisa: I'll be visiting Helane in her cabin, to thank her for the hospitality she's extended my crew. Come on up after you release Deregor. You should really say hello.
Hero: How did you get the key to Helane's quarters?
Crafty Lerisa: Her cabin girl had a key. Poor little Bosmer lass, barely any meat on her bones. I think Helane was starving her. She's on her way to Port Hunding now and I'm one key richer.
Hero: How did you make yourself look like a fern?
Crafty Lerisa: Good trick that. Did I really disguise myself as a fern? Or did you see a fern because you weren't looking close enough? What are you going to do while I rescue Deregor?

Deregor: I'm not telling you anything, scum! What have you done with Captain Lerisa?
Hero: Actually, Lerisa sent me to rescue you.
Deregor: Yeah? Ha! I knew she got away! Helane said she was being keelhauled and beaten, but I knew better. They don't call my captain crafty for nothing. Get me out of these ropes and let's get out of here!
Hero: Hold still.

Crafty Lerisa: My, that felt good!
Hero: What did you do to her?
Crafty Lerisa: Me? Did I do that? Her starving little cabin girl may have poisoned her drink. Who can say? Did Deregor get out?
Hero: Yes, he's free.
Crafty Lerisa: I'll just be going then. I told my crew to gather on the beach. I'm going to make sure they all made it out. Meet me there and we'll square up.
Hero: What kind of poison did you use on Helane?
Crafty Lerisa: Oh, it's jarrin root. A very nasty local poison. It won't kill her, not right away. It starts by dissolving the stomach lining, then goes from there.
Hero: What would you do if I gave Helane the antidote?
Crafty Lerisa: I'd love to stay and watch, but no time. You can stay if you like. It's actually her poison. Kept for slaves who disobey. There's an antidote on the dresser, if your heart bleeds enough.
Hero: What would you do if I gave Helane the antidote?
Crafty Lerisa: I'd feel mildly disappointed, but I leave it up to you. Meet me on the beach once you're done here and we'll settle up. Just watch your boots. She'll start vomiting soon.

Crafty Lerisa: My crew's safe and only a little bit tortured. I call that a win!
Hero: I gave Helane the antidote.
Crafty Lerisa: Well, your choice. I hope the next crew she shipwrecks and murders appreciates your soft heart. The important thing is she knows I had her. She won't cross me again. Now, about our debt. What do I owe you?
Hero: Help Captain Kaleen and I pull off her heist.
Crafty Lerisa: She's a bit too obsessed with old Fahara'jad for me, but I like her style. Seeing as I need a new ship, gold will come in handy. I'm in. Can't let what you did for us go unrewarded. See you back in town.
Hero: Complete Quest.

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