Moment of Truth [Quest]

Faction: Daggerfall Covenant
Province: Hammerfell
Location: Stros M'Kai
Required Level: 2

Text of the Quest:

Moment of Truth was sent by his mother to prove his courage. Hed like me to help him. I agreed to help Dugroth prove hes not a coward. I should help him find his sword.


Help Dugroth Find his Sword

Dugroth: Mother said this would happen. I can't do anything right.
Hero: What's the matter?
Dugroth: Mother sent me here to kill some big monster. But I don't think I can do it.
Hero: Why not?
Dugroth: Well, I hate violence. And I'm kinda forgetful. All I really want to do is make weapons, not hit things with them. But I promised Mother I'd try. Will you help me? I seem to have misplaced my sword.

Dugroth: Just seeing my father's old sword fills me with courage! I can do this, I think!
Hero: What are you doing over here?
Dugroth: I was, uh, preparing the bait. The beast won't come out of the water without this. At least that's what Mother said.
Hero: Well, here's your sword. What's next?
Dugroth: Now we lure out the monster and kill it. Easy, right? I sure hope this proves my courage to Mother.
Hero: I'm ready.

Dugroth: Did you see how big that thing was? And those teeth!
Hero: Glad you made it out.
Dugroth: You found my sword! Thank you. I want to be a warrior and make Mother proud, but I also love smithing. What do you think? Should I become a warrior? Or a smith?
Hero: You're not cut out for warfare. Follow your passion and make weapons.
Dugroth: You said it. I'm not fighting anymore. I'll make weapons for others. Mother will just have to get used to it. Thanks for everything!
Hero: Complete Quest.

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