Last Night [Quest]

Faction: Daggerfall Covenant
Province: Hammerfell
Location: Stros M'Kai
Required Level: 2

Text of the Quest:

Last Night I stumbled onto the ruins of a campsite by the beach. Sea Drakes attacked and kidnapped two people last night. I need to raid the Sea Drake camp and free Iriana and Shamal.


Find Iriana Find Shamal

Trelan: Help me, please! They've stolen my Iriana.
Hero: What happened?
Trelan: A horde of damn Sea Drakes attacked our camp. They kidnapped Iriana, left me and the rest for dead. Please, rescue her!
Hero: Where did they go?
Trelan: They took her over the hill, to their camp around the shipwreck. Shamal too. Maybe they're already dead!
Hero: I'll go look for them. Tell me about Iriana. She's the love of my life! I promised to take her away from Stros M'Kai. Then the Sea Drakes attacked and took her and Shamal. I'll never see her again!
Hero: Why didn't you stop the Sea Drakes?
Trelan: We fought but there were too many of them. I protected Iriana as long as I could but I got knocked out. I saw them dragging her away as I fell.
Hero: Why don't you rescue her?
Trelan: I can barely move. Those bastards left me for dead and took Iriana. I'd never get anywhere near her.
Hero: Who's Shamal?
Trelan: He's a Khajiiti bard, a friend of ours. When I came to, he was gone. Maybe they've killed him already.

Trelan: That was neatly done, the way you got Iriana and Shamal back.
Hero: You're welcome. What will you do now?
Trelan: That Sea Drake attack was the last straw. Iriana and I are going back to town and not leaving until we find a ship off this damned island.
Hero: Complete Quest.

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