Imperial Incursion [Quest]

Faction: Daggerfall Covenant
Province: Hammerfell
Location: Alik'r Desert
Required Level: 37

Text of the Quest:

Imperial Incursion Imperial forces have seized control of Satakalaam. King Faharajads army is here to take the city back, but General Thoda needs to rescue four hostages the Imperials are holding first. I must free the four hostages and send them to join the army on the outskirts of the city.


Rescue Hostages

General Thoda: Now here's one who I know is loyal to the king! It's good to see you again, my friend. You're going to find this hard to believe, but the damned Imperials are here! They've seized control of the city—for the moment, at least.
Hero: Why have the Imperials attacked here?
General Thoda: They're in league with the damned Withered Hand ...! As if we didn't have enough necromancers to deal with already! No matter what, we can't allow the Imperials to get a foothold here. We're going to take the city back and kill them, all of them.
Hero: Sounds like you have everything under control.
General Thoda: Ha! I'm glad I have one of us fooled. The Imperial curs actually have one up on us. They're holding hostages and the king doesn't want their blood on his hands. I need someone ... unofficial ... to go in and free the hostages. What do you say?
Hero: I can free the hostages.
General Thoda: Your loyalty to the crown will be rewarded, my friend. You have my word. I can even make this easier for you. Wear this Imperial Armor, and you should be able to walk around the city unnoticed.
Hero: How do I find the hostages?
General Thoda: There are four: Lord Zagari, Magistrate Govan, Shamone al-Sentinel, and Lady Moyaltha. I'll mark your map where they're being held. The flea-bitten Imperials have blocked many of the ground level doors, so I suggest taking the bridges.
Hero: What if they kill the hostages?
General Thoda: I don't think they will. The Imperials think strategically. They took the hostages to protect themselves, and they don't want to give that up. If they do kill them, well then, that just means we can go ahead and attack.
Hero: When did the Imperials become allied with the Hand?
General Thoda: Don't know exactly. Our spies in Cyrodiil knew nothing about it. I suspect they've been in league all along though. Probably some necromancer treaty they all signed in blood or something. Either way, my blade doesn't discriminate.
Hero: Are the Imperials the greater threat now?
General Thoda: Generally speaking, I'm sure they are, but I'm more concerned about the Withered Hand. Those evil bastards won't rest until they've killed every last one of us. We can't fight the Imperials if we're all dead.
Hero: All right. I'll take that disguise now.
General Thoda: Here you go. This should help you get around the city unnoticed while you're freeing the hostages. Be wary though, some of the Imperials may not be so easily fooled.
Hero: How are things in Sentinel?
General Thoda: They've gone from bad to worse. Fahara'jad can't even go out in public without getting heckled. Crazy as it sounds, the damn Crowns have people believing that if the king steps down, the Withered Hand problem will just go away.
Hero: We've recovered one of the Ansei Wards.
General Thoda: I heard. Throne Keeper Farvad believes that you are Tu'whacca's chosen champion. If that's the case, I'd urge both you and Tu'whacca to get busy recovering the other two Wards.

Shamone al-Sentinel: You dirty pig! Whatever you do to me, I will be avenged! You people were fools to even set foot upon Alik'r sands ... Wait... you're not an Imperial, are you?
Hero: I'm here to rescue you.
Shamone al-Sentinel: Good. I don't think I could've tolerated another day up here. I'm afraid of heights you know. I trust the other hostages are being freed as well?
Hero: They are. Go on now.

Lord Zagari: Whatever it is that you people seek to accomplish, your efforts will be to no avail.... Wait... you're no Imperial. Are you with King Fahara'jad's army?
Hero: Yes. General Thoda sent me.
Lord Zagari: Alas, I never dreamt I would say it, but I swear eternal loyalty to King Fahara'jad. We must cease this Crown against Forebear business. We must be united against the Imperials!
Hero: Go on then. Head south out of the city.

Lady Moyaltha: You filthy dog! You can hurt me if you wish, but I swear, you will pay for attacking our city ... Tu'whacca's Breath! You are not one of them. Did the king send his army then? These Imperials could launch a full invasion if they are not stopped.
Hero: The king's army prepares to attack even now.
Lady Moyaltha: Then we must move with haste. The Imperials are using a secret passage to enter the city. If we can collapse the passage, we can stop them from sending reinforcements.
Hero: Where is this passage?
Lady Moyaltha: There are old smuggling tunnels that run beneath the mountains from Bangkorai into Satakalaam. I believe the entrance to one of these tunnels lies beneath Magnifico Khorshad's Manor. I believe he betrayed us to the Imperials.
Hero: What makes you suspect Magnifico Khorshad?
Lady Moyaltha: Everyone else was killed or kept hostage, but I saw Magnifico Khorshad walking freely among the Imperials. You should search his manor at the northeast edge of the city. That may put the Imperials on alert though, so free all the hostages first.
Hero: I'll search the manor. You should get out of town.

Magnifico Khorshad: Despite the armor, it is obvious that you are no Imperial, and I rejoice that you have come to my rescue. The Imperials have mistreated me, but I deemed it likely that they would seize control of all Alik'r, and there would be nowhere to flee to.
Hero: Don't lie. You helped the Imperials, didn't you?
Magnifico Khorshad: Yes, it's true, but only because resisting would have been to no avail. They sought to use my manor as their command center. They would have slain me if I had not complied!
Hero: Show me where the Imperials are coming in.
Magnifico Khorshad: Coming in? I do not have any insight on this. I have been contained here in the manor the whole time. I did not even witness the Imperials marching into the city.
Hero: Are you lying to me?
Magnifico Khorshad: Yes, but please don't hurt me! I did. 1-1 permitted the Imperials to use the smuggling tunnel beneath the manor, but I regret it now. There's a hatch below. Take the key. Do whatever you wish.
Hero: How can I stop them from coming through the tunnel?
Magnifico Khorshad: There are barrels of kindlepitch down in the tunnel. If you place them near the supports and ignite them, that should collapse the tunnel. I am very sorry for what I have done. Perhaps ... you could permit me to leave?
Hero: No. You betrayed the Covenant. You die.

General Thoda: Good work! Hostages came out and we attacked. Cut right through the bastards and scoured the city. Just a handful of Imperials holding out now. I still haven't figured out how they got here though ... I'm worried reinforcements may be on the way.
Hero: No need to worry. I collapsed the tunnel they were coming through.
General Thoda: It was a tunnel? Huh. Does that mean they were coming from Bangkorai? I guess that's a concern for another time. I'm damn glad you collapsed the tunnel though. I guess that's a good day's work for all of us!
Hero: Complete Quest.

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