Tears of the Dishonored [Quest]

Faction: Daggerfall Covenant
Province: Hammerfell
Location: Alik'r Desert
Required Level: 36

Text of the Quest:

Honoring the Dishonored Honorless criminals are left in the Tears of the Dishonored. Darius begged me to find the remains of his wife, Zariya, and consecrate them as he believes she was innocent. Ive agreed to meet Darius at the gates of Tears of the Dishonored to speak to him about the situation with his wife.


Talk to Darius

Darius: Only the dead and the desperate end up in this part of the desert. You appear to be neither, so you must be a very brave soul. Do you intend to enter the cursed grounds, the Tears of the Dishonored?
Hero: What is the Tears of the Dishonored?
Darius: It is a place of decay, a place even the gods do not acknowledge. It is where the dishonored dead are sent. When one has shamed themselves beyond redemption, his or her body is dumped here, unwashed, and unconsecrated.
Hero: What are you doing here?
Darius: My wife's remains were sent here, unjustly. She was a good woman. I have to come to see her remains consecrated, but it has proven difficult. I wonder if you could assist me. If so, come to the gates of the burial grounds, and I will explain.
Hero: I'll meet you at the gates.

Darius: As you can see, this is a horrible place. They just dump the bodies anywhere, and the predators, these harpies, come to feed on the corpses. My Zariya ... she does not deserve this. She has done nothing wrong!
Hero: How did her remains end up here?
Darius: It was her older brother's fault—the dirty thief. He took advantage of her. He came to Zariya, on the run from some dangerous people to whom he owed a great deal of money. He asked her to sell some items he and his friends had "acquired".
Hero: These were stolen items?
Darius: Yes, and Zariya knew that, but her brother promised to find legitimate work once he paid his debts, so she agreed to help. But then he and his friends came back, asking her to fence more stolen items, and threatening violence if she refused.
Hero: What did she do?
Darius: She turned them in to the guard, but they had planted evidence on her suggesting she had stolen some valuable gems. In the end, they were all executed ... even my poorZariya. So now I ask, would you be willing to consecrate her remains?
Hero: Do you have any proof of her innocence?
Darius: No. If I did, I would have presented it long ago, and perhaps saved her life. As it is, though, I do not expect to have her exonerated. I only ask that her remains be consecrated. I understand your hesitation. Perhaps you would at least consider it?
Hero: All right. I'll consider it.
Darius: Take these funerary oils and perform the consecration. You will know Zariya's corpse because she still wears the wooden ring I gave her when we were first married. Find her remains and pour the oil upon them. That is all I ask.
Hero: I understand. Wait here and I will return.

Zariya: If you have come to search my remains for the gems I was accused of stealing, then you are both a coward and a fool. You will not find the gems here, only the corpse of a good woman who did not deserve this dishonor.
Hero: Your husband sent me to consecrate your remains.
Zariya: No! Wait! Please do not! It is sweet of Darius to try to do this for me, but I am not ready to go to the Far Shores. My body was dumped here for a crime I did not commit, and I would see myself exonerated before I rest.
Hero: Do you have some way to prove your innocence?
Zariya: I do. The fiends who did this to me, my brother and his friends ... their remains are here too. They framed me for stealing valuable gems, but the truth was that they swallowed the gems. They died with the proof of my innocence in their guts!
Hero: So the gems are here in the burial grounds?
Zariya: Yes, as the corpses of the dirty dogs have decomposed, the gems have been ... exposed. If you would recover these gems, that would prove my innocence.
Hero: [Persuade] It's too late for that. You should be content just to be consecrated.
Zariya: You would allow these smug bastards to get away with it? I suppose they paid for their crimes already ... didn't they? I am grateful that my sweet Darius cared enough to come and consecrate my remains. I suppose this is enough.
Hero: Then may your journey to the Far Shores be peaceful.

Darius: I prayed Tu'whacca would guide you. Did you find Zariya?
Hero: Yes. I consecrated her remains as you asked. Goodbye.
Darius: Good. Then at least now her spirit can make the journey to the Far Shores. If only—no, it does no good to dwell on what might have been. This is enough. Thank you.
Hero: Complete Quest.

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