In Search of the Ash"abah [Quest]

Faction: Daggerfall Covenant
Province: Hammerfell
Location: Alik'r Desert
Required Level: 31

Text of the Quest:

In Search of the Ashabah The Withered Hand stole the Ansei Wards, ancient swords that protect Alikr from necromancy. King Faharajad has asked me to enlist the aid of the Ashabah, a tribe of dishonored warriors who fight the undead. I should search for the Ashabah camp in the desert south of Sentinel, at a place called Morwhas Bounty.


Find the Ashabah Camp

King Fahara'jad: I've done everything in my power to avoid calling on the Ash'abah, but I no longer have a choice. We must have their help to recover the Ansei Wards. I would avoid contacting them directly, however. Will you be my envoy, wayfarer?
Hero: Yes. I will speak to the Ash'abah for you. Goodbye.
King Fahara'jad: Thank you. Most of the Ash'abah live together, wandering the desert, going gods-know-where. Track them down and tell their leader Marimah that the Alik'r needs him again. We need the Ash'abah to fight the Withered Hand.
Hero: Where should I start the search? Goodbye.
King Fahara'jad: The Ash'abah often spend this season camping at Morwha's Bounty to the south. Gods willing, perhaps they are still there. Marimah sent his daughter to warn me of the Withered Hand. They wanted to help. I regret that I turned them away.
Hero: I will find them and ask them to help now. Goodbye.
King Fahara'jad: I hope I needn't remind you to keep this quiet. Rumors will spread about the Withered Hand, but we should try to keep the theft of the Ansei Wards a secret. I have many political enemies who will try to turn this to their advantage.
Hero: Will calling upon the Ash'abah be a problem? Goodbye.
King Fahara'jad: Of course it will, but what am I to do? Allow my public image to endanger the kingdom? Sometimes a king cannot save his face and his people at the same time. Still, I would prefer we not shout our plans from the rooftops.

Mazra: Stay back, wanderer. You are welcome to our camp, but our chief is not entertaining guests. Like so many of our warriors, he has been poisoned. Only his daughter may disturb his rest.
Hero: King Fahara'jad sent me. We need the aid of the Ash'abah. Goodbye.
Mazra: The king has waited too long. So many warriors have died, and Marimah holds onto life by a thread. We will answer the king's call to the best of our ability, but I fear we can do very little. You should speak to Talia if you haven't already.
Hero: Complete Quest.

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