If the dead could talk [Quest]

Faction: Aldmeri Dominion
Province: Valenwood
Location: Grahtwood
Required Level: 16
Reward: 211

Text of the Quest:

Tandare: The feral beasts ruined everything. I don't know how the Bosmer survive out in the wilderness like this. Like living in a war without purpose. Savages.
Hero: What's the problem?
Tandare: I was part of a research expedition sent to investigate the ruins of Root Sunder, an Altmer city swallowed by the jungle centuries ago. I took a short leave to retrieve supplies, and when I got back, the ruins were swarming with wild animals.
Hero: You want me to rescue the researchers?
Tandare: What? No! They're dead. What I need is their journals. Each researcher kept notes on their finds. If I can get the journals to Elden Root, the expedition isn't a complete waste. But I won't risk going in there. Would be safer running off a cliff.
Hero: I'll see what I can find.
Tandare: It's ... surprising to get help from a stranger out here. Thank you. Three journals should be enough. Knowing the whoreson dogs that live out here—I mean that literally—I'm assuming at least one was eaten or defecated on.
Hero: What's so special about Root Sunder?
Tandare: This city was part of an early colonization attempt. The jungle was infamous for being untamable, but our best minds took that as a challenge. The story goes they built a sprawling metropolis. And then it vanished. Never to be seen.
Hero: So you think this is Root Sunder?
Tandare: Honestly? Who knows? Root Sunder has been a ghost story for centuries. There may have never been a real Root Sunder. But this certainly looks like a lost city. And if it will get my name in published papers, I'll swear it's Root Sunder all day.

Researcher Tancano: The researcher's body has stab wounds and claw marks, consistent with a Spriggan attack.

Tandare: Oh! You're back. So you weren't eaten by lions, then. Good! Did you have any luck with the journals?
Hero: I've recovered three journals.
Tandare: Oh, excellent! Let me see. Oh my, look at this gibberish. Driven insane by ancient ruins? This is a gold mine! The pseudo-intellectuals of Elden Root love this stuff. The commentary volumes alone will keep me employed for years to come.
Hero: Complete Quest.

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