Forgotten soul [Quest]

Faction: Aldmeri Dominion
Province: Valenwood
Location: Grahtwood
Required Level: 16

Text of the Quest:

Sirdor: You! Have you come to help me?
Hero: Help you with what?
Sirdor: So you didn't come to help? I'm trapped in a lower chamber. Only thing I could do was use the Welkynd Stones here to project my being through these ruins—wait for assistance. The door to my freedom won't budge.
Hero: Where is this door?
Sirdor: Follow the path east until you find the central chamber marked by the large Welkynd Stone growths. You'll find the door there.
Hero: I'll find you.

Root Sunder: Warmth like the sun's. We are free of the Elf-things' prison. We apologize for what we tried to do. We were mad with hunger, unable to nourish ourselves within the walls—we were not ourselves. The air feeds us, now.
Hero: Who are you?
Root Sunder: We are the jungle. We were trapped in the city of stone by the Elf-things, unable to drink from the sun. But you have freed us. Even now the green calls us back to the fold. We will ... do what we canto atone. We thank you.
Hero: Complete Quest.
Root Sunder: All that we can do, all that we can become, now that we are free, is halting. We do not know where to begin.
Hero: What will you do next?
Root Sunder: Return to the green. We could lose ourselves in the wind, or kindle in the sun, or join the rivers and wash away. But we are slow to choose.
Hero: What happened to Sirdor and the others?
Root Sunder: We would return them if we could, but in our captivity, in our desperate famine, we consumed them. They will never be forgotten. Every fiber we took from them we remember. In your honor and theirs, we will never take from flesh-things again.

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