Hallins Burden [Quest]

Faction: Daggerfall Covenant
Province: Hammerfell
Location: Bangkorai
Required Level: 41

Text of the Quest:

Hallins Burden Hallins Stand is under the control of the Seventh Legion, an Imperial military force. It appears theres an underground resistance to the Imperial occupation of Hallins Stand. If Im interested in helping, I should look for like-minded people in the alchemy shop.


Find the Alchemy Shop

Ayma: We lie about like whipped dogs. Ufa drags his feet, waiting for aid. Can he not see that none conies?
Hero: Aid for what?
Ayma: The Imperials hold our city. We were taken before our swords could leave the sheath. There's a traitor, my people whisper. For now, we wait. Wait for the Covenant to send help and the Imperials to tire. But you don't seem like the waiting type.
Hero: And if I'm not?
Ayma: I warn most against entering Haliin's Stand. But you might help us in our resistance. Go to the alchemist's shop in town. You'll find like-minded people there. The Imperials won't let you pass in peace, but any of their blood spilt blesses the sand.
Hero: I'll check it out.

Othulg: We don't see a lot of travelers these days. What brought you here?
Hero: Ayma sent me.
Othulg: Hm. You'll want to speak to Ufa, then. Too bad no one knows where he is. Even if we did, can't say he'd even want to talk to you, seeing as you're a stranger. Yarah might see you, though. She's upstairs, on the balcony.
Hero: I'll talk to her, then.
Othulg: And don't think you can try anything. I'm not just here for my good looks, and Yarah is more than capable herself.

Yarah: I don't think we've met. And I don't think we need to.
Hero: I hear you're part of the resistance.
Yarah: And I hear the Imperials have spies everywhere. So why would I admit to being someone they want to kill? That said, I know one thing Imperial spies wouldn't do: arm their enemies.
Hero: With what?
Yarah: Across the way is a guarded warehouse. If someone took weapons from there, it'd be a blow against the Seventh Legion. And I hear the stablehand knows the people who need such weapons. Someone who did that, I could trust.

Haytham: What do you want? Can't you see I'm doing my work? Or are you harassing me because I don't bow my head to the ground before the Imperials?
Hero: I have something for you.
Haytham: Why would I want those weapons? I'm no friend to the resistance, or to the Imperials. I just want to work in peace.
Hero: Yarah told me to bring them to you.
Haytham: ls that so? Let me fix them for you, then. There. No one will suspect you carrying sacks smelling of the stables. Ones who need these wait in and near the town square. If you're caught, we've never spoken.
Hero: Who am I looking for?
Haytham: I name no names, but seek the poor near the town square. Ask if they've seen a cat with red fur, and there will be your answer.

Peasant: What do you want from me? I have nothing more. Nothing! No home, no family. No future ....
Hero: Have you seen a cat with red fur?
Peasant: Red fur, you say? Yes, running across the rooftops in the sunset. A hunter and protector, long missing from home. Have you heard tidings of our lost friend? Or do you bring something in its stead?
Hero: I bring you this.
Peasant: I will guard this with my life, though I wish our mutual friend would return. This will prove quite useful in his absence.
Hero: You've risked much to help us. Thank you.

Beggar: You did not see me, did you? No one sees the poor, the sick. The oppressed! You help these people of Hallin's Stand, but for what? You put yourself in harm's way, but why?
Hero: My reasons are my own. Who are you?
Beggar: One of the destitute, no more. I have nothing, except my eyes and ears. And I see Yarah wants to trust you, but she cannot. Not until now. She will look for signs of treachery, and find none. But even that will not be enough.
Hero: Why doesn't she trust me?
Beggar: Unimportant! But here is how she will. She waits by the tavern, as she was spying on you. Go to her, clasp her hands, and tell her that the red asp lives.

Yarah: Ah, I was not expecting you. How did you ... never mind. What news have you?
Hero: I've delivered all the weapons I was able to find.
Yarah: One of our allies passed with a peculiar bag from the stables. It's good to know you were the one to supply it. Well, then. I think it's best if we go our separate ways. Though you helped considerably, I can't take this risk again.
Hero: One more thing ... I was told to tell you that the red asp lives.
Yarah: Wh .,. what? How do you know this? The wind is truly at our backs! I've misjudged you. My apologies.
Hero: Complete Quest.

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