Freedoms Chains [Quest]

Faction: Daggerfall Covenant
Province: Hammerfell
Location: Bangkorai
Required Level: 38

Text of the Quest:

Freedoms Chains is a town in Bangkorai fabled to have the power to cure any disease. and his husband Draven seek whatever cure the village offers, though they dont know what the cost may be. While he awaits permission to enter the village, Renoit Leonciele said the guard by the towns entrance could allow me in to speak with its mayor.


Talk to the Guard at the Cave

Renoit Leonciele: It's the waiting that's the worst. If Kerbol has some magical cure, why doesn't she just give it to my husband? To all of these poor souls! Are you also waiting to see Kerbol?
Hero: Not me. Who's Kerbol?
Renoit Leonciele: She's the village's mayor. They say Kerbol can cure any disease, but once cured, you can never leave the village. I'm not sick, but my husband Draven is. And if we have to live in a hovel for the rest of our lives to save him, that's fine by me.
Hero: Where is this village?
Renoit Leonciele: That's another strange thing. It's hidden, through the cave up the hill. Kerbol will send for me eventually, but I'm worried. It's forever without him. Could you take a look and make sure Draven's all right? I have some gold. I can pay you.
Hero: I'll take a look around.
Renoit Leonciele: You'll need to talk to the guard by the cave entrance before you go. They don't take kindly to unexpected visitors. Draven's my husband - tall, handsome fellow. Tell him I'm still waiting.
Hero: What kind of illness does Draven have?
Renoit Leonciele: To be honest, we don't know. He doesn't like to talk about it, even to me. Last month he locked himself in our basement and refused to come out! As if he was afraid I'd catch it from him!
Hero: How did you two hear about this village?
Renoit Leonciele: I'd heard about a legendary village where all illness is cured, ever since I was a lad. When Draven got sick, I needed to find it, or learn whether it even existed. Spent nearly all our gold until I did. And here we are at last!
Hero: How long have you been waiting for him?
Renoit Leonciele: Draven entered the village a week ago. Kerbol says it's part of the treatment, to see how the patient fares without his or her family. She sent someone to tell me it won't be much longer. I can't wait to be with my husband again!

Marcellyne Cine: Stop. I must alert the mayor to all new arrivals.
Hero: I'd like to talk to Kerbol.
Marcellyne Cine: Many would. I can't allow everyone into the village, or we'd be overrun by disease. Some say the village can cure everything, but that's definitely not true. We're very selective. You seem healthy enough, though. What's your business?
Hero: I want to ask Kerbol about Draven Leonciele, one of her patients.
Marcellyne Cine: His case came up today, so your timing is excellent. I'll signal ahead that you're coming in. We ask that you don't stray from the town once you pass the cave. The woods beyond the village aren't safe.

Arienne Kerbol: Welcome to our humble village. Not many find us by accident, yet... I smell no illness upon you. May I ask what brings you here, if not the cure?
Hero: I'm looking for a man named Draven.
Arienne Kerbol: Ah, Renoit sent you then! He need not wait outside any longer—Draven will soon be inducted into the village. I'll see to it the guard lets him know. Is that all you seek, then?
Hero: Inducted into the village? What do you mean by that?
Arienne Kerbol: I apologize, but you are an outsider. It's impossible for you to fully understand, but... suffice to say that those who are cured must stay in the village. It is for our protection, and theirs. Draven is in the guest house, if you wish to see him.

Draven Leonciele: Forgive me for not getting up. It's been a long day, and I'm ravenous. Is there something you need? Are you new too?
Hero: Renoit sent me to make sure you were all right.
Draven Leonciele: He's such a silly one! Of course I am, now that Kerbol's agreed to cure me! He can come to the village now the first week's over. Is he still suspicious of these fine folks in the village, I wonder?
Hero: What exactly is Kerbol curing?
Draven Leonciele: Ah, I'm afraid I can't talk about it. The village prides itself on privacy. I apologize if Renoit inconvenienced you in your travels, but as you can see, everything's fine.

Renoit Leonciele: I don't trust anyone in this town. Why won't they tell me exactly what the cure is? Why can't we leave town afterwards? And if they have a remedy, why can't they tell me what's wrong with Draven?
Hero: Draven seems content with this.
Renoit Leonciele: Draven's desperate for a cure! He'll believe anything. Anyone. I know you've got your own business, but I could use someone on my side. If you could have a look around, or maybe ask people about this place ... I don't know. I'm at a loss.
Hero: I'll see if I can figure out what the cure actually is.
Renoit Leonciele: Thank you. I'll talk to Kerbol directly and see if she'll tell me anything. So far, she's kept all the details to herself, and you can see what Draven's like. When you have something concrete, let me know. It'd do a lot to ease my mind.
Hero: What kind of illness does Draven have?
Renoit Leonciele: To be honest, we don't know. He doesn't like to talk about it, even to me. Last month he locked himself in our basement and refused to come out! As if he was afraid I'd catch it from him!
Hero: How did you two hear about this village?
Renoit Leonciele: I'd heard about a legendary village where all illness is cured, ever since I was a lad. When Draven got sick, I needed to find it, or learn whether it even existed. Spent nearly all our gold until I did. And here we are at last!

Nizran: You're new, aren't you? I saw you leaving the guest house. Anything I can do to ease your transition?
Hero: What can you tell me about this village?
Nizran: I can't tell you anything. Kerbol's forbidden it. You're welcome to stay but don't go nosing around for clues. We're a private folk, and we don't like outsiders.

Tharag: Why don't you leave us alone? We came here to get away from people like you!
Hero: Something strange is going on here, and you're going to tell me what.
Tharag: Threatening me, are you? Look, I didn't invite you to talk to me. No one's making you stay here. Why don't you talk to Helene? She's in the basement. Talk to someone who can't leave. Maybe that'll shut you up.

Helene Danise: It hurts ... it hurts! Go ... away!
Hero: What's wrong with you?
Helene Danise: The change! The change is coming, and I can't stop it! Kerbol promised me that she could help, but only after I calm down. Please, go! I can smell your blood. It's ... it's driving me crazy!
Hero: Blood? What change are you talking about?
Helene Danise: I'm a werewolf! Gods, I said it! A terrible beast. I can't control myself! But Kerbol promised she'd save me, like she ... saved everyone else!

Renoit Leonciele: That's not right. Something strange is going on in this town! You've seen it, haven't you? They just took Draven away for their "initiation." It's like some kind of cult!
Hero: Where did they take him?
Renoit Leonciele: There's a winding path just past the village. Kerbol and a handful of others took him up that way. They said they didn't have a spare robe for me, or some such nonsense.
Hero: I found some robes earlier while I was investigating the village.
Renoit Leonciele: Enough for both of us? No? Then you use them as a disguise. Kerbol's too familiar with my face by now, and she'll recognize me whatever I wear. They're binding him to the village forever. I don't understand yet. Make them stop before it's too late.
Hero: I'd better head up there now.
Renoit Leonciele: Keep out of sight. They wouldn't even allow me to watch, so I doubt you'd be welcome there without your robes. If you hurry, you can make it before they arrive. Make sure they don't hurt Draven!

Arienne Kerbol: You! You've endangered us all with your meddling! Well? What have you got to say for yourself?
Hero: Draven's not sick. He's a werewolf, like Helene. Goodbye.
Arienne Kerbol: Yes. We all are, in fact. That's why he came to us. I can suppress the lycanthropic tendencies of the disease. The ritual you interrupted was to seal Draven's form. To protect him as well as the village. But now he's turned and we're all in danger.
Hero: What happens now?
Arienne Kerbol: We must find him. The ritual might still work if we catch him in time to complete the binding. If not, then we must save the town, above all else.
Hero: What can I do?
Arienne Kerbol: Go after him! I must tell everyone what's happened. Everyone who's left, that is. If he can't be subdued and forced to complete the ritual, he'll have to be killed. And that's on your head, not mine!

Renoit Leonciele: What's happened? Some of the people in town are acting strangely.
Hero: The ritual failed. Draven's turned into a werewolf.
Renoit Leonciele: What? That was his disease all along? Why didn't he tell me? We have to go after him! He's probably frightened out of his mind! What was Kerbolthinking?
Hero: Kerbol was trying to seal his form. I had to subdue him.
Renoit Leonciele: Kerbol has a lot of explaining to do! Sealing his form? What does that even mean? Gods, I pray Draven's all right!

Arienne Kerbol: Some of the townsfolk have already turned back into their werewolf form. The spell is breaking faster than I thought. Draven must complete the ritual.
Hero: Can he, even now?
Arienne Kerbol: Yes. He's not the first to fail, but it's very rare. Those who don't complete the ritual usually die immediately, by their own hand or someone else's. Nevertheless, it's better than the alternative.
Hero: Maybe you should convince him to continue it.
Arienne Kerbol: He may not see me as an ally, thanks to your interference. He may only remember how much pain I caused.
Hero: I subdued him on the hillside ....
Arienne Kerbol: This is your fault, so you must fix it. The others from the ritual site will bring him in. Let's hope he doesn't remember your fight. Talk to Draven, but take what he says with a grain of salt.

Draven Leonciele: Where am i? It was like I fell asleep, but then there was this terrible pain .... I remember you. You're the one who helped my husband. Oh, Renoit! Are you all right? Did I hurt you?
Hero: Kerbol might still be able to finish your initiation.
Draven Leonciele: I see the truth. Power calls me. No one can stop me. Kill! Eat! There is no fear, only hunger. No! I'm not a beast! I can control myself .... Renoit! Renoit, don't leave me!
Hero: Let Kerbol finish the ritual.
Draven Leonciele: No! Don't let her! I don't want this anymore. I've seen what she does to the people in this village. She takes their minds. Puts them under her control! Being a werewolf is a curse, but I can't give up who I am!
Hero: How do you know this?
Draven Leonciele: I felt it. She was in my head during the ritual, cutting away something inside, something important. I couldn't move! To think she did that to all those people! That's no cure! I can't just let a werewolf go free.
Hero: I'll find a way to help you, Draven.
Draven Leonciele: Thank you. Poor Renoit. I'm so sorry, my love. You can leave me if it's too much to bear. Just don't trust Kerbol, no matter what she says!

Renoit Leonciele: What will happen to Draven now? I don't understand any of this.
Hero: Everyone in this town is a werewolf, including Kerbol.
Renoit Leonciele: Her too? That explains it. Kerbol has a spell over this entire town. These people are all mindless drones! If we're to save Draven, we must break this spell for good. I think I know what to do.
Hero: What's your plan?
Renoit Leonciele: The gate on this side of town leads to a cave entrance. It was guarded the last time I saw it, but with half the town gone, maybe we can get through. Kerbol doesn't want anyone up there. We've got to destroy whatever she's hiding on the hill.

Arienne Kerbol: Remember, Draven isn't quite himself yet, and in this state, he endangers the entire town. I know it sounds harsh, but only severing his link to the village will spare the rest of us.
Hero: I've changed my mind. I want to help save the town.
Arienne Kerbol: Are you sure? You've seemed quite friendly with both Draven and his husband, and the only cure is a permanent separation between Draven and the rest of the village. Not that I mean to change your mind, but you must understand what this means.
Hero: Yes. I'll help you.
Arienne Kerbol: Thank you. We've but one recourse left to us at this point. Draven must be removed.
Hero: You mean killed?
Arienne Kerbol: The spell which holds back the lycanthropy is weakening because of him. Unless he either finishes the rite or dies, we're all doomed to follow him. I can't let the people of this village suffer for the whims of one man.
Hero: Why not kill him now?
Arienne Kerbol: The townsfolk ... they don't know the cost of their freedom. No, it's better to do it away from town. Draven will revert to his werewolf form soon. We must lure him out of town. Renoit will be our bait. I pity the man, but it's our only recourse.
Hero: Then I'll get Renoit.
Arienne Kerbol: I'm glad you understand our predicament. Don't hurt Renoit—he's already gone through so much already. Take him past the cave up the hill. With luck, Draven won't be far behind, and we can end this nightmare.

Renoit Leonciele: We must hurry, before Kerbol does anything more to hurt my husband!
Hero: I understood. I need you to come with me, though.
Renoit Leonciele: ls he all right? That Kerbol didn't hurt him, did she?
Hero: Not exactly, but the ritual she started needs to end. Goodbye.
Renoit Leonciele: How? I'll do anything to save Draven any more pain. He's ashamed of this disease, but it's not his fault. Is there anything I can do? Anything at all?
Hero: Kerbol said we must lure Draven away from the village.
Renoit Leonciele: All right, I'll stop my questions. Lead on, friend.

Arienne Kerbol: Such a waste. I'd hoped Draven would listen to reason before it came to this.
Hero: Was there really no other way?
Arienne Kerbol: If he'd remained alive, the spell over the whole town would have broken, leaving us all as he was—a mindless, slavering beast. I would not wish that fate on anyone.
Hero: And the spell remains intact?
Arienne Kerbol: Yes. His death severed his connection with the town. I do hope Renoit makes it safely away, though I doubt anyone would believe his wild tales if he chose to speak about us. Another legend to hand down, I suppose.
Hero: Complete Quest.

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