Heart of Evil [Quest]

Faction: Daggerfall Covenant
Province: Hammerfell
Location: Bangkorai
Required Level: 38

Text of the Quest:

The only way to ensure Evermores security and dr I've the Reachmen from northern Bangkorai is to defeat their leader, the hagraven Uela. I have agreed to help the Wyresses in Jackdaw Cove toward this end. As distrustful as they may be, the Wyresses are willing to accept my help. Wyress Rashan should return from scouting the Reachmens camp momentarily. I should talk to her about destroying the totems that prevent the Wyrd from using their magic.


Talk to Wyress Rashan

Wyress Freyda: Right now, we are in no position to offer anyone aid, and certainly not a city-dweller. Uela the Hagraven and her Reachmen have taken over this part of the forest and everything here—including the wyresses—are weaker as a result.
Hero: Do you plan to drive the Reachmen away?
Wyress Freyda: Where they travel, the forest slowly withers and dies. We will drive Uela and her Dark Witnesses from here or we will die. Unfortunately, the old hag is no stranger to Wyrd magic. She has constructed foul totems that suppress our power. I
Hero: s that something I could help with?
Wyress Freyda: You expect me to trust one such as you? Hm. Perhaps ... if one of my sisters keeps an eye on you. Wyress Rashan is young, but she will do. Rashan returns shortly from scouting. If you really wish to help us, she can join you to destroy the totems.
Hero: That's fine with me.

Wyress Rashan: We aren't in the habit of trusting outsiders, but the suffering of the forest seems to have softened my sister's heart. If you really wish to help us, I suppose that's an offer we can't refuse.
Hero: I want to help defeat the Reachmen however I can.
Wyress Rashan: It won't be easy. First, you'll need to destroy Uela's totems. They keep us from drawing on the power of nature for our magicka. The Reachmen guard them closely, but I'll fight at your side. No spells, but I've got sharp claws and a mean bite.
Hero: I welcome your help.
Wyress Rashan: I do what I do for the forest, not for you. There are three totems—just a bunch of strung-together sticks for you, but they're like poison to me. I can't get too close, so it's all on you to destroy them. All right. Are you ready?
Hero: I'm ready. Let's go.

Wyress Rashan: Whoah! I can actually feel the forest again .... This is good. The natural order is re-emerging already. It's still very weak though; it has to be nurtured back to health.
Hero: What about Uela?
Wyress Rashan: She has to die. Until Uela's gone, the corruption remains. Her blood is the nurture the forest needs. Whoah! My magicka is returning, and it's making me lightheaded .... Meet me over at the old tower. I need to get my bearings.
Hero: I'll meet you there.

Strange Crow: Playing with the little girls of the forest? A game with me though, many have come to regret! How exactly does my new playmate plan to win?
Hero: We're going to win by killing you.
Strange Crow: Kill me? Ha! To kill Uela, you must find her first. I can reach you, but you cannot reach me!
Hero: We'll find you.
Strange Crow: Hmmph! Where I am is a secret only a crow can know. And the crows call for your death, not mine. Come after me and the last sight you will see will be a black beak ... pecking out your eyeballs!
Hero: I doubt that very much.

Wyress Rashan: Listen. 1-1 was wrong to be so hard on you before. You've certainly proven now that you deserve my trust. I appreciate your help more than I can express, especially if you'll see this thing through.
Hero: I will. I spoke to Uela as a crow back there.
Wyress Rashan: You did? Ha! Well I guess we got the old hag's attention! Maybe we put the foul thing on the defensive! Of course, she probably has layers upon layers of protection. I don't even know how to find her. I don't suppose you have any inkling?
Hero: She said it's a secret only a crow would know.
Wyress Rashan: The poor crows. She's taken complete control of them. Their spirits are helpless; they can only watch what happens to their physical forms from the nature realm. She does have them coming and going though, so they would know where to find her.
Hero: Is there any way we could commune with them?
Wyress Rashan: As a matter of fact, now that I can draw on the power of nature again, there is. I can take you into the nature realm ... not in that form, of course, but it would allow us to talk to the crows' true spirits. Do you trust me?
Hero: Yes. Let's do it.

Crow: Must be nice to be able to travel between this realm and the physical realm. I'm stuck here. Yes. I'm stuck here.
Hero: We're here to help. How do we find the Hagraven?
Crow: If she were here, I'd peck her eyes out. No. She's not in the nature realm. But of course, you can't reach her in the physical realm. Maybe one of the other crows knows more.
Hero: I'll look for another crow then.

Crow: A wolf tried to eat me once, you know. Just because we're in the nature realm, you think we can be friends now? Maybe. Did that Hagraven trap your spirit here as well?
Hero: No, but I am trying to find her.
Crow: Oh? If you can access the physical realm, you might have a chance. The door to Uela's lair is in this realm, you see, but you have to break the wards in the physical realm. There's more to it, though. You should ask one of the other crows.
Hero: All right. I'll look for another crow then.

Crow: We can dispense with the small talk. I know why you're here. Even in the nature realm, news travels fast among crows. Getting to Uela is impossible though. Even if you break her wards, entering her domain will corrupt your soul.
Hero: What if I don't have a soul?
Crow: Well, why didn't you just say so? That would work. There is something different about you, isn't there? Uela's lair is in the island tower. Break the wards in the physical realm, but enter the door from here. Don't tell her I told you, though.
Hero: Thank you for the information.

Wyress Rashan: Here I was, just starting to feel like you're one of the pack, and now we have to part ways. Obviously, I'll have to be the one to break the wards on the door. It doesn't seem fair. You get to go in and chew the old hag's face off.
Hero: Will I remain in this form?
Wyress Rashan: I don't think so. Her lair's actually in the physical realm, so you'll assume your physical form. Probably not so much chewing, I suppose. That's good though. You'll need your hands. After the crone's dead, you'll have to get her nasty little heart.
Hero: Why do you need her heart?
Wyress Rashan: When I said her blood was the nurture that the forest needs, I meant that, literally. She's the source of the corruption here, so we need her heart to perform the ritual to cleanse the forest. So ... are you ready to go get it?
Hero: I'm ready whenever you are.

Crow: Freedom. Freedom at last! And Uela dead. Dead!
Hero: Yes, she is.
Crow: Sweet relief. No more voices, no more restraint. Bodies and minds together again. The crows of Jackdaw Cove are in your debt.
Hero: I'm just glad you're free again.
Crow: Yes, free and feasted! The Hagraven was all skin and bones, but what's there is sweet to eat. So thank you for saving us, and thank you for supper!
Hero: I'll leave you to enjoy that then.

Wyress Rashan: The Reachmen must have sensed Uela's death. They started to panic and fight amongst themselves. Made them easy pickings for me and my sisters. Now, the heart. You do have it, I hope.
Hero: Yes. I do. What will this ritual do exactly?
Wyress Rashan: You see all the giant vines choking the life out of everything here? The ritual will purge the area of their evil presence. It's necessary for the land to heal. Why are you stalling though? You've grown attached to those vines?
Hero: No. You can take the heart.
Wyress Rashan: Actually, hold onto it. I have an idea. Wyress Freyda will howl, but I think you've earned the honor. Let us begin the ritual, and once we've penetrated the earth, you can throw the heart into the circle to complete the spell.
Hero: All right. I'll throw the heart in the circle when you say.

Wyress Rashan: Who would have guessed it would be an outsider who would show up and kill Uela? I doubt this means we'll start inviting families from Evermore out to visit, but maybe, just maybe, we can be a little more friendly.
Hero: I hope so.
Wyress Rashan: I, for one, am as grateful to you as the flowers are to the sun. You brought life back to these lands when it was nearly choked out. Though we may never officially call an outsider a friend, I think we can at least consider you an ally.
Hero: Complete Quest.

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