Giant Problems [Quest]

Faction: Ebonheart Pact
Province: Skyrim
Location: Eastmarch
Required Level: 32
Reward: 288

Text of the Quest:

Giants have attacked the village of Lower Yorgrim, destroying everything in their path.


Jorygg Bleakdawn: I wouldn't go that way if I were you, traveler.
Hero: Why? What's wrong?
Jorygg Bleakdawn: Giants attacked Lower Yorgrim. It's a disaster!
Hero: Is there anything I can do?
Jorygg Bleakdawn: If you're smart, you'll stay away from there. I don't see any good coming out of that place for the foreseeable future. But if you really want to help, find Eiraki Frostwind. She's at the fishing camp down the road.
Hero: Then that's where I'm headed.

Eiraki Frostwind: Lower Yorgrim is dying, stranger. We have nothing left to offer you. I suggest you find somewhere else to rest this night.
Hero: What happened here?
Eiraki Frostwind: Giants attacked our village. Many villagers died in Lower Yorgrim because of these mindless savages! I gathered the few survivors I could find and fled to this fishing camp.
Hero: Why would the giants attack Lower Yorgrim?
Eiraki Frostwind: I don't know. This is the first time the giants have ventured this close to the village ... and the first time they've attacked us. My brother Skorvild is assembling a force of warriors to drive off the giants. You should talk to my brother.
Hero: Goodbye.

Skorvild Frostwind: If you seek sanctuary, you've come to the wrong place. This is my war council and you have interrupted its proceedings.
Hero: Your sister sent me. I'm here to help.
Skorvild Frostwind: I see. Dear Eiraki, always trying to help her big brother. Well, while we formulate our plans to retake Lower Yorgrim, I suppose there is something you can do.
Hero: Tell me how I can help.
Skorvild Frostwind: Before we charge out to deal with the wolves and giants, we need someone to rescue any other villagers still trapped out there. If you could get the civilians out of the way, that will be one less thing for me and my warriors to worry about.
Hero: I'll rescue the villagers.
Skorvild Frostwind: Yes, and keep an eye out for my warrior, Burj. I sent him to retrieve supplies but he hasn't returned. If you could also collect those supplies, it would improve our chances against the giants immensely.
Hero: What kind of supplies?
Skorvild Frostwind: Rations. Made from an old family recipe. An army fights best on a full stomach, or so they say. In truth, my warriors have a tradition. They always eat these specific rations before going into battle and I'm loath to break our routine. Rescue villagers and retrieve the supplies. Got it. Meet us at the manor house to the south when you've completed these tasks. The armory there contains the weapons and armor we need to make our first strike against the giants. Good luck out there, stranger.
Hero: Goodbye.

Skorvild Frostwind: You made it. It's about time!
Hero: I rescued the villagers and recovered the supplies you wanted.
Skorvild Frostwind: That's better than I expected. You have proven yourself worthy enough to join my militia and share in the strength that will soon be ours. Our strength will increase a thousandfold, more than enough to defeat the giants and all of Skyrim's enemies!
Hero: How can you make us stronger?
Skorvild Frostwind: I know a ritual that makes the meat in those sacks very special. It imbues the person that consumes it with the spirit of the animal it came from. But to show your dedication to our cause, you must eat some of the meat before I unlock its power.
Skorvild Frostwind: You impress me, stranger. I have one more task for you before I include you in the ritual. The giant's leader prowls the hill above the village. Kill him, and the giants will submit to us. Then their power will truly be ours!
Hero: Goodbye.
Skorvild Frostwind: With the power of the giants, nothing will be able to stop us!
Hero: What happens now?
Skorvild Frostwind: The giants are mine to control! No one will dare cause trouble for Lower Yorgrim now that we have our own herd of giants! Thank you for your help. If you ever want to share a meal, just stop by the manor.
Hero: Complete Quest.
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