Gods Save the King [Quest]

Faction: Ebonheart Pact
Province: Skyrim
Location: Eastmarch
Required Level: 35
Reward: 486

Text of the Quest:

The Dreamwalker is lost in King Jorunn's nightmares. I must enter the Dreamstride and try to rescue both of them before the Daedric poison kills the King.


High Priest Esling: I can't imagine what awaits you in the dreams of King Jorunn. His dreams turn to nightmares. What once was pleasent is now twisted and dark. You must help him overcome these trials.
Hero: What do I have to do?
High Priest Esling: Pray to the Three Old Gods. Seek their blessings and call upon their aspects to aid you. They might help you, but each in a different way. Remember what the Dreamwalker said and be open to any way an aspect may aid you.
Hero: How will I know which aspect to choose?
High Priest Esling: I can give you insight to each of our gods before you enter King Jorunn's dreams. That's about all I can do from here. Once you enter the dream, you will be on your own. I'll attempt to keep his life force stable for as long as I can.
Hero: I understand.
High Priest Esling: The poison pulls from Jorunn's memories and gives strength to his greatest fears. The death of his sister, the soldiers in his service, and Fildgor. His dreams have created guardians to hide his true memories. You must show him the truth of things.
Hero: Tell me about the aspects of your gods.
High Priest Esling: Our magic allows us to call forth aspects of the Three Old Gods—the Fox, the Bear, and the Wolf. Spirit forms to help us perform tasks beyond the scope of mere mortals.
Hero: Tell me about the Fox.
High Priest Esling: The thought that Jorunn failed his soldiers—that they gave their lives for nothing—weighs heavily on his mind. He must see the truth that they laid down their lives because they loved their King. They believed in him. Good luck.
Hero: Goodbye.
High Priest Esling: King Jorunn stirs in agony before he calms and grows still. These waves repeat, even as you enter his dreams. His life continues to slip away. What did you discover?
Hero: King Jorunn knows something is wrong. He's trying to escape, but he doesn't know how.
High Priest Esling: The poison polluting his body. It makes him reimagine his fears and lets the nightmares tighten their grip. He will continue to seek a way out as long as the dream continues. You must follow the King deeper still.
Hero: How do I follow the King?
High Priest Esling: Continue to pray to the totems. You already set one of the fractured parts of his spirit free. You need to be quick this time. If the King knows he's in danger, the dream will collapse behind him and strengthen the nightmare's power.
Hero: Tell me about the aspects of your gods.

Fractured Spirit of Jorunn: Why do you continue to follow me? The Argonian that followed me couldn't handle the ordeal. You won't fare any better. Leave now before it's too late. I Too many have already died on my behalf. I must handle this on my own.
Hero: You've been poisoned. The Argonian was trying to heal you.
Fractured Spirit of Jorunn: Heal me? Through my own mind? You would use Daedric magic to cure me? That's the very magic that harmed me. i You don't need to do this. I've fought an army that claimed to be invincible and emerged victorious. Fildgor's poison won't stop me.
Hero: Let me help you.
Fractured Spirit of Jorunn: Do you know where we are? My sister and I nearly froze to death in this cave. Wait.... What is it?
Fractured Spirit of Jorunn: I would not have made it out from this cave if it wasn't for my sister. I blacked out from exhaustion and the cold. Nurnhilde carried me the rest of the way to safety. Damn it all. I don't know how we got out of this cave.
Hero: What does that mean?
Fractured Spirit of Jorunn: It means I never saw the exit. How will I find it in my dreams? The fires—I remember the fires. They must be the key. If I don't survive, you must get word to Almalexia and the other Pact leaders. ; The Pact must not fall!
Hero: Goodbye.

High Priest Esling: King Jorunn's breathing slows. I don't know if this is due to your actions or if he slips closer to death. Did you learn anything new?
Hero: The King knows he's in his own mind, but he won't give up.
High Priest Esling: Proud, stubborn man. Jorunn's at his weakest point now. On the edge of life and death. You have only one more chance to enter the Dreamstride, one more chance to break the nightmare and set him free. If you fail, you will both be lost.
Hero: I won't fail.
High Priest Esling: The King's dreams try to deceive him. You need to be on guard. Look through the shadows and observe. If you fail to convince the King that what he sees is a lie, he will perish. And when he dies, his dream ends—and so do you.
Hero: Tell me about the aspects of your gods.

Stormy-Eyes: Are you real or just part of this dream? Ouch! I hurt all over. Feels like my body is being crushed. And not in a fun way. Why have you followed me? This experience, I wouldn't recommend it to my worst enemy.
Hero: You're alive! What happened?
Stormy-Eyes: Of course I'm alive. The magic that allowed you to enter the Dreamstride would have disappeared if I died. Frightening thought, though. To die in another's dream. I'll consider this while you find the King.
Hero: Where is King Jorunn?
Stormy-Eyes: He followed a pretty young woman. She looked familiar, but I couldn't place her. She ran up the steps and the King was right behind her. But something strange happened. Specters appeared. Very vicious.
Hero: I'll find him and get us out of here.
Stormy-Eyes: Be careful. These spirits are more violent and powerful than the others in the dream. Drawn from the King's strongest memories. If you fail, we all die horrible, horrible deaths. Probably very painful. Please try to avoid that.
Hero: Goodbye.

Jorunn the Skald-King: My people trusted my sister. Loved her. Great Queen Nurnhilde, they called her. Leader of the Nords. Then the Akaviri attacked. The people lost their Queen and I lost my sister. The realm wept the day she died.
Hero: The Argonian said you chased a woman up here.
Jorunn the Skald-King: It was a trick. Conjured by that creature you killed. Nurnhilde is dead. Her beautiful soul is gone. I I'm all that's left to lead my people. I cannot fail them!
Hero: How are you feeling?
Jorunn the Skald-King: Different. Strange. As though part of me is missing. No guards, no castle walls, just the limits of my own mind. Fabrications and illusions—perhaps that's all you are, as well.
Hero: I'm real. I came here with the Argonian to save you.
Jorunn the Skald-King: Yourface is familiar... but I can't remember. You have my thanks, regardless. I Both you and the Argonian.
Hero: We need to get you out of here.
Jorunn the Skald-King: I know. There's much to do. My brother Fildgor can't be allowed to complete i his plan, not while he has our sister's body and her crown. I fear nothing good will come from his machinations.
Hero: Goodbye.

Jorunn the Skald-King: I can never repay you for all you've done. I should throw a grand feast and make you part of my personal guard, but there are still dangers to deal with. Fildgor plans to desecrate my sister's spirit. That must not be allowed to happen.
Hero: Why is Fildgor doing this?
Jorunn the Skald-King: The Crown of Freydis, the symbol of our people, can only be worn by the true heir to the throne. It won't fit upon an unworthy head. Fildgor believes he can merge our sister's spirit with his own, making him worthy of the crown.
Hero: And if that works?
Jorunn the Skald-King: If the crown fits, it proclaims Fildgor as the true King. Not even I can oppose the one who wears the crown. That's why Fildgor must be stopped. He can't be allowed to desecrate Nurnhilde's spirit.
Hero: What happens now?
Jorunn the Skald-King: Fildgor and his Stormfist Brigade have gone to the dragonshrine of Skuldafn. The Prince and I must go to the camps at the foot of the mountain and plan our counter move. I need to leave now. The people need their King.
Hero: Complete Quest.

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