For Kynes Honor [Quest]

Faction: Ebonheart Pact
Province: Skyrim
Location: Eastmarch
Required Level: 31
Reward: 227

Text of the Quest:

The Keepers of the Kynesgrove shrine have become Daedric witches. The loss of their loved ones to war has made them lash out against Kyne. I need to find a way to resolve this.


Captain Alhana: You only have two things left to do. One: find Keeper Ormi. Two: put a blade in her dark heart. If that doesn't end the curse, at least it will make damn certain no one else gets bewitched.
Hero: But we don't know where Ormi is.
Captain Alhana: Strange lights and sounds have been coming from the shrine at the center of the grove. It's not normal. That's probably where you'll find the fallen Keeper. Whatever Ormi uses to channel these dark powers, it's corrupting the serenity of the grove.
Hero: Maybe we can talk to her.
Captain Alhana: You can't reason with Daedric witches! We've all suffered losses, but they took my soldiers and turned them into mindless slaves! I can't forgive her for that. They need to die! Every last one of them. I ... argh! What's wrong with me?
Hero: Captain, are you all right?

Fresgil: It wasn't Droi we had to worry about. Ghain was under the witches' control the entire time. I just thought he was drunk and moody. Once the Captain left, he attacked me.
Hero: So how did you get out here?
Fresgil: I put a knife in the big oaf's neck, but not before he unlocked the door. The witches swarmed inside. I had to leave Droi there so I could warn you. Where's the Captain?
Hero: She's dead. The Keepers are the witches.
Fresgil: Then it's over. I'm the only one left. It's kind of funny. We came for a blessing, but we were defeated before we got to the war. Why did the Keepers turn against us?
Hero: Ormi and the other Keepers lost loved ones to the war. They blame Kyne.
Fresgil: Wait, Keeper Ormi? By Kyne, she thinks her sons are dead? I knew her sons! I served with them. Sahun survived. She doesn't know? No one told her?
Hero: I need to find her son. Maybe we can get through to her and bring her back to the light.
Fresgil: She killed and cursed my brigade and you want to save her? Fine. I'm in no shape to argue with you. Sahun spends time drinking in Windhelm at the Cold Moon Inn. Helps him forget, he says. Go drag him back here if you think it will help.
Hero: Goodbye.

Sahun: If you're looking for a hired blade, look somewhere else. I don't do that anymore.
Hero: Are you Sahun? Son of Ormi the Keeper?
Sahun: Who wants to know?
Hero: Your mother thinks you're dead.
Sahun: I'd rather have her think that than know the truth. I'm a disgrace to my people and to Kyne. My brother, my ship, my entire fleet—they died right in front of me! And what did I do? Nothing!
Hero: Ormi rejected Kyne and turned to Daedric magic because she grieves for her sons.
Sahun: No. My mother is the head Keeper at Kynesgrove. She'd never turn against Kyne and her people. She should honor my brother's memory, not disgrace it.
Hero: You need to come with me and speak to her. Many lives are at stake.
Sahun: No, I can't. If what you say is true, then it's already too late for my mother. Do what you must to save those people, but I can't face what she's become.
Hero: Why did you stop working as a hired blade?
Sahun: I was a good soldier once. I was a faithful follower of Kyne, along with the rest of my family. After the disaster, I was disgraced, no longer fit to serve in the regular army. So for a time, I sold my blade to the highest bidder.
Hero: And now?
Sahun: What does it look like? I sit here and I drink until I collapse. Then I get up and drink some more. It's the only way I can endure the memories.
Hero: What happened?
Sahun: You ask more questions than my mother, and she's the Keeper of Kynesgrove! Leave me to my drink or I'll show you how good a warrior I used to be.
Hero: Goodbye.
Sahun: Why would you do this to yourself, mother? To all these people? Listen, traveler. I know she did horrible things, but she's still my mother. Kyne must forgive her. The goddess never gives up on her people.
Hero: I don't know what we can do for her.
Sahun: No. I won't give up on her or Kyne. I lost faith in myself the day I lost my brother, but I never lost faith in my god. Kyne teaches us to fight for what we believe in, and that's exactly what I'm doing. I'm fighting for my mother.
Hero: What do you plan to do?
Sahun: Pray for forgiveness.
Hero: Goodbye.

Keeper Ormi: Kyne's cleansed me. She's forgiven me for everything I've done. How could I have been so foolish? I hurt so many people during my crisis of faith.
Hero: Don't waste this second chance you've been given.
Keeper Ormi: I won't. Kyne has shown me the way again. Without your intervention, I would have continued to rain horror upon my people. Thanks to you, I can make amends. These soldiers will be cared for until they are fully healed.
Hero: I thought your witches killed them.
Keeper Ormi: No. The soldiers still live. They were to become members of our Daedric coven, but I won't let that happen. Not now. Your friends are back at the Keeper's house, safe and well cared for.
Hero: And the rest of your Keepers?
Keeper Ormi: They're still under the spell of Daedric influence. I'll work on freeing them, but it will take some time. Do not fear. I'll make sure you receive safe passage through the grove. I am their leader, after all.
Hero: Goodbye.

Captain Alhana: I don't know what you did, but my soldiers and I are alive! Thanks.
Hero: I thought you were dead.
Captain Alhana: So did I. The last thing I remember was a terrible pain. I woke up in here, next to Droi. One of the witches was tending to my wounds. I'm still not sure what's going on.
Hero: Kyne restored the head Keeper. She rejected the Daedric influence and is in control of the grove.
Captain Alhana: That's wonderful news! And we're all still alive! This isn't how I expected this to end, but I can't argue with the results.
Hero: What will you do now?
Captain Alhana: We'll head back to Windhelm and rest before marching to join the rest of the army. Take this. It was a charm to bring me luck in the war. Thanks to you, my luck has been pretty good. I want you to have it.
Hero: Complete Quest.

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