Eternal Slumber [Quest]

Faction: Ebonheart Pact
Province: Skyrim
Location: Eastmarch
Required Level: 35

Text of the Quest:

Jorunn the Skald-King has been poisoned. Now he lies in an eternal slumber. The Ternion monks, who revere the Three Old Gods, attempt to cure him. But time is running out.


Gakurek: Please, outsider, leave us be. The Ternion monks want no part in the war that ! rages across this land.
Hero: Jorunn the Skald-King was brought here. I need to see him.
Gakurek: Your king has fallen into a deep, eternal sleep. You cannot aid him. His fate depends on the favor of the Three Old Gods now.
Hero: Are you saying King Jorunn is dead?
Gakurek: !Not dead. At least not yet. But his soul struggles as his dreams turn to poison. They tear at him, pull him deeper into the darkness. iOne calling himself Dreamwalker claims he can enter his nightmare. With our magic, he says your king can be saved.
Hero: I need to see the Dreamwalker.
Gakurek: Speak with Jadvar, inside the cave. But don't get your hopes up. If the Three Old Gods require your help, that's between you, them, and the Ternion elders.
Hero: Why did the Ternions offer to aid the Skald-King?
Gakurek: Our religion is ancient, but its followers are few. Most Nords call us cult and worse things. By helping your king, perhaps we can show everyone what our faith truly stands for.
Hero: What is this place?
Gakurek: This is our home, outsider. The Ternions prefer privacy, so we make it a habit of not letting everyone know where we live. I hope you can respect that.
Hero: Why does your clan hide?
Gakurek: We worship the old gods—gods that aren't recognized by most of the Nords. They call us zealots and fanatics. Worshipers of false gods. I think you can understand why we don't live in Windhelm.
Hero: Goodbye.

Jadvar: You come to support the slumbering king? When last I saw him, his skin was pale and his breathing shallow. His life force slowly drains away.
Hero: It would take a miracle, or a favor from the Three Old Gods, to save him now. I can save King Jorunn.
Jadvar: When he isn't asking inane questions, the Dreamwalker makes the same claim. So many questions! He actually believes we turn into bugs and fly! With your king's life hanging in the balance, I hope you haven't put your trust in the wrong place.
Hero: I trust him. He saved the lives of many of his people.
Jadvar: As you say. Before your friend can enter the eternal slumber, we need to enhance the king's life force. Bring him back from the brink of death long enough for the Dreamwalker to slip inside. Otherwise, the journey will kill them both.
Hero: I collected the blood of a vampire.
Jadvar: Horrible creatures, but their blood has its uses. I'll open the gate to our ritual grounds. Please don't disturb the monks who pray there. Your king sleeps on the center platform, where our High Priest administers to him.
Hero: Goodbye.
High Priest Esling: King Jorunn's son is worried and I don't blame him. Our healing magic is strong, but it's not much good against Daedra-corrupted poison. The King won't awaken on his own.
Hero: I brought a Dreamwalkerto help.
High Priest Esling: So my monks tell me. We don't usually deal with Daedric magic. We can keep King Jorunn alive, but we can't restore him. Your Dreamwalker is our best chance. I hope he's done this before.
Hero: What can I do to help?
High Priest Esling: You brought what we need. Now the Dreamwalker must enter the Dreamstride. From there, he's on his own. My magic can't help him. Pray at the totems of the Three Old Gods. Perhaps they will show you the Dreamwalker's progress. Then we watch and wait.
Hero: Goodbye.
High Priest Esling: The Dreamwalker's work has begun. If you wish to observe his progress, pray to our totem spirits. If the Three Old Gods hear you, they will show you images of the Dreamstride.
Hero: Goodbye.

High Priest Esling: The Three Old Gods watch over this man and grant him a quick, painless journey from this place.
Hero: What's happening?
High Priest Esling: Something has sparked the Dreamwalker's magic as well as our own. Whatever haunts King Jorunn begins to flow into this world as well. As the poison spreads through his body, he fights back harder. It's pushing the forces into our own plane.
Hero: What does that mean?
High Priest Esling: It means your king's last moments of life are upon him. His spirit is strong, a fighter. I believe that's what has caused these projections. He won't give in to death. Sadly, we can do nothing to help him from out here.
Hero: We can't give up.
High Priest Esling: The Dreamwalker was most likely injured by the blast of magic. He was the last chance we had. Your king can't do this on our own.
Hero: Can we send Prince Irnskar into the dream to help his father?
High Priest Esling: No doubt he'd be eager to join his father. He's not ready though. Even now rage takes him. One must be calm to even think about taking such a journey. Sending him in there would only guarantee the death of both father and son.
Hero: Then send me instead.

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