Cast Adrift [Quest]

Faction: Aldmeri Dominion
Province: Elsweyr
Location: Khenarthi's Roost
Required Level: 2

Text of the Quest:

Cast Adrift The shoreline of is lined with the shattered hulls of Aldmeri Dominion sailing vessels. Equipment and personnel are scattered along the beach. Sergeant Firion was wounded in the shipwreck. She asked me to help find members of her squad. She believes they may be wounded and encouraged me to keep an eye out for , which can be used to treat injuries.


Find Edhelas Find Onglorn Find Nistel

Sergeant Firion: You there! Have you seen my squad?
Hero: I don't know what you mean.
Sergeant Firion: We were on the Little Alkosh, part of the Dominion fleet sailing for Khenarthi's Roost. Then a hurricane blew up out of nowhere. Sails tore, hulls cracked, and we were thrown into the ocean. I ended up here, but I can't find the rest of my squad.
Hero: Did they survive the hurricane?
Sergeant Firion: i thought I heard one of them calling out, but the ocean twists up sounds. If they're wounded or pinned down .... Could you keep an eye out for my soldiers? They answer to Edhelas, Onglorn, and Nistel. Two of us can cover more ground.
Hero: I'll help find your squad.
Sergeant Firion: I'm sure my squad made it to shore alive. Dominion marines constantly defy the sea's attempts to drown us, but hurricanes are another matter. I fear my squad is banged up worse than I am.
Hero: What can I do about their wounds?
Sergeant Firion: Our ship's hold was packed full of an old Bosmer healing remedy. The labels say Torchbug Treacle, but marines call it glow juice. The wreck scattered bottles across the beach, must be what brought out the alits.
Hero: Alits? What do you mean?
Sergeant Firion: Squat creatures made of teeth, claws, and endless hunger. I've heard their cries up and down the beach since I came to. Their sweet-tooth is bigger than their walnut brains. I saw one of the stupid things swallow a whole bottle of glow juice.
Hero: If I see any. I'll bring Torchbug Treacle to your squad.
Sergeant Firion: Good luck. Do me a favor? If you find them before I do, tell them the ocean hasn't killed me yet.

Edhelas: Who are you? Were you part of the fleet?
Hero: Sergeant Firion sent me to find you.
Edhelas: Alive? Good. That's good. Waves smashed me against the ship. Cracked a few ribs. Not the best feeling.
Hero: Sergeant Firion said this Torchbug Treacle would help.
Edhelas: Tastes like sandals boiled in mint perfume. But if it knits my ribs, I'll drink the whole bottle.
Hero: I'll look for the rest of your squad.
Edhelas: Good. I'll find Sergeant Firion.
Hero: Go. Get them back safe.

Nistel: I lost a lot of friends in that storm. Give me some good news.
Hero: Sergeant Firion sent me to find you.
Nistel: I saw her swept overboard in that damned storm. Held onto the rigging long as I could, but it tore the skin off my palms. If I can't hold a weapon, I'm useless to my squad. Do you have any bandages? I lost my kit to the sea.
Hero: This Torchbug Treacle might help.
Nistel: Glow juice? Used to think this stuff was only good for practical jokes on snowy days. Once I can heft Spleen-shanker, I'll push through the beach and find Sergeant Firion. How about you?
Hero: I told Sergeant Firion I'd find the rest of your squad.
Nistel: Hope they appreciate their good fortune when you find them. I can get inland, after I rest. Fight with purpose.

Onglorn: Bless Y'ffre, I'm glad you came by! Have you seen any other marines along the beach?
Hero: Sergeant Firion sent me to find you.
Onglorn: She's alive? I suppose that's some luck amidst all this wreckage. Can't say the same for my leg. If I don't put too much weight on it I can manage a good hobble.
Hero: Sergeant Firion said this Torchbug Treacle would help.
Onglorn: Glow juice? By the gods, it just might! Soon as I can stand on my own, I'll head inland.
Hero: I found everyone in your squad.
Onglorn: Lieutenant Gelin dragged me out of the water. He'll want to know Sergeant Firion and the rest of the squad are all right. Think he said something about looking for shelter in a nearby cave, but I was still coughing up sand.

Lieutenant Gelin: Tied to a blood-stained post is the body of a Wood Elf marine. He appears to have died recently.
Hero: Examine the corpses Goodbye.
Lieutenant Gelin: The armor bears the insignia of an Aldmeri Dominion marine lieutenant. His corpse is soaked in blood as if from many shallow cuts. Greenish foam mingles with the smeared blood.
Hero: Continue the examinations
Lieutenant Gelin: The cuts on the lieutenant's body form strange but repetitive patterns. His blood was smeared across the uncut portions of skin to create wave-like symbols. The exact cause of his death is unclear.

Sergeant Firion: Turns out my squad were the ones who found me. Ever consider a career as a Dominion marine? You'd make quite the scout. My squad said you were looking for Lieutenant Gelin. Have you found him?
Hero: I found his body in the cave. Someone killed him.
Sergeant Firion: What do you mean?
Hero: It looked like he was killed in some kind of ritual.
Sergeant Firion: First a hurricane blows out of nowhere and destroys our fleet. Then an able-bodied Dominion marine is captured and tortured to death? What else was in that cave?
Hero: Lots of bones, candles, and snakes. Also, wooden posts.
Sergeant Firion: Some kind of sacrifice? This is too big for my squad to handle. We need reinforcements. Nistel spotted a beached ship nearby. It looks intact, and she spotted Dominion sailors aboard.
Hero: What are you going to do?
Sergeant Firion: We need to combine our forces and find who murdered Lieutenant Gelin. My squad and I need to pull his body out of that damned cave. Would you warn the sailors on that beached ship? They need to know it's not safe to wander around.
Hero: I'll warn them.
Sergeant Firion: Wait, take this. I found some glow juice while I was looking for my squad, but they're on the mend. You'll get used to the taste. We'll be along shortly. Watch yourself.

Quartermaster Oblan: You aren't a slick-arsed Sea Viper or a cabbage-mouthed castaway. State your business with the crew of the Prowler.
Hero: A Dominion marine was killed in a nearby cave.
Quartermaster Oblan: The hurricane killed hundreds of marines. Why does it matter if one of them died in a cave?
Hero: He was murdered in some kind of ritual. His squad needs reinforcements.
Quartermaster Oblan: Oh. Well, the Prowler is like a hen in a wolf den until she's seaworthy again. Maybe your marines can prove they're more than two-legged cargo in shiny armor. If they pitch in, I'll consider reinforcements. They up for it, or are they all talk?
Hero: I'm sure they'll help where they can.
Quartermaster Oblan: And I'm sure they'll be as useful as they were in the hurricane. Should they care to prove otherwise, they're welcome to do actual work patching leaks in the Prowler's hold. Maybe they can locate a replacement helmsman's wheel in all this wreckage.
Hero: I'll see if they can find the helmsman's wheel and patch the ship.
Quartermaster Oblan: Oh, and our sun-sighter! It must have fallen overboard when we beached. Our lookout saw those skink-fingered pirates make off with it. You'll have to get the sun-sighter back, any way you can.
Hero: I have a few questions.
Quartermaster Oblan: Sure, talking's easier than working. Well? Ask.
Hero: Who are the Sea Vipers?
Quartermaster Oblan: Barnacles on the arse. They're all Sea Elves—"Maormer," they call themselves. Nothing more than pirates, if you ask me. Some say they have a connection to the water itself, but it's a lie. Anyone can learn weather magic like they do.
Hero: What's a sun-sighter?
Quartermaster Oblan: Captain Jimila uses it to navigate. I could tell you how the sun and stars show the ship's exact position, but none of it matters while it's in the Sea Vipers' hands.
Hero: Tell me about the Prowler.
Quartermaster Oblan: The pride of the Long Coast. We'll sail for the Dominion as long as they pay us to raid enemy shipping.
Hero: Are you pirates?
Quartermaster Oblan: Jone and Jode, don't let the captain hear you say that. Pirates steal and pillage for themselves. We're privateers, so we do it for whoever pays us. A crucial distinction!
Hero: Who is in charge of the Prowler?
Quartermaster Oblan: Captain Jimila took over the Prowler a few years ago. She's smart, cunning, and deadly dangerous when provoked. She's also luckier than anyone I served. Every ship in the fleet smashed to flinders on Khenarthi's Roost. Every ship but the Prowler.

Sergeant Firion: These aren't Dominion sailors, they're privateers. Just our luck.
Hero: Quartermaster Oblan promised reinforcements when the Prowler is repaired.
Sergeant Firion: We'll show that old sea-cat what Dominion marines can do.
Hero: The Prowler needs a replacement helmsman's wheel.
Sergeant Firion: Edhelas is the best scrounger in the regiment. If you want, I can send him out to look for a helmsman's wheel.
Hero: I'll find the helmsman's wheel myself.
Sergeant Firion: Suit yourself. Anything else we can do?

Quartermaster Oblan: That was fast. All right, there's room on the Prowler for your marine friends, as long as they work for their meals.
Hero: You promised reinforcements.
Quartermaster Oblan: I said I'd consider it. Captain Jimila is the only one who can make that call.
Hero: Then what does your captain say?
Quartermaster Oblan: Something you'll want to hear. You just made the Prowler seaworthy, and Captain Jimila always pays her debts. Go, talk to her. She only bites if you give her good reason.

Captain Jimila: Due to your efforts, the Prowler is free to sail once the tide conies in. Those marines did their part as well. I have no reinforcements, but I offer something better. I know who's killing the Dominion soldiers. And I know how to stop it.
Hero: What do you mean?
Captain Jimila: Our lookout watched the Sea Vipers drag a Dominion marine into a cave. Later, he saw your friends remove the marine's body. If we weren't so short-handed I'd have ordered his rescue, but three of my own crew were missing.
Hero: What happened to your crew?
Captain Jimila: Before we understood the danger, I sent my crew to scavenge among the shoals so we might repair the Prowler. We thought they'd disappeared, but one just returned—and she tells a harrowing tale.
Hero: What happened to her?
Captain Jimila: The Sea Vipers happened. Now there's a new storm brewing, and I fear they're the cause of it. Mastengwe recovers below. Hear what she has to say for yourself.

Mastengwe: The Sea Vipers are insane! They're trying to create another hurricane!
Hero: Another hurricane? What do you mean?
Mastengwe: Suhr, Virkvild, and I were scavenging for a replacement helmsman's wheel when the Sea Vipers ambushed us. They brought us to the island with the beached Dominion flagship. They'd done things there, terrible things.
Hero: What have the Sea Vipers done?
Mastengwe: Those filthy Maormer dragged my mates up and tied them to these serpentshaped statues. Then they started chanting, and lightning surrounded them! That's when the storm began to form around the island.
Hero: The Sea Vipers created the storm?
Mastengwe: Yes, I'm sure of it. It was a terrible sight. The Sea Vipers were so caught up in the ritual, I slipped free. I tried to grab Suhr, but the lightning held him fast. Then one of the Sea Vipers yanked at him. I saw the Maormer's wrist glow.
Hero: Why would the Sea Viper's wrist glow?
Mastengwe: The Maormer wore lodestones on their wrists. It let them ignore those lightning bonds. But I couldn't find any more, so I jumped off the ship and swam for it. Please, don't let them sacrifice my crewmates!

Captain Jimila: Suhr and Virkvild returned just after the skies cleared up. They're a bit damp, but otherwise all right. My lookout says I have you to thank.
Hero: Yes. I stopped the ritual and freed your crewmen.
Captain Jimila: Then we'll finish repairs and shove off at high tide. Oh, your marine friends fended off Sea Vipers while you rescued my crew. They're welcome aboard as long as they want. Perhaps we'll see you at Mistral. You'll always have a place on the Prowler.
Hero: Complete Quest.

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