Blindsided [Quest]

Faction: Ebonheart Pact
Province: Skyrim
Location: Eastmarch
Required Level: 33
Reward: 235

Text of the Quest:

A renegade clan of Nords known as the Stormfists launched a surprise attack against Fort Morvunskar.


Captain Hamar: It's about time Windhelm sent someone. What took you so long?
Hero: I'm here now. What's your situation?
Captain Hamar: The Stormfists came out of nowhere and forced us to retreat from the fort. We escaped, as did Lieutenant Koruni and a few of her soldiers. I don't know what the Stormfists want, but we haven't seen that clan around here for almost a decade.
Hero: What can I do to help?
Captain Hamar: Koruni sent word that she plans to sneak into the central barracks. If you could liberate the soldiers that were captured during the battle, you could assist the lieutenant when she tries to retake the barracks.
Hero: I'll free the captured soldiers and meet Koruni at the barracks.
Captain Hamar: Good luck freeing our soldiers. I'll stay here and wait for the detachment from Windhelmto arrive.

Lieutenant Koruni: You rescued my soldiers. For that, you have my thanks.
Hero: Happy to help. What's next?
Lieutenant Koruni: We're ready to take back the barracks. I need you to deal with the invaders' commander, the Nord called Halskar. Find his orders. We need to know what's going on. They should be someplace safe, not far from wherever you find the lout.
Hero: I'll deal with Halskar and find his orders.
Lieutenant Koruni: I had a feeling about you! Glad to see that I was right. Now follow us!

Queen Nurnhilde: I am Nurnhilde, Queen of the Nords. I come to you from Sovngarde with an urgent demand.
Hero: What do you need, spirit?
Queen Nurnhilde: The relics you took from that strongbox were stolen from the royal tombs beneath Fort Morvunskar.
Hero: What should I do with the relics?
Queen Nurnhilde: Return the relics to their rightful places in the tombs below, of course. What else would you do with them? Accomplish this task and I shall forever be in your debt.
Hero: I'll return the relics to the tomb.
Queen Nurnhilde: Meet me behind this building, at the entrance to the tombs. I shall wait for you there.

Lieutenant Koruni: The barracks are clear. How did you fare against Halskar?
Hero: Halskar's dead. I found these orders in a lockbox, along with these relics.
Lieutenant Koruni: Let me look at those orders. I see. Those dogs came up through the crypts! That's how they surprised us. It says something here about their true prize being in the crypts below. I wonder what they could be after.
Hero: Complete Quest.

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