Badwater Mine [Quest]

Faction: Daggerfall Covenant
Province: Hammerfell
Location: Alik'r Desert
Required Level: 31

Text of the Quest:

Badwater Mine I met a miner named Samsi at the Badwater mine. She tells me that the mine is collapsing and her partner is trapped inside. I told her I would go in and find her partner. If hes dead, she still needs his supply pack. I should search the mine for signs of Samsis partner.


Find Samsis partner

Samsi af-Bazra: The mine! It is collapsing! I left the—my partner down there! I beseech you to help me in this!
Hero: What happened? Goodbye.
Samsi af-Bazra: We were digging and then there was a rumbling ... and the ceiling began to fall! I thought he was right beside me, but alas, he did not emerge. I would go back, but I have inhaled too much dust. I cannot catch my breath!
Hero: Are you sure he's still alive? Goodbye.
Samsi af-Bazra: No, and that is what I fear the most. I would never be able to forgive myself .... At the very least, though, I must retrieve his supply pack. Everything is in there—our maps, our water, our food. I cannot survive without these things.
Hero: I'll bring back your partner, or at least the supplies. Goodbye.
Samsi af-Bazra: Please. Go quickly. It would be terrible if the mine collapsed and we did not at least discover my partner's fate.
Hero: What is your partner's name?
Samsi af-Bazra: His name is Haidar. I worked for him for many years before he began acknowledging me as his partner rather than his apprentice. I learned much from him though. I truly hope you are able to get him out of there.
Hero: Is it safe for me to go down there? Goodbye.
Samsi af-Bazra: No. It is not safe. When a mine becomes unstable like this, there is no way to know when it will collapse completely. It's always a gamble. But you look like you are accustomed to danger, and so much ... I mean, my partner's life is at stake.
Hero: What were you mining for? Goodbye.
Samsi af-Bazra: Dwemer gold. It is buried under this desert somewhere. My partner and I worked Kulati mines for some time, but that effort was of no avail. We came here on our own. The fewer people involved, the greater the reward if something is discovered.
Hero: But you didn't find anything? Goodbye.
Samsi af-Bazra: No. There is no Dwemer gold down there. We had already decided to give up on this mine even before the rumbling began. We had talked of seeking our fortunes in Bangkorai... though now I suppose, I might be going there on my own.

Haidar al-Sentinel: You are bold to enter a collapsing mine, stranger! Beware, lest you share my fate!
Hero: You were crushed beneath the rocks? Goodbye.
Haidar al-Sentinel: No. Only my skull was crushed, and this by the tip of my partner's pickaxe. We finally found something of value down here—gems. But in that very moment, I saw the price of my life's blood in her beautiful eyes.
Hero: She murdered you? Goodbye.
Haidar al-Sentinel: Yes, and keenly do I feel the need for revenge. In death, I have been granted this opportunity. I have poured my hatred into the gems we found. Give them to her. Give them to Samsi, and she will be repaid for her treachery.
Hero: I'll give her the cursed gemstones. Find peace, spirit.

Samsi af-Bazra: Oh no! The fact that he is not with you does not bode well. Did you find anything? Was he dead? What about the ... supplies?
Hero: I think I have what you really wanted all along. Goodbye.
Samsi af-Bazra: The gemstones ... ? Thank you so much! I am surprised you ... well, I am simply grateful. I have spent so many years searching in the darkness and found nothing. My luck has finally changed.
Hero: Complete Quest.

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