Ashabah Rising [Quest]

Faction: Daggerfall Covenant
Province: Hammerfell
Location: Alik'r Desert
Required Level: 32

Text of the Quest:

I am now officially a member of the Ashabah, and I am setting forth to destroy the Withered Hand. Talia suggested I visit Tuwhaccas Throne to see if the Withered Hand has been there. I should look for an Ashabah named Ramati near the Temple.


Talia at-Marimah: There is little we can do to help our fellow Ash'abah here now, so we should do as my father wished. We should dedicate ourselves to destroying the Withered Hand. They killed my father; I will enjoy the opportunity to even the score.
Hero: Where do we start?
Talia at-Marimah: There is a place to the northeast, a sacred place called Tu'whacca's Throne. It is a place of quiet and of honor. Many, many heroes have been laid to rest there. I worry what would happen if the Withered Hand were to go there.
Hero: Let's go to Tu'whacca's Throne then.
Talia at-Marimah: I must see to the consecration of my father's remains. It would be disrespectful to do otherwise. Go on to Tu'whacca's Throne. Look for an Ash'abah named Ramati. I know these sands well. I will catch up with you soon enough.
Hero: I will go on to Tu'whacca's Throne then.

Ramati at-Gar: This is not good, not good at all. I've killed a skeleton or two in my day, but this ... this is worse than that. We are going to need more Ash'abah.
Hero: I am one of your tribe. I am Ash'abah.
Ramati at-Gar: You? I'm pretty good with faces, but I don't know yours. You must have just joined then ...? Either way, welcome to the tribe. It's good that you're here.
Hero: Complete Quest.

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