A Tale Forever Told [Quest]

Faction: Aldmeri Dominion
Province: Valenwood
Location: Malabal Tor
Required Level: 36

Text of the Quest:

I've found the temple of the spinners of Malabal Tor, where their story has gotten away from them. A Khajiit bard asked for help re-writing a story in the spinners temple. She said I should speak to Elilor and learn more about it.

Shandi: Shandi writes as fast as possible, but still these spinners come up with more to say! After uncountable generations, they still change the story. Do you know the story of the Silvenar and the Green Lady? Or I should say, one of the stories?
Hero: Are there many stories about them?
Shandi: As many stories as there have been Silvenars. Going back to the first Bosmer, no doubt! But the story the spinners are telling now, it's all wrong. It must change back before it's too late.
Hero: What does a story being wrong matter?
Shandi: Ah, you've never been here, have you? This is a temple to the spinners, the Bosmer who make reality with their tales. Let me take you to Elilor in Valeguard, and perhaps you'll see why the story must be corrected.
Hero: All right. Let's go.
Shandi: You are very kind to help, though you do not seem to know Valeguard's importance. Perhaps Shandi can explain things for you?
Hero: What can you tell me about this place?
Shandi: Stories are told here, and by some ancient magic, made to come to pass. Strange people, strange customs. I came to find inspiration in the spinners and their lives. They are a curious lot.
Hero: Who are the spinners?
Shandi: Bosmer priests, of a sort. They interpret the Green Pact, and often serve as diplomats for the Bosmer. They tell stories to each other as their prayers. And strangely enough, their stories come true.
Hero: What do you mean, they come true?
Shandi: As real as a summer roast or a cricket's song. I've yet to determine if they speak what they see, or if reality conforms to their desires. One spinner told me how thirsty he was and suddenly, he held a mug of mead. Fascinating!
Hero: Who exactly are you?
Shandi: A bard in the best of times, and a scavenger in the worst. I came to hear the stories of the Bosmer, and found them unintelligible. I've only just begun to understand the depth of the spinners' power. I doubt they know it themselves!
Hero: What story are you writing down?
Shandi: You've heard of the Silvenar and the Green Lady, yes? The spinners tell the story of their life together, guiding the Bosmer to prosperity. That is how it usually goes. But it's changed, and I fear for the Bosmer people if it is not changed back.
Hero: What can you tell me about this place?
Shandi: Stories are told here, and by some ancient magic, made to come to pass. Strange people, strange customs. I came to find inspiration in the spinners and their lives. They are a curious lot.
Hero: What story do they tell here?
Shandi: Many different ones. It's such trouble to write them down. Elilor usually talks only of the Silvenar. He's the one who noticed their story had changed.
Hero: The Silvenar?
Shandi: As spiritual leader of the Bosmer, he symbolizes the Green Pact between the Bosmer and Valenwood. Treethanes, kings, and warlords bow to him, yet the Silvenar's power is intangible. Curious, no?

Elilor: Our Handfast is useless! It holds none of the magic it once had, and it's all Spinner Indraseth's fault. What's going to happen to the Silvenar and the Green Lady if the story's changed?
Hero: If you tell me what's wrong, I may be able to help.
Elilor: We tell the story of the Silvenar and the Green Lady. Their union, and reunion, in their every incarnation. Spinner Indraseth begins and ends our stories, but she's changed things. Now the story is dark and wild, and we've no power to change it back.
Hero: What needs to happen to change the story back?
Elilor: Only Spinner Indraseth can start the story. But once it's started, it can be retold! You may be just what this story needs. A fresh idea added into the mix! Look closely at the Handfast to begin the tale. Spinner Indraseth won't be able to resist!

Shandi: Spinner Indraseth has taken you into her story. I think this means that you're telling the story with her, through your words and actions. How exciting!
Hero: How do I know what to do?
Shandi: Well, the Silvenar and the Green Lady need to be happy together. How that happens changes with every story. So I think you must go through Spinner Indraseth's story and make sure that happens. Everything else will work itself out.

Elilor: You've started the story! I thought Spinner Indraseth lost in her own world by now. She must want you to play the part!
Hero: What is this place?
Elilor: Valeguard is our retreat, our place of word and song. We protect the Handfast -a symbol of the Bosmer people. We tell tales of our past and our future. Through our words, the Bosmer prosper.
Hero: How can I stop Spinner Indraseth?
Elilor: She's let you into her story, and you aren't a spinner. That means you don't need to follow our rules. Follow the story with her, and set it right again. For all our sakes!
Hero: What part do I play in this?
Elilor: For a story as important as the well-being of the Silvenar and the Green Lady, we spinners will tell the story together. But Spinner Indraseth has gone on her own, so the story's not yet strong enough. She may want to use you to increase its power!
Hero: What is this place?
Elilor: Valeguard is our retreat, our place of word and song. We protect the Handfast -a symbol of the Bosmer people. We tell tales of our past and our future. Through our words, the Bosmer prosper.
Hero: What's the Handfast?
Elilor: When the Silvenar and the Green Lady unite, they forge a connection to the Bosmer and Valenwood, empowering the Handfast. Some say it was crafted by the first Silvenar. So our stories tell, which in turn makes it true!
Hero: How can stories become true?
Elilor: How can rain fall from the sky? How can rivers flow to the sea? We don't question the gift. We accept it, embrace it, and hopefully use it wisely to benefit our people.
Hero: Who is the Silvenar?
Elilor: He or she is the incarnation of our history! A living symbol of our devotion to the Valenwood, and the voice of the Bosmer people! But in the end, the Silvenar is a Bosmer, with a title passed from one Silvenar to the next.

Spinner Indraseth: The Silvenar, first of the wild children with eyes open. He alone knows the ways and wiles of the Valenwood! What use is the Green Lady to him, I ask you? A distraction, nothing more.
Hero: Why are you trying to change the Green Lady and the Silvenar's story?
Spinner Indraseth: The true purpose of the Bosmer was revealed to me. With our unquenchable thirst and never-ending hunger, we become the devouring beast. Without the Green Lady, the Silvenar will fall. She will return to the wilds, and the Bosmer shall follow.
Hero: From what I hear, the Silvenar and Green Lady always unite.
Spinner Indraseth: They must never be together, from the beginning, now, or in the future. The story will change to keep them apart. As they should always have been.
Hero: I won't let you do this.

Ulthorn the Hound: The quarry faces the hunter at last. You won't stop me from claiming my prize!
Hero: Where is Spinner Indraseth?
Ulthorn the Hound: She is my puppet, just like all the other creatures in this story. Her weaknesses allowed me to enter. You can't thwart me. You know nothing of the spinners and the power they wield!
Hero: Who are you?
Ulthorn the Hound: You may know me by my Daedric title, but for now, I play the part of the Hound. I created a wedge between the Silvenar and the Green Lady. The Hound is a convenient scapegoat for my invention.
Hero: Why are you changing the spinners' story?

The Silvenar: Are you another creature come to torment me? I've had enough of this maze! Speak, apparition!
Hero: The Silvenar? How did you get in here?
The Silvenar: I have always been within this story. I am the Silvenar, the immortal spirit of the Bosmer. I protect and nurture the heart of our people. You ... have met one of my incarnations, I think. If that is true, then I would know you as friend.
Hero: I came here to help the spinners repair this story.
The Silvenar: Yes, even I have felt the change. The story seeks to destroy me. You must not allow this! I will summon my allies, but I cannot do this alone. Will you help?
Hero: I will. Tell me what we need to do.
The Silvenar: You must use my plant allies to defend me. Fire stands against fire, like against like. I feel them approach. Be ready!

Spinner Indraseth: Who are you? Where did you come from? What am I doing here? Wait, I think it's all coming back to me ....
Hero: You don't remember anything?
Spinner Indraseth: Yes. No! I was trying to destroy the Silvenar in our story. Why in the two moons would I do that? There's something else in the story. I feel it inside me, trying to get out. Trying to control me again!
Hero: Hold on. I'm here to help.
Spinner Indraseth: Listen! Take the essence of the Silvenar. Guard it. Keep it safe. The Green Lady must unite with the Silvenar as always. Find the Green Lady, and save her as you saved the Silvenar. The Hound calls me. I cannot resist!

The Green Lady: You follow me to my home? I should bite your feet off, and see how well you run! The Hound is my consort. He has shown me the way of the wilds, and we rule over the forest, together. I need nothing from you!
Hero: Come with me before the Hound corrupts you as well.
The Green Lady: I am the Green Lady, the immortal aspect of Bosmer strength. I take orders from no one. The Hound told me the story, and it excites me. If he's a part of this, then so am I. The story shall include us both!
Hero: What about the Silvenar?
The Green Lady: I don't know that name. Hmm. Yet, I feel something when you say it. As if this were all a dream .... No! He said there would be temptations, charlatans, liars! The beasts will take care of you!

Vine: Friend of the Silvenar, the Green Lady went by! The way is blocked to you, but I can clear it. Shall I lend you my aid?
Hero: How will you clear the path?
Vine: Nasty, biting bugs are useful! Their insides spit and burn. Bring such parts, and I will clear the path.

Vine: Has the friend of the Silvenar found the distasteful bits? Only then will the path be clear for our friend.
Hero: I've brought you their entrails.
Vine: Shield your eyes! If the acid splashes upon you, all would weep. Behold, your path is clear!

The Green Lady: You defeated him. I didn't think it was possible.
Hero: It had to be done.
The Green Lady: I see that now. His story is not mine. The incarnation of the Green Lady must know you. I will entrust you with my essence. Complete the story as it should be told.
Hero: I will.

Spinner Indraseth: I've failed my duties as a spinner. The story conies first, above all emotion. Above all pity. I pitied the Hound, but it was a trap. And now, the Silvenar and the Green Lady will always have, and always should, join as one.
Hero: What now?
Spinner Indraseth: You've recovered the essence of both the Green Lady and the Silvenar. Grant that power to the Handfast, and their story will once again be about their immortal union.
Hero: The other spinners await you below.
Spinner Parwaen: You've done it! The immortal story of the Silvenar and the Green Lady has been put right again! But tell me, who corrupted Indraseth in the first place? Did you find out?
Hero: Someone called the Hound. But he won't be troubling you any longer.
Spinner Parwaen: I've heard that name before, I think. But it fades when I try to remember, like a bad dream. Still, gloomy thoughts do not become us now! The spinners will sing your story with gusto! A tale of harrowing adventure, and wealth beyond measure!
Hero: Complete Quest.

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