A Novel Idea [Quest]

Faction: Aldmeri Dominion
Province: Valenwood
Location: Malabal Tor
Required Level: 36

Text of the Quest:

A spinner in Valeguard wants to finally transcribe a story into written word, but is having difficulties. Farandor needs some unusual materials to capture his tale. Hes asked me to get blood from the hoarvors within Valeguard, and flesh from some creature called Old Tusk.

Farandor: Blast it all, nothing stays! A thousand plagues on whoever invented this infernal device! I dictate the story to this parchment, but nothing happens!
Hero: What are you doing?
Farandor: i bought this parchment from a trader in Belarata. He promised if I told my stories to it, they would bond to it and become permanent. Forgive me, it's not your concern. I'll make it work.
Hero: So you're trying to write down a story?
Farandor: I can't write, I'm a spinner! I talk! Forget parchment. We need to invoke the ancient rites of flesh and blood. With hoarvor blood, and a chunk of Old Tusk's flesh, the tale can write itself!
Hero: I can get your materials for you.
Farandor: Through the caves, you will find the grove of insects. If you follow the story's path, you can't miss it.
Hero: Where exactly can I find the things you need?
Farandor: It'll come apart in your hand, no knives needed! Did I say perfectly preserved? I meant, not rancid, just showing its age. After all, Old Tusk was the first mammoth.
Hero: How much hoarvor blood do you need?
Farandor: Not much. Enough to make a tincture. I'm not going to turn the blood into ink. No, no, not exactly. What we'll do invokes an ancient rite to inscribe a spinner's story to flesh.

Farandor: Listen! This is marvelous! Down this ramp lies the hollow chamber in which our story can be lured from skin to flesh!
Hero: What's this about luring a story?
Farandor: Words aren't easy to catch. We Bosmer don't force sounds into symbols. So, we'll make them write themselves. Enter the chamber in the great tree, and slather the blood on the skin hangings within.
Hero: What will that do?
Farandor: The blood will pull the story from the animal skins and into Old Tusk's flesh! Then we'll seal them to the flesh with fire!
Hero: I don't understand how this will work.
Farandor: I've cast a spell within the chamber. The blood awakens the words spoken to the skins, refreshing them. They'll bond with the nearest flesh, the chunk you took from Old Tusk! Meet me by the fire pit at the bottom of the tree when you're done!

Shandi: The spinners say their stories come true. What good fortune you changed this one,yes? Farandor asked me to give you this.
Hero: What can you tell me about this place?
Shandi: Roasted meat? Smells like a Wood Elf delicacy. Is it lunch? Strange markings branded into it. Wait. Are these ... did he write their story on a block of meat?
Hero: Yes, it seems so.
Shandi: Unusual, but not unworkable. Shandi will make this less edible and more readable. Thank you for your gift!
Hero: Complete Quest.

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