A Tangled Net [Quest]

Faction: Aldmeri Dominion
Province: Valenwood
Location: Malabal Tor
Required Level: 37

Text of the Quest:

Eraral-dro wants to neutralize the Gold Coast mercenaries in Malabal Tor so his people will be safe from reprisal. Though many of the Gold Coast mercenaries died in the battle with the werewolves, plenty more are still prepared for battle.Eraral-dro wants me to drug their drink to reduce their effectiveness.

Eraral-dro: We have the advantage. The mercenaries know only what they can hit with their swords. We Khajiits know when to put down the sword and take up a rose. Or in this case, a keg of rich drink.
Hero: How will getting drunk help against the mercenaries?
Eraral-dro: Oh, it will not be me. Or you, I'm afraid. We extend this courtesy to our Gold Coast friends. I have a powder that causes deep sleep for many days. Afterwards, the user is too groggy to move, much less fight.
Hero: So we'll drug the rest of the mercenaries?
Eraral-dro: It's not as simple as that. But yes, that is the first step. Take this powder and add it to the kegs in their camp. I've taken the liberty of offering some of my own vintage to them. A gift for their valiant battle with the werewolves.
Hero: All right.

Eraral-dro: I hear much merrymaking. Perhaps that secret ingredient is good for more than a severe hangover.
Hero: So now we strike?
Eraral-dro: Strike? My friend, you have learned little from me. Now we must gather our greatest resource - gold.
Hero: What for?
Eraral-dro: We'll buy the loyalty of the rest. Jainda, one of the traders, has already pledged to aid our venture. If the other merchants contribute, we'll have enough for a tasty bribe.
Hero: And they'll just hand over their gold?
Eraral-dro: You know firsthand how adept the mercenaries are at killing. These people are merchants, but they know it too. Just ask nicely. Be persuasive. Cunning. Somehow, I think they will all do as you say, no tricks necessary.

Kagun: You'll need more than claws to get through well-forged armor. A small sword in between the cracks does the job in half the time!
Hero: We need your support to drive out the mercenaries.
Kagun: Eraral is mad if he thinks I'll pay for his mistakes! But this now involves all of us. Take my promise. I'll offer my aid when he wishes. It won't be gold, but it will be of some value, nonetheless.
Hero: I'll take whatever you can give.

Dahari: Many years I have traveled, in search of the finest luxuries! Have you ever lain on a rug that once graced the steps of the White-Gold Tower? Or drank from a cup forged in the bowels of Ash Mountain?
Hero: Eraral is looking for....
Dahari: Don't repeat yourself. I know what's at stake. You'll have support. But make sure Eraral remembers us after he's out of this mess.
Hero: I'll be sure to remind him.

Dordanion: I don't care how thick your skull is—everybody needs a strong helm. Gotta protect our pretty faces, eh?
Hero: The Gold Coast will attack soon, unless you do something to stop them.
Dordanion: Don't you think I know that? I hear them practicing day and night! This is about Eraral's scheme, isn't it?
Hero: He needs everyone's support.
Dordanion: Well, I can't offer much, but whatever Eraral wants, he can have. I'd like to get out of this mess with my life and my goods, if at all possible.

Tabil: Come quickly! They took Honorable Eraral-dro!
Hero: Wait. What's happened?
Tabil: The Gold Coast captain was very angry. She and her men and took Eraral-dro captive. She said I could go free if I brought this message to you. I didn't want to leave my master, but you can help him more than I can.
Hero: Where are they now?
Tabil: At the captain's tent on the hill. I'll make arrangements with the traders while you are gone. Please, help my master!

Captain Aurelia Blasio: So. You're the one who's working with this beast? Funny. You look familiar somehow.
Hero: Why have you attacked this Khajiit?
Captain Aurelia Blasio: We've been under their employ for a short while. I had questions about recent events affecting me and my men. He wouldn't cooperate, so I was forced to take him prisoner. I won't release him until I get answers.
Hero: Can I speak with him?
Captain Aurelia Blasio: As you please. But if you make any effort to free him, I'll take action. Swift, bloody action.

Eraral-dro: It's too dangerous for you to be here. Tabil... I told him to run for home, not for help!
Hero: How can I get you out of here?
Eraral-dro: Hss! Not so loud! To save us all, continue with the plan. If the mercenaries are bought off, the captain will have no support. She will be easy to take out then, but not before.
Hero: Where are these mercenaries, then?
Eraral-dro: No doubt Tabil has already gathered them together, but he's no good at negotiation, I fear. Ensure they get what they desire.

Tabil: You returned! I kiss the two moons in thanks! The mercenaries await. The merchants arranged a strange bargain for them.
Hero: Strange how? Tabil: I was expecting gold, but instead they brought entertainers. The mercenaries are less partial to riches and more to pleasure. I'm no good with such things. Entertainers. Talking to them, I mean!
Hero: I'll take care of it. Tabil: You are a true friend to the Baandari! I'll tell you what I know. Each entertainer has a specialty, of sorts, that hopefully matches the tastes of the mercenaries. You'll just have to figure it out, I suppose.

Vitellia Strabo: I don't have all day to be waitin' around.
Hero: Can I convince you to stay your hand?
Vitellia Strabo: Ah, I dunno. I'm bored. Restless, like. I want to punch something. Or someone.
Hero: [Persuade] I don't think any of our entertainers want to be punched.
Vitellia Strabo: Aw, I didn't mean it like that! I'm just looking for a little friendly competition, you know? Got anyone that could go toe to toe with me, you think?
Hero: Ostarion would be a good fit.
Vitellia Strabo: I'm not one for dallying with those pointy-eared Elves, but I noticed a few interesting scars. Heard he has a few interesting tales to go along with them. This could be interesting.

Yggnast: Don't waste my time, if you know what's good for you.
Hero: Can anything convince you not to take up arms against us?
Yggnast: Well, I'm a sell-sword, so that's not a problem. Not in the market for gold, though. My boss can smell it a mile away. She'd know I'd two-timed her, and then I'm right back where I started.
Hero: [Persuade] You sound tense. Is something wrong?
Yggnast: Hmph. Think I pulled a muscle, and it aches real bad. Don't go spreading this around, but someone to knead it loose would really hit the spot.
Hero: Kagun would be a good fit.
Yggnast: Hmm ... really? I heard some of the others talk about his technique. Never thought I'd get kneaded on by a Khajiit, but I'll try anything to get rid of this knot. Yeah, sounds better the more I think about it. Good choice.

Longstig: My sword arm's getting stiff with all this waiting. Maybe I'll get some practice in before I leave.
Hero: I'm here to negotiate a truce.
Longstig: Yeah, yeah, I know. Sweet-tongued Khajiit told me all about it. Lots of promises, not much to show for it. So, when does the show start?
Hero: [Persuade] Is it a show you're interested in, then?
Longstig: Ah, no. Not exactly. Was hoping for some refreshments beforehand, but I don't know what's decent around here. If you have anyone who can make a good sweetroll, that'd be great.
Hero: Dahari would be a good fit.

Tabil: I saw three satisfied mercenaries leave here. Things went well, then?
Hero: I think it was a success.
Tabil: The captain will have no one to support her should you attack. If there ever were a time to rescue Eraral-dro, this is it. Please go quickly, and make sure he hasn't been harmed!

Eraral-dro: I'd prepared myself for death. I'm glad it was unnecessary.
Hero: Has the danger passed, then?
Eraral-dro: Enough for me and mine to sleep well tonight. The mercenaries have no reason to attack if they gain nothing. They are a people without honor. I am glad for it.
Hero: What will you do now?
Eraral-dro: I have never been so grateful for it to be business as usual. Travelers will come again. We will flourish. Wherever you go, you may meet one of our kind. And we will know your name as a friend, a friend of the Baandari.
Hero: Complete Quest.

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