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By: Ambuaz in: ESO News and Updates

QuakeCon Gameplay Presentation was a really amazing event. Developers showed how ESO really looks like and answered some questions. I am going to highlight and comment the most interesting information from QuakeCon.

Glow around the target

Gameplay presentation showed us several encounters and we could see how target system works in the game. I bet the most noticeable for every observer was glowing effect around current enemy target. When a player points his mouse to the enemy a red glowing effect surrounding the target appears.

On my opinion the effect is too heavy and I believe many of TESO fans also think so. It looks like someone took a red pencil and drew the contour of the target. ESO team confirmed that this effect can be switched of and is a really good option. You can switch off glow around enemies if you do not like or do not need it. But on my opinion such effect is really helpful in battle. Developers just should allow player to change its opacity / strength. It would be great if they add a simple slider that allows to decrease glow. Elder Scrolls Online has great customization system and I believe they should let players customize this effect because it affects the gameplay experience very much.

Minimap vs Compass

Minimap is a traditional element of any MMO game. But you probably noticed that there was no Minimap at Nick’s User Interface during the presentation. That’s because ESO developers decided to disable minimap and replace it with compass (like it is in Skyrim). Such decision was made because beta statistics shows that minimap does not stimulate players to explore the world. If minimap is enabled players just look at it and run towards the marker. But general goal of ESO team is to make everyone to explore the surrounding world, visit caves and different villages.

On my opinion it is a good decision. Current compass looks great and is also rather informative. Compass shows you all places of interest and you know where to run, but you don’t exactly know what is behind that hill or house. Compass in ESO looks and works similar to compass in Skyrim.

Looking for Group

If you want to find a group to visit public dungeon you can use Looking for Group interface. It allows you to find companions. You need to pick your role and wait. Though ESO allows to change the role in a dungeon fast, you hardly can be awesome healer and damage dealer at the same time. You always have primary and secondary role so you should pick the role you can best perform. Each dungeon group should have healer, damage dealer and tank. If each group member knows how to act in his role the group will succeed.

Will such system protect the group from morons who pick up incorrect roles to harm (or for fun)? I think no. You will sometimes see a mage who picked a tank role but has ho corresponding spells and experience. There should be possibility to kick such player from the group to avoid such actions.

As you can see more and more information about the game is coming. I am looking forward to try ESO during open Beta period.

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    1. Eric Peterson 22 august 2013, 14:40 # 0
      I like the idea of a red glow around enemies as I can't count how many times in ES-V I have killed my own companions....will we also have the ability to shoot threw our own team members even in pvp and pve? I'm guessing not.
      1. Eric Peterson 22 august 2013, 15:00 # 0
        It would be nice if during edit you had the option to post the edit?..I can see why there are hardly no comments here. I had a previous edit and clicked on write but it did't post.
        1. Duelist 23 august 2013, 01:12 # 0
          I have tested the comments and I think the reason your edited text was not posted is because everyone has 3 minutes to edit his comment. If you want to post the edited version after the time is up you will see a message «Time for editing a comment is ended.» in the right top part of the screen.

          Try to post something once more and edit your comment.
        2. Matt Foster 17 december 2013, 21:52 # 0
          Yeeeeees someone else asked about friendly fire I think this is a valid question will aoe's hurt my allies like fireball in skyrim or healing spells like grand healing will they help my enemy I think they should and this glow could help make quick decision on when to use them. Do aoe's make all effected glow?? heal spells glow a different color or what just a thought.

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