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Several days ago ZeniMax team published new series of “Ask us Anything” questions and Answers. The topic was Roleplaying. So we want to highlight and comment some of the most interesting answers.

New Megaserver Facts

Let’s start from mew information about Megaserver. Developers confirmed their plans to have 2 “mega servers”: one in Europe and the other in USA.

We do plan on having one megaserver located in the US and one in Europe for PC and Mac players, but you won’t be forced onto one or the other.

As for me it is a very good decision. Imagine if there is only one server, for example in USA. European players will experience some inconvenience because of possible lags. Modern internet technologies no not allow to transfer data from one continent to the other without delays. So two servers will be the best decision. Players from both parts of the world will be able to enjoy ESO and nobody will have technical advantages. Developers also confirmed that you will be able to play on a distant server if you wish.

Surrounding World

The other question was about surrounding world. How interactive is it? There will be a lot of buildings to enter and explore: shops, temples, inns and others. You will be able to admire beautiful sights by walking. Walking is already available. There is also a huge list of player-created emotes. You can interact with surrounding players. There will also be many books you can examine in the game. It would be great if ESO allows character to sit down at the table and eat or drink something. Hope this feature will be added.


Roleplaying sometimes requires privacy. In many MMO games you have to create a new character to play alone. But Elder Scrolls Online will have an option that allows to play as “invisible” and your friends will not see that you are "online" in their friend lists. If you want to play alone just switch on this option. This can be used in many situations: for example you want to complete quest and do not want to be bothered by friends.


One of the most interesting questions for me was about armour/clothing customization. ESO team confirmed that you will be able to customize characters appearance, but they did not tell more.

You can definitely expect to have options that will set you apart and allow you to customize your character’s appearance. We can’t go into great detail right now, but you won’t be disappointed (or end up looking like everyone else!)

Well, let’s try to guess. On my opinion there will be several options to make your character unique:

- First of all it will be possible to change color of your armor.
- The other way is to let players learn unique recipes for crafting.
- Enchanting can be the other way to change appearance of your armor/weapon. For example a sword that was enchanted to deal extra fire damage can glow or burn.
- Rare armor and weapon sets can also be in the game.

There are many possible ways to let players create really unique character.

This Ask us Anything article highlighted many interesting facts. If you want to read the original text visit Ask us Anything: Roleplaying. Write a comment below if you want to discuss the article or add your thoughts. We want to see your opinion.

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