Quick to Mend

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Quick to Mend
Type: Passive
- Increases healing received by (2/4/6)%.
Unlocked at Racial Skills Rank 25

Quick to Mend is a racial ability of Argonians that increases healing received by (2/4/6)% depending on the ability rank. It is a rather useful passive for all classes and roles. Extra healing received is always great when you have a good healer in your team. It is unknown if this passive increase effect of healing potions.


It is a racial ability and can be mastered if you belong to Argonian race.

The passive has 3 ranks. Each rank increases strength of the effects of the ability. You will need a skill point to advance to the next rank. Can be unlocked at 25 Level.

  • 1 Rank - 25 Level
  • 2 Rank - 35 Level
  • 3 Rank - 50 Level
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