Zen and Mauloch [Quest]

Faction: Aldmeri Dominion
Province: Valenwood
Location: Malabal Tor
Required Level: 35

Text of the Quest:

I found a journal written by a priest of Zen, which details part of Bloodtoil Valleys history. The local spinner may find this information valuable if I can find the rest of the journals. I should search the area for the journals mentioned in the Zen priests journal I found.

Journal of a Z'en Priest: This journal appears to be a collection of notes from one of the founding priests of this Shrine to Z'en.
Hero: Read the journals Goodbye.
Journal of a Z'en Priest: "We've located an amazing site, circled by a series of caves. The Spinner says she senses a strong connection to Z'en, as though he called her here for some great purpose."
Hero: Continue readings
Journal of a Z'en Priest: We dedicate this site to Z'en and will begin the stonework for the shrine immediately. With luck, we will find the missing histories. May our toil be rewarded in kind! Spinner Sandaerion
Hero: "Missing histories?" Maybe there are more journals around.

Spinner Sandaenion: Along came a traveler, seeking and offering wisdom on the path to enlightenment.
Hero: I thought you'd be interested in these journals.
Spinner Sandaenion: Dalaneth told stories of these journals, and now you bring them to me. Hm. Since the earliest days, blood and toil have known no end in our hearts. Mauloch demands a blood price. Z'en's price is no different.
Hero: Why do you say that? Goodbye.
Spinner Sandaenion: Our gods both demand payment in kind. Of course, that means each demand retribution against the other. In the valley, it has always been paid in blood.
Hero: Do you think you'll ever stop fighting?
Spinner Sandaenion: Every tale has an end. Every end allows a beginning to set hold. It is a balance, tenuous though it seems to be. Z'en's presence fades from this world as Mauloch grows stronger. Perhaps these journals will give comfort to those who fear the end.
Hero: Complete Quest.

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