The Unkindest Cut [Quest]

Faction: Aldmeri Dominion
Province: Valenwood
Location: Malabal Tor
Required Level: 32

Text of the Quest:

Angardil isnt a resident of Velyn Harbor, but hes been caught up in their problems. Hes very anxious about the tools of his trade, lost in the initial Drublog attack. He said the Drublog took them, but they could be stashed somewhere in the residential area.

Angardil: Just when things were going so well, all this had to happen.
Hero: What are you doing out here? It's not safe.
Angardil: What? Who do you think ...? Oh ... you want to help me? How generous of you. I actually could use help. I'm a traveler, you see. I was touring the residential district when the Drublog attacked.
Hero: You should get out while you can.
Angardil: I would, but I lost very specialized tools. I fear the Drublog took them, or hid them among these burnt-out ruins. Can you retrieve them for me? I'll make my way toward the docks. I could meet you in the warehouse district there.
Hero: I'll find yourtools.
Angardil: I appreciate your help, but let's be clear. I'll pay you to recover my property, not to ask questions.
Hero: I need to know what you lost. Goodbye.
Angardil: Ah ... but curiosity kills the Khajiit. And it kills other people, too. But, seriously, my tools aren't anything remarkable. I'm just a very private person. Can't you just trust me?
Hero: [Intimidate] Tell me, or get them yourself. Goodbye.
Angardil: All right! You won't understand anyway. I lost a small potion bottle, my work clothes, some finely-ground mineral dust, and, well, a type of screw-driven tool I'd rather not elaborate on out in the open.

Sergeant Linaarie: I hope you've had as much luck as we have. Is the Drublog's leader dead?
Hero: Yes, he's dead.
Sergeant Linaarie: Good. I've had a bit of luck myself. I sent our militia toward the dock. They're waiting for me so we can attack the invaders.
Hero: I can meet you at the docks.
Sergeant Linaarie: No, we need a distraction so I can get the militia into position. The invaders are unloading supplies ... setting them on fire should be plenty distracting. The supplies, I mean. Burning's too good for the invaders.
Hero: What will you do while I burn the supplies?
Sergeant Linaarie: My team will hit them from behind. By the time you're done burning their supplies, they'll be split up and scattered. We'll hit them on the docks while you attack from the warehouse side. We'll exterminate them like the vermin they are. You in?
Hero: Why would invaders unload supplies in Velyn Harbor?
Sergeant Linaarie: That is beyond me. If I have to guess, I'd say this isn't some minor piracy, but the spearhead of an invasion. But I'm no officer—I fight for a living. Anyway, burn the supplies and that'll get their attention. Ready?
Hero: Why not burn all the supplies in the warehouses?
Sergeant Linaarie: The warehouses contain Velyn Harbor's food supply. While I'd rather burn it than give it to the invaders, things aren't that desperate. Let's keep the destruction to a minimum. We still have a chance to take the town back.
Hero: I understand. I'm ready to go.
Sergeant Linaarie: I'll order the militia to strike when we see enough smoke. If we can catch them by surprise, we'll drive the invaders toward the lighthouse. If not... well, it was an honor.

Angardil: You made it, and in one piece too. I thought my leg was going to give out crossing the water. But enough of that. Did you locate my things?
Hero: Yes, I found them.
Angardil: Excellent! To be honest, I wasn't certain you could pull it off. Give them to me now.
Hero: [Persuade] First, tell me what they are and why you've got them.
Angardil: No, I won't! I'd rather—oh, Baan Dar's ears, you've already seen them. I take care of... problems, much like you. I came to Velyn Harbor to eliminate a smuggler and a slaver and I did my job. Unfortunately, the invasion hindered my escape.
Hero: You killed someone.
Angardil: Yes, I did. And I guess you've killed a few people in your time, too. You may not approve of what I do, but we're on the same side right now. And I can help you do more damage to Velyn Harbor's invaders if you return my tools.
Hero: All right. Here you are.
Angardil: Many thanks! It might surprise you to know that the people who hired me aren't friends of Velyn Harbor. Even worse, they didn't pay me.
Hero: What do you want me to do?
Angardil: llwan at-Nazim, and Dh'andsa are lieutenants, leaders of the Ra Gada invasion force. They all worked with my target and didn't want their captain to find out. They hired me to kill him, then tried to have me killed. I'd kill them myself, but my wound ....
Hero: You want me to kill both of them?
Angardil: Actually, no. Killing just one of them would send the right message to the survivor. It's not smart to eliminate potential employers, even when they're enemies.

Sergeant Linaarie: You did it! The militia gave a good account of themselves. We managed to trap the Ra Gada captain in the lighthouse! I'll leave you the honor of gutting him.
Hero: I can do that.
Sergeant Linaarie: I'll keep the militia fighting. We'll keep the rest of the Ra Gada off your back while you deal with their leader. Once he's dead, they'll break. I'm sure of it. We've come so far. We'll win this yet!
Hero: Who are the Ra Gada?
Sergeant Linaarie: It's what Redguards from northern Tamriel call themselves. Velyn Harbor used to trade with Redguard merchants, so they grew to call them "Ra Gada" as a sign of respect. From this point on, I'll bet it's a curse.
Hero: All right. I'll head inside the lighthouse.

Sergeant Linaarie: You've done it! By the gods, the lieutenant would be proud. We've killed or rounded up most of the Ra Gada invaders. The militia won't have a problem with them anymore!
Hero: It sounds like you did well out here.
Sergeant Linaarie: Yes, we did. The Drublog fled the town as soon as they learned you'd killed their leader. We defeated the remaining Ra Gada, other than a few holed up on their ship. We'll take care of them later. In the meantime, we made an interesting discovery.
Hero: What's that? Goodbye.
Sergeant Linaarie: Captain Cularalda, leader of Velyn Harbor's Fists of Thalmor, the honor guard for the Silvenar and the Green Lady, was found hiding beneath the docks! Without a scratch on her.
Hero: Where is she?
Sergeant Linaarie: Still in her hidey-hole. I put some guards on her, in case she tries to disappear ... or the civilians try to lynch her. She has an interesting tale to tell. You should hear it.
Hero: I'll talk to her.
Sergeant Linaarie: You should. You'll see what the lieutenant and I had to deal with. I'm heading back toward the center of town to make certain everything's secure. I'll meet you in the warehouse district.
Hero: Are you all right?
Sergeant Linaarie: Victory heals wounds as well as laughter does, and I've had a touch of both today. Of course, there's grim work ahead of us, cleaning up after the invaders. But at least the city's ours again.

Angardil: Well, you made short work of that little task. My vengeance is complete. I thank you, and I owe you a debt. Perhaps we'll see each other again sometime.
Hero: Perhaps. Maybe you'll tell me more about yourself.
Angardil: Maybe I will... but don't be too insistent about that. Keep your curiosity to yourself. Better to stay silent and be thought a fool than to speak carelessly and have your throat cut.
Hero: Complete Quest.

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