Valley of Blades [Quest]

Required Level:

Text of the Quest:

Varen Aquilarios: It is time, Vestige. Sai Sahan's strength has returned. You must accompany him to his ancestral home in the Valley of Blades.
Hero: The Valley of Blades?
Varen Aquilarios: An ancient trading hub, high in the mountains of Hammerfell; a place I thought lost to the ravages of time. Sai Sahan entrusted the key to Sancre Tor to one of his mentors there. It must be retrieved.
Hero: I understand.
Varen Aquilarios: Come quickly. Mannimarco is undoubtedly conducting his own search for the Amulet of Kings. We must not allow him to get there first.
Hero: I will leave at once.

Sai Sahan: Honor and faith to you, my friend. We are nearly ready to depart. My Lord Varen requested that Tharn and Snow Lily join us, for safety's sake, though I have seen fewer places as tranquil as the Valley of Blades.
Hero: Why do we need to go to the Valley of Blades?
Sai Sahan: An old friend, Kasura, dwells there. Before I was captured I placed an enchanted ring in her keeping. The ring is a key of sorts. Without it, we will not be able to open the secret chamber where the Amulet of Kings lies hidden.
Hero: Tell me about Kasura.
Sai Sahan: She was my first mentor and instructor, a true master of blades. She still trains young swordsmen in the valley. Those she deems worthy of her instruction.
Hero: What does she teach?
Sai Sahan: Swordsmanship, but much more than that. Her teachings revolve around a trinity of body, blade, and brilliance. The sword-singers of old were said to be masters of all three. There will be time for questions later. Are you ready to depart?
Hero: Yes, I'm ready.

Sai Sahan: Do you smell the scent of burning embers in the air? We may be in for a treat if Kasura is teaching the firewalk!
Hero: Which way are we heading?
Sai Sahan: The abbey is just down the path. We're fortunate that my Lord Varen opened a portal for us. This landslide appears to have blocked the valley's only approach.
Hero: What could have caused it?
Sai Sahan: I cannot say. I've never known these mountains to experience earthquakes. Strange.
Hero: Let's go.

Kasura: Well fought! Sai Sahan travels with worthy companions.
Hero: Are you injured?
Kasura: My injuries are not serious. What are a few more scars to an old warrior? Scars have the virtue of reminding us that our past is real. My students, and my home, have not fared half so well. I'm glad to see you, but curious why you are here.
Hero: We've come for the ring. Is it safe?
Kasura: They did not find the Ring of Stendarr's Mercy. But now that the King of Worms knows you are here, it is only a matter of time before he launches another attack.
Hero: Then we must collect the ring and leave quickly.
Kasura: Indeed. Atop the eastern stair is the secret entrance to the Ancestral Crypt. The ring is within.
Hero: Let's go.

Sai Sahan: I can feel the presence of my ancestors whenever I come here. I am burdened with a great responsibility to honor their sacrifice and uphold their legacy.
Hero: Your ancestors are interred here?
Sai Sahan: Aye. Along with some of the most renowned sword-singers who ever lived. We must tread carefully, and with great respect.
Hero: Why did Kasura hide the ring here?
Sai Sahan: We both thought it would be well protected in the Valley of Blades. The most gifted young swordmasters of Hammerfell are invited to train with Kasura. The town was bristling with strength and steel before that Titan showed up.
Hero: How did Mannimarco find out about this valley?
Sai Sahan: I cannot say. Perhaps someone told him of my past. Perhaps he pried the memory from me during my time in the Halls of Torment. Either way, I am to blame for the valley's destruction. No one I love will be safe until Mannimarco has been dealt with.
Hero: We'll stop Mannimarco.
Sai Sahan: Then I shall need a proper weapon. Kasura said that my father's greatsword lies with the ring. It seems proper that I should wield it in his honor.
Hero: Let's go.

Kasura: The ring is yours. Guard it well. I must return to my students to begin the long task of rebuilding.
Hero: Kasura, will you come with us?
Kasura: Thank you, but I cannot leave the Valley of Blades. I must bury the dead and tend to the wounded.
Hero: I must return with the ring, but perhaps Sai Sahan and the others can help.

Sai Sahan: The ring is ours for the time being. Guard it well.
Hero: I'll guard it with my life.
Sai Sahan: You must return to the Harborage and give it to Lord Varen. It will remain safe in his keeping until it is time to travel to Sancre Tor. Lyris, Abnur and I will remain here, to help Kasura bury the dead, and tend to the injured.
Hero: How will I return?
Sai Sahan: Lord Varen has been observing our progress. He will open a portal for you to return. There it is, at the top of the stairs. Go, quickly!
Hero: I'll tell him what happened.

Varen Aquilarios: ln my mind's eye, I witnessed your battle with the Worm Cult, and with the undead Ansei abominations. Your mission was successful, was it not?
Hero: Here is the Ring of Stendarr's Mercy. The Abbey of Blades was destroyed.
Varen Aquilarios: I witnessed the Titan's assault and sensed the deaths of many innocents. It is a great and terrible loss. Sai Sahan and the others will need time to aid Kasura. I will contact you when they return, and we will begin the journey to Sancre Tor.
Hero: Complete Quest.

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