The Toothmaul Ploy [Quest]

Faction: Aldmeri Dominion
Province: Summerset Isles
Location: Auridon
Required Level: 9
Reward: 152

Text of the Quest:

Pirondil: Good timing. You saved my neck, whether you meant to or not.
Hero: What's going on here?
Pirondil: I’m called Pirondil, an investigator for the First Auridon Marines. I spotted a Goblin sneaking into this cave ... it was wearing Elven armor. I followed it, but I was ambushed by that woman.
Hero: You think she has something to do with the goblins?
Pirondil: Maybe, but I prefer facts to speculation. I don't know who she is or why she is in a Goblin cave, but I'm not prepared to go in there alone. You willing to help the investigation? I'm going to set up a signal fire outside.
Hero: Sure, I can help out. I'll see what I can find.
Pirondil: Watch your back in here. The Goblins are well-armed for their breed.
Hero: I have a few questions.
Pirondil: All good investigators always have questions to ask. What did you want to know?
Hero: What is this place?
Pirondil: These caves were an uninhabited gully last I knew. Merchants sometimes used it as a waystation to dump illicit cargo before checkpoints, but no one ever laid claim to it. It seems like the goblins found a troubling new use for the place.
Hero: What kind of threat do Goblins pose?
Pirondil: The easy answer for the Mer is to say, "None," but that goes beyond hubris—it is plain foolishness. Goblins are extremely difficult to root out. This batch may be some escaped slaves from the mainland. It's not unheard of.

Byz: Please! Byz is small and only sweeps! Do not hurt Byz!
Hero: You can talk?
Byz: Yes, chief learn talk, then Byz learn talk from chief after much time with masters. Byz very wise. But Byz will not talk if you say not to! Byz just clean shiny things, trophies of old masters!
Hero: Tell me what is going on here with the Goblins. Who is the Altmer I saw?
Byz: Elf is Nelanya. She make deal with Toothmaul tribe, weapons and armor for help! She even give ... what is word ... contract! Yes! Elf kings and lords have to accept deal!
Hero: Where is this contract?
Byz: Contract is in dens, down tunnel. Byz will wait by chief's den! You will see! Byz tell truth!
Hero: I will look for this contract and find you by the chief's den.
Byz: Byz will not scream for help. Byz promises.
Hero: What is this place?
Byz: Chief take all from homes of old masters, put here so we see trophies! Trophies of Elf-masters who wrong us! Byz not forget beatings. Hit! Hit! Always hit in face!
Hero: You were slaves?
Byz: From big island, yes. Byz told to muck out dung pits, clean floors, run when small Elf-masters throw rocks. Chief take us away from all this, form Toothmaul tribe! Yes. Now we look on trophies to remind of us of hardships.

Pirondil: Good, you're here. I found this little runt snooping about. I was just about to put him out of his misery.
Hero: Stop. The goblin directed me to find a contract. You'll want to look at this.
Pirondil: Let me see that. This doesn't even make sense. I can't think of a court in the land that would take this seriously. The wording isn't even in the goblins' favor. They think this is going to buy them some kind of status?
Hero: The goblins probably don't know that.
Pirondil: Make no mistake, they are still goblins. Still, if we can break up the alliance here and now, it will save us much grief.
Hero: Maybe the chief can be reasoned with. Byz here can let him know I come in peace.
Pirondil: Magnanimous of you. I'll leave you to it then, and go to see if the signal fire brought in any backup. Break up this alliance and find this Nelanya person. See if she likes being threatened with sharp objects.
Hero: I'll find you at the entrance once I've dealt with the situation.

Chief Koth: Byz say you want talk. Talk.
Hero: You must be Koth, the Toothmaul chief.
Chief Koth: Koth is Koth. Pup tell Koth you want speak. Speak.
Hero: The contract Nelanya made with your people was a lie.
Chief Koth: All Elves lie! Trick! Elf said there would be trick, but she lie, too. Why trust you?
Hero: Because I chose to talk instead of fighting.
Chief Koth: Tired of Elf-speak! All lies! Not want any of you, just to be left alone. Here. Key to Elf cave. You kill or not kill her as you want. Koth is done with this mess.
Hero: Thank you. I'll deal with the Elf.

Nelanya: Hear me out. I've no wish to battle you today.
Hero: You must be Nelanya. Is this some kind of trick?
Nelanya: No, no tricks. You've clearly been able to sneak by or butcher every goblin between the entrance and this room, so I don't fancy my chances in a straight-up fight. I'd rather talk this out. That is, if you can restrain yourself.
Hero: No deal. It's too risky to leave you alive. Kill her.

Pirondil: Reinforcements at last! How did you do?
Hero: Nelanya is dead, and the bargain with the Toothmaul tribe is void.
Pirondil: Excellent work, I knew I could count on you. With the reinforcements here, we can see to the Goblins as peacefully as we can. There will be restrictions, of course, but their willingness to stay out of the fighting may well save them.
Hero: Complete Quest.

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