Tip of the Spearhead [Quest]

Faction: Daggerfall Covenant
Province: Hammerfell
Location: Stros M'Kai
Required Level: 3

Text of the Quest:

Tip of the Spearhead Now that I've recruited at least one of the people Kaleen wanted, we can pull off her heist whenever Im ready. I should speak to Captain Kaleen when Im ready to help her with her heist.


Meet Kaleen When You Are Ready to Start the Heist

Lambur: Hey! The captain's looking for you.
Hero: What's going on?
Lambur: Thanks to your work, we can go ahead with the heist. We've even got a few extra sailors clamoring to join our crew. You should talk to the captain upstairs.
Hero: I'll go speak to her.

Captain Kaleen: We’ve got a crew to rival the legends! Time to make some money, don't you agree?
Hero: I agree. What now?
Captain Kaleen: Now we're ready for the real challenge — the heist. The target's Bhosek. That slimy bastard's finally gonna get what's coming to him. We're going to steal his sailing logs.
Hero: His sailing logs? Really?
Captain Kaleen: His sailing logs are the key to our fortune, friend. They're the records of every ship that's docked here, every stolen cargo they've unloaded, and every illicit payment made to Bhosek.
Hero: How does that make us rich?
Captain Kaleen: Those records are worth a fortune to King Fahara'jad. They're written proof that Bhosek has violated the king's order to stop raiding Breton shipping. With those papers in hand, the king can threaten to destroy Bhosek if he doesn't stop.
Hero: The king's agreed to pay you for them?
Captain Kaleen: Absolutely. His envoy is on the dock now, waiting. As soon as we turn over the sailing logs, he gives us a fortune in gold. The trick will be getting into Bhosek's palace, stealing the logs, and getting out with them. That's your job.
Hero: How do I do it?
Captain Kaleen: First you need a servant's disguise to get into the palace. The papers are in a lockbox on the top floor. Bhosek has the only key. Slip this powder into his drink, then grab the key.
Hero: And then?
Captain Kaleen: The lockbox is always guarded. The guard's not bright, but he'll raise the alarm if anyone tries to open the box. Deal with him quietly — no stabbing. Lambur and I will have the ship ready to sail when you return with the papers.
Hero: I'll be back soon.

Crafty Lerisa: Well, look who's come to pay a visit!
Hero: Did you find a disguise for me?

Hulya: Onsi's bones, what is it now?
Hero: Have you seen Headman Bhosek?
Hulya: Shouted at you too, did he? He just went out back to carouse with the latest slatterns from the mainland. Best hurry up and refill his drink.
Hero: You don't want him running out of drink.

Jakarn: Ah, my lowly servant! You're just in time.
Hero: What happened to Bhosek?
Jakarn: My dear friend, Headman Bhosek, is sleeping off the attentions of these two lovely ladies. They are quite a handful. And an eyeful too! Why don't you take the good headman's key inside for safekeeping?
Hero: I'll do that.

Captain Kaleen: My friend! Welcome back. Do you have some good news?
Hero: Here's the shipping logs, captain.
Captain Kaleen: Before we leave for Betnikh, talk to the crew. Get familiar with them. It'll be a long trip.
Hero: I'm ready to leave now. Let's sail.
Captain Kaleen: Then we leave for Betnikh, an Ore island that hasn't yet joined the Covenant. I hope to change that. Lambur's happy to go home. She may try to thank you with ale. My advice? Make it to six mugs. You'll have a friend for life.

Captain Kaleen: When my crew turned traitor, I never thought I'd see Betnikh again. Feels good.
Hero: What now?
Captain Kaleen: Head into town and get a drink! This is home and we'll be here for a while. Here's your cut of the take from the heist.
Hero: Complete Quest.

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