The Spearheads Crew [Quest]

Faction: Daggerfall Covenant
Province: Hammerfell
Location: Stros M'Kai
Required Level: 2

Text of the Quest:

The Spearheads Crew Captain Kaleens cabin girl, Nicolene, informed me that Kaleens crew is ready to start the heist as soon as Im done recruiting. Captain Kaleen is ready to start her heist. When Im done recruiting, I should look for them at their hideout in town.


Enter Kaleens Hideout After You Finish Recruiting

Nicolene: Ha! I didn't think I'd ever find you. You move around.
Hero: Can I help you?
Nicolene: I'm Nicolene! I work for Captain Kaleen. She sent me to find you, see if you'd had any luck recruiting for our heist. Looks like you're already making new friends.
Hero: You could say that.
Nicolene: Then listen, just so you know. We're set up in a hideout near the docks. Come find us when you finish recruiting. Look for Lambur outside the door.
Hero: I'll find you when I'm ready to leave.
Nicolene: There's three folks Captain Kaleen wants to help with her heist — Crafty Lerisa, Jakarn, and Neramo. She told me about 'em. Who do you want to know about?
Hero: Where's Crafty Lerisa?
Nicolene: She's in Saintsport. The Sea Drakes lured her ship onto the rocks. Those bastards really know how to ruin your day. It's south of Port Hunding. Look for the big lighthouse. T
Hero: ell me about Neramo.
Nicolene: He's a brilliant Dwemer sage. Not that he's Dwemer himself, but he studies them. He's out at Bthzark, digging in the ruins there.

Nicolene: You're back! Found anyone else to help us with this heist?
Hero: We're moving along.
Nicolene: Ha! I knew you'd get it done. Who needs the old crew — those traitors — when we've got you helping us?
Hero: Complete Quest.

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