The Shifting Sands of Fate [Quest]

Faction: Daggerfall Covenant
Province: Hammerfell
Location: Bangkorai
Required Level: 41

Text of the Quest:

The Shifting Sands of Fate Hallins Stand is ready to take back their town from the Imperials Seventh Legion. With Ufa guarding the palace entrance, I should be able to enter the grandeyas palace and put an end to the Imperial occupation.


Enter the Grandeyas Palace

Ufa the Red Asp: There's no time to waste. We must strike now, or the Imperials will have time to make preparations.
Hero: What do I do?
Ufa the Red Asp: Go inside and slay that Imperial Sadas Secundus like the dog she is. We don't know what kind of forces she has with her. We're counting on you.
Hero: I won't let you down.

Sadas Secundus: I've heard a lot about you. Finally, we meet in person.
Hero: I've come to reclaim Hallin's Stand from the Imperials. Goodbye.
Sadas Secundus: Bold. I like that. It's unfortunate you've picked the wrong side. The Legion needs more soldiers with that kind of attitude. No matter. Hallin's Stand will be our stronghold in the Covenant, and no upstart shall challenge that.
Hero: I disagree with you.
Sadas Secundus: Did you think I'd let anyone walk in here unchallenged? You are a fool, as are the rest of them. I'll enjoy watching you die.

Ufa the Red Asp: You've done it! The Seventh Legion will be our prey.
Hero: Is Hallin's Stand free?
Ufa the Red Asp: The Imperials had no chance. We took them by storm, and without their leader, they had nowhere to turn. What few are left will fall easily. You were the lynchpin for it all!
Hero: I had your help.
Ufa the Red Asp: The grandeya will have something to say too, no doubt. Here she comes now.

Grandeya Nuwarrah: And here is the savior of my people, my city, and me! We are all in your debt, friend.
Hero: What's next for Hallin's Stand?
Grandeya Nuwarrah: We must rebuild. The Imperials tore apart our fine city, but we will rise from the sands. You have given us this chance. Forever will Hallin's Stand remember your work and your sacrifices!
Hero: Complete Quest.

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