The Returned [Quest]

Faction: Daggerfall Covenant
Province: Hammerfell
Location: Bangkorai
Required Level: 41

Text of the Quest:

The Returned In the wake on an Imperial attack, homes are on fire and Daedric creatures are shambling through the village. I agreed to save the three houses from the fire. First, I need to fill the bucket with water from a nearby well.


Fill the Bucket at a Well

Damar: They're everywhere! I don't know where they came from. I didn't see them until I grabbed a bucket to douse the flames, and then it attacked me. A Daedra! My fortunes have never looked less pleasing.
Hero: What's going on?
Damar: Look, look down the road! My house is on fire, and Daedra roam free! I don't know where my family is. They may be trapped by the fires, or killed by those savage beasts!
Hero: Where's your well? I'll start with the fires.
Damar: Take this bucket. The well's between the houses, but beware those foul creatures. I tripped running away from them and injured my own arm! Three houses are ablaze. Please, put out the fires before everything burns to the ground!
Hero: I'll take care of it.
Damar: Look for my fiancee, Milta. I've been away on business, and came home to this! I do not know if she lives or fell prey to one of those things!
Hero: How long were you gone?
Damar: Not long. A few days. Perhaps a week, or a bit over that. My house still stands, but if we dally much longer, they and my beloved will turn to ash!
Hero: Where have you been?
Damar: I'm a traveling merchant, and was away when the Daedra attacked. When Shalan sent word of the first attack, I returned as fast as I could and found everything ablaze.
Hero: Any idea who set these fires?
Damar: My first thought was the Imperials did this, but these fires were set too recently. The Imperials left before I set out. Looters, maybe? Or whoever summoned the Daedra?
Hero: What makes you think there are survivors?
Damar: My neighbor Shalan sent word of the attack. He was certainly alive then. I hope the others survived, most of all my precious Milta. Please, look for them while you deal with the fires.

Shalan: Please help me! I saw you douse the fires. You have to stop the Daedra!
Hero: Where are the Daedra coming from?
Shalan: He showed up after the Imperials marched through. Visetus. He's summoning more and more Daedra. He gathered those who survived the first Daedric attacks, but I don't know what he may do to them!
Hero: Where'd he take them?
Shalan: He took the others up the hill, behind that rock outcropping. Please, save them! I'll try to make it on my own. There's no reason to stay here any longer.
Hero: I need more information before I set out.
Shalan: I'll do my best. I'd been hiding, but the fires finally forced me out of my home! I thought I'd be safe here, but it doesn't look as though any place is safe now.
Hero: Do you know Damar?
Shalan: Yes. He's a good man. He's engaged to my daughter, Milta. He was away when the Daedra appeared, and I sent a lad to find him along his usual route. If you know his name, then he's alive, it seems. We are truly blessed.
Hero: Do you know anything about Visetus?
Shalan: Not much. He's an Imperial. But he arrived after a different group attacked us, then left. I'm sure he will kill his prisoners, maybe feed them to his Daedra pets. I heard screams from atop the hill. He's there. I know he's there.

Damar: My joy, my heart... Milta lives! Though who knows when I will be able to provide her and her father safe shelter, at least they both live.
Hero: What will you do now?
Damar: Milta and I will marry. We'll rebuild our homes here, once the Daedra leave. And of course, Shalan will live with us. None of this would be possible without your help.
Hero: Complete Quest.

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