The Parley [Quest]

Faction: Daggerfall Covenant
Province: Hammerfell
Location: Bangkorai
Required Level: 38

Text of the Quest:

The Parley The Reachmen threat has been averted, but Evermore is still in danger, and Queen Arzhela needs my help. Imperial Magus-General Septima Tharn has requested a parley with Queen Arzhela. I will be joining representatives from the Mages and Fighters Guilds to ensure the queens protection. I should speak with Gabrielle and Darien before we go.


Talk to Gabrielle Benele Talk to Darien Gauthier

Wyress Rashan: Well... I expect you won't be returning anytime soon to enjoy my sisters' hospitality, and I can guarantee we won't run into each other on some city street.... So I guess this is goodbye then.
Hero: Yes. I must inform the queen that Uela is dead.
Wyress Rashan: Of course. I'm sure she'll be happy to see you. I didn't think about it before, but I suppose this means the Reachmen are no longer a threat to Evermore either.
Hero: I certainly hope not.
Wyress Rashan: All right. Well, if you ever come back to this neck of the woods, we'll kill you. I'm only joking! Wyress humor again. Go on now. May Hircine bless your hunt, wherever it may lead you.
Hero: And you.

Queen Arzhela: Praise the Eight! I can't tell you how delighted I am to see you. First, the Reachmen advance stopped, then the crows flew away, and now ... you're back. I have a feeling you bring good tidings.
Hero: I do. The Hagraven Uela is dead.
Queen Arzhela: Amazing. What seemed like a hopeless situation has turned around completely. Believe it or not, I have good tidings to share with you too. Imperial Magus-General Septima Tharn is requesting a parley. I'm hoping it's to discuss a peace settlement.
Hero: Are you sure it's not a trap?
Queen Arzhela: No. I wouldn't put anything past the Imperials. I'm optimistic, but not naive. That's why I've been delaying the meeting. I want you there ... just in case. We'll also have members of the Fighters and Mages Guilds on hand if we need them.
Hero: That sounds like a wise decision.
Queen Arzhela: Now that you're here, we can get on with it. Gabrielle is joining us from the Mages Guild and Darien from the Fighters Guild. I suppose you want to discuss strategy with them. When you're ready, just ask Gabrielle to open the portal.
Hero: Where will the parley take place?
Queen Arzhela: it's neutral territory—a remote valley in central Bangkorai. Gabrielle and Darien have already scouted it out. They can tell you what they saw. When you're ready, Gabrielle is planning to open a portal to get us down there.
Hero: You really think the Imperials want peace?
Queen Arzhela: I think they expected to take Evermore through deception. We've prevented that. I'm sure they'd like to take the city by force, but as long as Bangkorai Garrison is standing that won't be happening. They may be ready to cut their losses.
Hero: Why hire the guilds when you have guards?
Queen Arzhela: Under the terms of the parley, I agreed not to bring the royal guard. Septima's crazy if she thinks I'll meet her without an escort though. She's bringing her magic, so I'm bringing mine. I'll have some steel on hand too ... for good measure.

Darien Gautier: Aha! I thought we were in for a bit of easy coin with this job until the queen said you were coming along. Now I know to expect danger. Bring it on though. If the plan goes awry, that just means we get extra hazard pay.
Hero: What exactly is the plan?
Darien Gautier: For us, it's just sticking by the queen. If the Magus-General starts chanting, we go for the windpipe. If things really goto Oblivion, we'll be shielding the queen until Gabrielle can get us all out of there.
Hero: I understand.
Darien Gautier: i can tell you this much—with all due respect for the royal guard—Queen Arzhela could not be any safer than she will be under my protection. I look out for the ladies, you know ... queens included.
Hero: How have you been by the way?
Darien Gautier: I've seen some ups and some downs. You know how it is. Life hasn't been a slog through a poisonous swamp, nor has it been an endless night in a complimentary bordello. Main thing is that I'm still on this side of the dirt.

Gabrielle Benele: Surprised to see me? Sounds like I already missed some interesting experiences. A Hagraven controlling crows? I want to see that! This business has potential too. Of course, our part only comes into play if there's trouble. Let's hope there isn't.
Hero: What is our part in this?
Gabrielle Benele: We'll be in position above the parley site. If the Imperials try anything, we'll make sure they regret it. The three of us can cast spells to rain down fire, ice, lightning—we have it all. You'll just need to tell us where to target our spells.
Hero: All right. I can handle that.
GabrielIe Benele: I hope so, because we're going to spread out and each cover a different area. If anyone comes, we'll call it out, but we'll wait for you to direct us.
Hero: Sounds like a good plan.
GabrielIe Benele: Whenever you're ready to go to the parley site, let me know and I'll open a portal. Let's hope that creating portals is the only magic we need today.
Hero: I'm ready to go right now.
Gabrielle Benele: Excellent. I'm going to open one portal directly to the parley site for the queen and the Fighters Guild members, and another to take us above. Actually, I guess we should go first. Now, which portal was which? Oh! I remember. Here we go.
Hero: I'll go through the portal as soon as you open it.

Queen Arzhela: I should be glad we got away, but I'm too angry to think! They've taken the garrison? The brutish swine! If there's one thing I do before I die, it's going to be spitting on the corpse of that cowardly wench Septima Tharn.
Hero: Were we the only ones to escape?
Queen Arzhela: Were we? Where are Darien and Gabrielle? I thought they were coming right behind us! Damn it! I would not have them sacrifice themselves ... not for me, at least! Surely they're still coming ...?
Hero: I really don't know. Your Majesty.
Queen Arzhela: It seems the crows have departed from Evermore, but the black cloud hasn't. With Bangkorai Garrison taken, there's nothing stopping the Imperials from marching here. I didn't retake the throne to watch the kingdom fall though. We'll find a way.
Hero: I'll help you however I can.
Queen Arzhela: I know you will—I'm counting on it. Without you, this castle would already be flying Imperial banners. You've saved the kingdom, and now its queen. If there's one person I believe in, it's you. Still, I don't know how we're going to do it alone.
Hero: Complete Quest.

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