The Lions Den [Quest]

Faction: Daggerfall Covenant
Province: Hammerfell
Location: Bangkorai
Required Level: 41

Text of the Quest:

The Lions Den Yarah needs to discover the identity of whomever betrayed Hallins Stand and allowed the Seventh Legion to enter the city. Yarah has one lead on the identity of the traitor to Hallins Stand. She asked me to meet with a woman in the tavern and see what information I can get from her.


Talk to Yarahs contact in the tavern

Yarah: We've been watching and waiting ever since the Seventh Legion took our city. Now's the time to act. If you'll forgive my initial rudeness, I need your help.
Hero: I'm still willing to help.
Yarah: Let me share what we know. The Seventh Legion took the town under cover overnight. Some say a traitor opened the gates to their army. It's the only explanation, but we don't know who this traitor is. We have a lead, though.
Hero: What's that?
Yarah: Not what, but whom. I've set up a meeting with someone who may know the identity of the traitor. I'd like you to talk to her. My contact's at the tavern, just as I requested. She'll be reading a book. See what she knows, but be careful.
Hero: I'll talk to her.
Yarah: I'll return to the alchemist shop on the other side of town once you go to meet with her.
Hero: Where we first met?
Yarah: Yes. I will wait for you there. Maybe Ufa has already gone there himself. Keep ever-watchful for traps.

Qismah at-Nimr: Did Yarah send you? She said to meet her here.
Hero: I'm a friend. I heard you had some information. Goodbye.
Qismah at-Nimr: It's more of a feeling. Call it intuition. It's better if you see it with your own eyes. Can you come with me to my home? It's best to continue our conversation in private.
Hero: All right. Lead on.
Qismah at-Nimr: The Imperials may know your face by now. You can disguise yourself as one of them for the time being. They don't dare raise a hand against me, so I'll be all right.
Hero: If you're ready, I'd like to go now. Follow me, but be discreet.
Qismah at-Nimr: Thank you for your discretion. I'm rather concerned about what's going on in Hallin's Stand, but it's not a good idea to say so in public. You see, it's my husband ....
Hero: What's wrong with your husband?
Qismah at-Nimr: You misunderstand. My husband is Captain Dhakir at-Nimr of the city guard. I think he betrayed us. I couldn't bear to ask him. To see the hurt in his eyes and the shame that must surely be there. But he's keeping something from me, and I fear the worst.
Hero: What makes you say that?
Qismah at-Nimr: Soon after the Imperials came, our daughter disappeared. And my husband speaks with the Imperials, carries sealed messages back and forth. I don't know what to think. Search his office. It's upstairs. See what you can learn. I can't bear to look.

Captain Dhakir at-Nimr: What are you doing in my home? Did Quatrius send you? I've done everything he's asked! I won't suffer any more humiliation at his hands!
Hero: Your wife asked me to come. She thinks you may be the one who betrayed Hallin's Stand.
Captain Dhakir at-Nimr: Oh, Qismah! I wish I didn't have to keep such secrets from you! By Mara's heart, I don't know who betrayed us, but it was not me. I am little more than an Imperial lackey now regardless!
Hero: Why?
Captain Dhakir at-Nimr: They have her. Our daughter. The Imperials kidnapped her, and hold her as a hostage. I debase myself before them for her safety! And I would do so again, if it means she will be returned to us! Now go, please.

Beggar: The couple despairs, but all is not lost! Nothing is without hope, until the last breath! Let me tell you of their child. Come, come!
Hero: Where is she?
Beggar: The Imperial fool Quatrius believes he's invincible. And in a way, he is. If one were to raise a blade against him, his soldiers would surely cut down the child out of spite. But there are other ways to cow a man.
Hero: How?
Beggar: Not how, but where! Go to the pavilion in the shadow of the palace. You are already armed! Armed with the knowledge that he is a coward! With that, you must defeat him!

Quatrius Scipio: Away with you! Can't you see I'm busy?
Hero: What are you doing with this girl?
Quatrius Scipio: We're simply enjoying the fresh air! After all, who would want such a flower to wilt in a dungeon? Now, begone before I have my men remove you.
Hero: [Intimidate] Your men won't get here fast enough to save your life.
Quatrius Scipio: What? That's complete nonsense ... er, I see your point. Well, what did you want from me?
Hero: Let Hazzi go.
Quatrius Scipio: Fine, fine! Run, girl, before I change my mind! Now, the guards will be back any second now! Don't think you can threaten me again!

Captain Dhakir at-Nimr: This is your doing? You freed my daughter?
Hero: Yes.
Captain Dhakir at-Nimr: I am truly blessed to have such aid from a stranger. With no promise of reward, you saved my family!
Hero: Here, take this key. You will do far more good with it than I.
Captain Dhakir at-Nimr: The grandeya's chains. The Imperials made me capture her and bring her to them. I fear they want to publicly execute her in order to cow the citizens.
Hero: If anyone can save her, it would be you. A thousand blessings upon you.

Yarah: Seems you've poked a hornet's nest. I hope whatever you did was worth it.
Hero: I saved Captain at-Nimr's daughter, and got the key to the grandeya's shackles.
Yarah: They have the grandeya? That is troubling news. You've been busy, then. But what news of the traitor? Do you know his identity?
Hero: No, I don't.
Ufa the Red Asp: I spoke to the captain after you left. He was more than willing to help, after the good turn you gave him. The traitor is well within our grasp.
Hero: Who are you?
Ufa the Red Asp: Don't you recognize the old beggar without his rags? I've been following you for quite a while! Even my own followers suspected nothing. Dhakir and Qismah will never forget what you've done for them.
Hero: Complete Quest.

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