The Death of Balreth [Quest]

Faction: Ebonheart Pact
Province: Morrowind
Location: Stonefalls
Required Level: 8

Text of the Quest:


I've defeated Ash Mountain's guardians. Now I must enter Ash Mountain's caldera, defeat Balreth, and imprison him again.I should use the ritual braziers to summon the guardians. Then I can open the portal into

Is it possible to kill Balreth alone? Yes, it's possible, but only if your level is higher than 10th. If your level is too low you will face with big troubles. To be honest it's not easy to kill this ""boss"" alone but it is possible. It will be an epic encounter and you will receive achivement for it.

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  1. Daryl Martin 15 march 2014, 15:59 # 0
    You don't need to be level 10 to kill him alone, all it takes is a bit of coordination with when you stun him and stand near the NPC for boosts. I killed him on my own fairly easily at level 8 as a nightblade.

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