The Blight of the Bosmer [Quest]

Faction: Aldmeri Dominion
Province: Valenwood
Location: Greenshade
Required Level: 29

Text of the Quest:

Most of the Bosmer entering Verrant Morass are being corrupted by a blight that turns them into feral beasts. Indaenir believes the corruption comes from the Shade of Naemon. The corruption is coming from the trees, so Indaenir suggests we activate the Standing Stones which once protected the people from the aggression of the forest.

Indaenir: I'm glad you're here. I've been trying to help these poor people, but it's futile. There is a blight here that's turned them into rabid beasts. These Bosmer may be beyond aid, but we must find a way to stop the blight from spreading.
Hero: Do you know what's causing the blight?
Indaenir: Undoubtedly, it's the corruption of Prince Naemon's Shade spreading through the forest and somehow affecting the people here. The blight emanates from the trees ... which may offer us an opportunity to at least contain it using the Standing Stones.
Hero: What are the Standing Stones?
Indaenir: Long ago, before the Green Pact, the Standing Stones were used to protect the people from the aggression of the forest. If we can activate the stones, it could prevent the trees from spreading the blight to anyone else.
Hero: All right. Let's activate the stones then.
Indaenir: We must work quickly, my friend. Clearly, the blight doesn't affect all Bosmer, but if anyone wanders into this area, I suspect there is a strong chance they will become afflicted. Y'ffre forbid a scouting party of Vinedusk Rangers comes here.
Hero: Why aren't we affected by the blight?
Indaenir: I can't be sure, but I suspect it's our people's connection to the Green that allows us to be infected. Other races will be immune. It also seems that some Bosmer can resist the blight. For that, I have no explanation whatsoever.

Indaenir: if the Eldest has been corrupted, then everything in this area—every plant, every creature, and every person will soon become corrupted as well. I can't imagine how this blight can so easily penetrate the forest's protections.
Hero: What exactly is the Eldest?
Indaenir: It is an ancient plant—a strangler. It's been here from the beginning. It's the lifeblood of the forest in this area. If the Eldest is truly tainted, then regardless of the Green Pact, we must slay it.
Hero: Killing the Eldest will violate the Green Pact?
Indaenir: I don't think so. We must consider the significance of the Green Pact as a whole. At its core, it's a covenant in which we protect the Green and the Green protects us. In this case, we must cut off the limb to save the trunk. It's the only way.
Hero: Will it grow back after we kill it?
Indaenir: Not without assistance. After we've killed it, you must remove its heart. We may be able to use that to grow a new strangler to take the Eldest's place.

Indaenir: And we find ourselves here once again ... it's so unnatural. It makes me feel queasy. The Eldest's heart must be the nexus that ties this plane to ours. I suspect it is also tethered to Naemon's Servant—the one who addressed us.
Hero: So we have to confront Naemon's Servant once again?
Indaenir: We have no choice, though it sounds as if we risk handing the Eldest's heart back over to the enemy. Perhaps though, we might also purge more of the blight while we are in this realm. That might help us both here and there.
Hero: How would we purge more of the blight from here?
Indaenir: The trees in the forest—the taint came from the Eldest, but it has undoubtedly spread to the spirits of the trees themselves. If we can slay the corrupted tree spirits, more of the forest may be spared. The Eldest's heart can help us.
Hero: How can the Eldest's heart help us?
Indaenir: The heart's energy could help you slay the tree spirits ... but I'm actually not sure that would be a good idea. If we use the heart this way, it will be corrupted. It would destroy any chance of using it to grow a replacement for the Eldest.
Hero: [Intimidate] If it helps us cleanse the blight, that's a risk we have to take.
Indaenir: Very well. I'm not sure this is the best course, but I am biased by my attachment to the Green. I trust your judgment. The heart's energy will accompany you to destroy the corrupted tree spirits. Find me when you're done.

Indaenir: At least it's over now. We stopped the blight from spreading and defeated Naemon's servant... but at such cost. I worry about our decision to sacrifice the Eldest's Heart. Its absence will be felt, and without a replacement... well, I don't know.
Hero: What about the corruption in the trees?
Indaenir: Thankfully, your efforts within the Shadow Wood saved many of them. But there is still much corruption in the forest; I can feel it. Our work is far from finished. Here. I'll take the Heart now.
Hero: Complete Quest.

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