The Artisan [Quest]

Faction: Aldmeri Dominion
Province: Valenwood
Location: Greenshade
Required Level: 24

Text of the Quest:

I should start by reading Cinnars notes.

Cinnar: Pretend we're old friends catching up after a long absence. I don't want to blow my cover just asking for help.
Hero: What? Who are you?
Cinnar: Great acting. I need an assistant to do some delicate tasks, and you've got the right look about you. I'm part of an undercover investigation into a string of thefts in Marbruk. The Artisan is a master of his profession.
Hero: Why do you need my help?
Cinnar: The Artisan targets local Altmer, so I draw suspicion. We must capture the Artisan before the queen is targeted. Take my notes.
Hero: I'll look into it.

Kuralit: You approach, knowing what you want! I was once like that, not that long ago. Please, share some gold with poor Kuralit?
Hero: Have you heard anything about the Artisan?
Kuralit: Kuralit hears and sees much, but it is difficult to recall when this one's stomach rumbles so. Alas, he does not have the coin for food.
Hero: [Intimidate] Tell me or I'll sic the guards on you for obstruction of justice.
Kuralit: This one did not serve the Dominion for three years to be treated like this! Fine. Kuralit saw a Bosmer infiltrating the bank late at night.

Talqua: Most Altmer wouldn't trust a Wood Elf with their money. Fair enough, but trust is the Dominion's foundation, is it not? We have to start somewhere.
Hero: Have you heard about the Artisan?
Talqua: Have I ever! There's been a steady stream of Altmer depositing valuables here since the thefts began.
Hero: The Artisan's never targeted the bank?
Talqua: I'd like to see that! I'm an expert in security. No one can enter the bank without keys, and only I and my apprentice Nidras have them.

Nidras: If you need banking services, my master Talqua can assist you downstairs.
Hero: And if I'm looking to speak to the Artisan?
Nidras: Ah. Working with Cinnar? I noticed you making friends in the market. If you've figured it out, there's no use keeping up pretenses.
Hero: Why did you steal from the Altmer?
Nidras: My initial plan was to exercise the Right of Theft. I steal precious objects from Altmer, then demand they leave Marbruk for their return.
Hero: So where are the valuables?
Nidras: It turns out the Altmer don't respect the right, so I returned them. Now I simply let Altmer hatred do the job for me.
Hero: What do you mean by that?
Nidras: You'll know soon. Now, I tipped off the guards that the Artisan was in the bank, and here you are sneaking about. I advise you leave.

Cinnar: Did you find out who the Artisan is?
Hero: The Artisan is Nidras, the banker's apprentice.
Cinnar: The banker's ... why didn't I see it before? You have my thanks for finding him, but now we have to deal with the mess he left behind.
Hero: What's going on?
Cinnar: The bastard returned the stolen items to the wrong houses. He then sent anonymous letters to the victims framing the owners for the crime.
Hero: How did the victims react?
Cinnar: They too easily believe their neighbors stole from them, and we've only just been able to prevent any violence. We must find those valuables.
Hero: I'll find them.
Cinnar: I appreciate the help. According to the letters, the items are in houses across Marbruk. You'll have to search carefully to find them.

Hendare: Aha! I caught you red-handed, Artisan! Thieves just can't help returning to the scene of the crime.
Hero: Nidras is the Artisan, not me.
Hendare: Pinning the blame on someone else? I won't fall for that! How do you explain those stolen goods you're carrying? Hmm?
Hero: Cinnar sent me to retrieve the stolen goods.
Hendare: You know Cinnar? Well, this doesn't prove anything. You might have heard his name in relation to your own investigation!
Hero: How about we go to Cinnar?
Hendare: An excellent idea I was just about to propose! Cinnar is on the upper city tier, near the entertainment pavilion. You lead the way. I'm not so naive that I'd turn my back on a common criminal.

Cinnar: I can't believe he just blew my cover. Please tell me you have good news?
Hero: I found all the items the Artisan stole.
Cinnar: Thank Stendarr! Things were getting tense. I know you're not the Artisan, thanks to our careful investigations. You're free to go now. We'll return the items back to their original owners.
Hero: Complete Quest.

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