Temples Treasures [Quest]

Faction: Daggerfall Covenant
Province: Hammerfell
Location: Alik'r Desert
Required Level: 37

Text of the Quest:

Temples Treasures Imperial invaders ransacked the Temple of Satakalaam, killing the priests, defiling the temple, and stealing the relics. High Priest Zuladr has asked me to reclaim the relics so he can restore the temple. I must recover the Sword of Shabnam, Majeels Scroll, and the Lamp of Satakalaam.


Recover Temple Relics

High Priest Zuladr: You wear Imperial armor, but I can see in your face that you are not one of them. Perhaps you will understand my misery then. This was the most beautiful temple in all Alik'r... before the Imperials came. I do not know if it can be restored.
Hero: Why did they defile the Temple?
High Priest Zuladr: Because they are worshippers of Molag Bal. They spit on our faith. They spit on our culture. They spit on our gods! Not only did they kill the other priests, but they ransacked the building, taking everything of value, and destroying the rest.
Hero: Is there any way I can help?
High Priest Zuladr: I don't know ... perhaps? All these other things can be replaced, but they took the temple's relics—sacred ornaments that date back to the time of the Ra Gada. If you could reclaim these relics, that would be a start.
Hero: I can reclaim your relics.
High Priest Zuladr: If you can restore our relics, perhaps my faith will return, and we can restore the temple. There are three relics missing—they represent body, mind, and spirit—the Sword of Shabnam, Majeel's scroll, and the Lamp of the Satakalaam.
Hero: Where do I find the relics?
High Priest Zuladr: Sadly, I do not know. The Imperials have stolen them and taken them l-know-not-where. Perhaps we must trust in the gods. If it is their will that the temple be restored, they will guide your steps.
Hero: What makes these relics so important?
High Priest Zuladr: They are the sacred tokens of this temple. All temples have relics to honor the gods, but these are specific to us. They were dedicated centuries ago when the temple was built. They represent the aspects of the Redguard in mind, body, and spirit.
Hero: All the priests were killed except you?
High Priest Zuladr: I ... I would gladly trade places with any of them, and I tried. I begged the Imperials to take my life ... but they left me. They wanted me to stay here and suffer with the knowledge of my useless faith.

High Priest Zuladr: You return? I cannot believe ... do you have the relics?
Hero: Yes. I have all three relics right here.
High Priest Zuladr: I did not believe .... I prayed and prayed, but felt nothing. I was convinced the gods had deserted me, but you ... you are their sign to me.
Hero: What do we do now?
High Priest Zuladr: You must act with the honors, of course. Replace the relics on their respective altars.
Hero: All right. I'll replace the relics.

High Priest Zuladr: I believe I can sense the gods returning already. I lost my faith, but you have restored it.
Hero: Is there anything else I can do?
High Priest Zuladr: No. You have done enough, more than enough. You have restored the temple's treasures. These relics were all that was here when the temple was built... and they are all that is needed for it to be rebuilt.
Hero: Complete Quest.

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