Snakes in the Sands [Quest]

Faction: Daggerfall Covenant
Province: Hammerfell
Location: Alik'r Desert
Required Level: 36

Text of the Quest:

Snakes in the Sands A caravan was attacked by snakes at the oasis near Ogres bluff. The caravan guard is afraid of snakes and asked me to return and help the members of the caravan. The caravan guard gave me an antidote to treat anyone I find who was poisoned by the snakes.


Apply Antidote to Poison Victims

Letta: Please, wayfarer. I need your help. I was hired to guard a caravan out of Bergama, a family moving to Bangkorai. I am ashamed to confess it, but I failed to honor the contract. I abandoned them—all of them—down at the oasis.
Hero: Why did you abandon them?
Letta: Because of the snakes. I was prepared to defend the caravan from bandits, even dunerippers, but not snakes. Snakes scare the Oblivion out of me, they always have. So I fled, and now, I lack the courage to go back. Will you help them?
Hero: Yes. I will help them if I can.
Letta: Take this antidote. I fear some of them may have been poisoned by the snakes and now lack the strength to escape.
Hero: I hope it is not too late.

Letta: I cannot believe it! Everyone survived! I only regret that it was not me who helped them. They hired me for protection, not to run at the first sign of danger.
Hero: Everyone is safe now.
Letta: Yes, and I am grateful for that. You deserve a reward, wayfarer, not me. I will keep them safe now until we get to a town. Then I will return their money and go on my way.
Hero: Complete Quest.

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