Sleep for the Dead [Quest]

Faction: Ebonheart Pact
Province: Skyrim
Location: Eastmarch
Required Level: 33

Text of the Quest:

The orders from Fildgor Orcthane suggest that the Stormfists are after something precious in the royal tomb. The spirit of Queen Nurnhilde and Lieutenant Koruni both asked me to return the relics. While I'm at it, I'll see what else is going on.

Lieutenant Koruni: Just what I know. Skyrim's royal family and their honored servants are interred below. Well, the dead ones, anyway. The fort was built to protect the crypts. There are precious relics, to be sure, but nothing to make these brigands risk so much.
Hero: These relics were in the box with Halskar's orders.
Lieutenant Koruni: Well, there you have it. Thievery and desecration. Still, these orders seem to imply there's more to it than that. Perhaps you could go below, return these items, and make sure everything is all right. The entrance is behind this building.
Hero: I was heading in that direction, anyway.
Lieutenant Koruni: Go on. Check out the crypts. We'll handle things up here.
Hero: Did you see that woman I was talking to?
Lieutenant Koruni: Woman? What woman? I saw you strike down Halskar, pull something from the lockbox, and then pause for a long moment. I thought you were catching your breath up there.
Hero: A ghost appeared when I took possession of these relics.
Lieutenant Koruni: Well, they do say that the royal tombs are haunted. Soldiers tell stories of seeing and hearing strange things during night patrols. Still, if a spirit spoke to you, those relics must be special. Did the spirit happen to give you a name?
Hero: She claimed to be Queen Nurnhilde.
Lieutenant Koruni: Queen Nurnhilde? Our beloved Queen was struck down in battle against the Akaviri ten years ago. I'd listen carefully to whatever Queen Nurnhilde said to you. You are truly blessed, my friend!

Queen Nurnhilde: I have been waiting for you to arrive.
Hero: What do you want me to do?
Queen Nurnhilde: The relics you recovered are very important. When they were removed, it disturbed the draugr below. Please return the relics to their proper resting places.
Hero: Sounds simple enough.
Queen Nurnhilde: There is nothing simple about this matter. You must return the relics to the exact spot they were taken from. Inspect each chamber carefully, for there will be clues as to the proper placement. I can advise you, but I know little of these relics.
Hero: Are you really Queen IMurnhilde?
Queen Nurnhilde: Who else would I be, mortal? Recent events have called me back from Sovngarde, but I am still my people's beloved queen. Now don't you have some relics to put back in the tomb?
Hero: Returning the relics sounds simple enough.
Queen Nurnhilde: This chamber contains the remains of advisors who served the throne. Trusted counselors, viziers, and shamans are buried here.
Hero: What can you tell me about this book?
Queen Nurnhilde: The book contains a collection of ancient Nord proverbs. As you can see, a page has been torn out. But that was not the only book damaged when the Stormfists invaded this chamber. You need to find the correct page to restore that ancient book.
Hero: Which page is the correct one?
Queen Nurnhilde: Read the book and any pages you find. Matching a torn page with the writing in the book should be simple enough for one of your experience and skills.

Book Pedestal: < This pedestal appears to be a good resting place for the Truth of the North book. I should find the missing page and place the book here. >
Hero: < Place the book after adding the damp page. >
Hero: < Place the book after adding the dry page. >
Hero: < Place the book after adding the dusty page. >
Hero: < Place the book after adding the singed page.>

Queen Nurnhilde: This is wrong. Something is terribly, terribly wrong.
Hero: What's the matter?
Queen Nurnhilde: My body. The Crown of Freydis. They should both be here, but they're gone.
Hero: Did the Stormfists take your body?
Queen Nurnhilde: No. Layers of magical protection engulf the interred. Any Stormfist that tried to even touch my body would have been obliterated. Only those of royal blood could have—No!
Hero: What is it?
Queen Nurnhilde: My brother... has all honor deserted him? Why would he do such a thing? Fildgor.... Go! Quickly! Perhaps you can catch him before he gets away. You must retrieve my mortal remains and my crown!

Captain Hamar: Ah, you're back! Lieutenant Koruni's plan worked perfectly. And she says she owes her success to you. Good job!
Hero: What happened up here?
Captain Hamar: While you were in the tomb, Koruni launched a strike against the invaders from the barracks. A detachment of soldiers arrived from Windhelm just in time to help us take back the fort.
Hero: That's good news.
Captain Hamar: It is indeed! And thank you for your help, my friend. As long as we hold Fort Morvunskar, you are welcome here.

Queen Nurnhilde: I no longer know my own brother's heart, but now I know yours. Even though Fildgor escaped with my crown and my mortal remains, you have performed a great service this day.
Hero: I'll find your body and your crown. Also, I still need to return your amulet to your tomb.
Queen Nurnhilde: Keep the amulet. You earned it. And as long as you carry it, we will always be connected.
Hero: Complete Quest.

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