Shrine of Corruption [Quest]

Faction: Ebonheart Pact
Province: Skyrim
Location: Eastmarch
Required Level: 31

Text of the Quest:

I met two Nord soldiers near the shrine of Kynesgrove. They claim that the shrine has been taken over by evil witches and that the rest of their brigade never returned from the shrine. Now they just wait, afraid to enter the shrine.

Kralald: Are you heading to the shrine?
Hero: What shrine?
Kralald: The shrine to the goddess Kyne. We come here to pray and ask for her blessing before battle. The rest of our brigade went to visit the shrine yesterday. They haven't returned yet and I'm worried about them.
Hero: Have you gone to look for them?
Kralald: Well, no. Not after that traveling merchant came by and told us that terrible story. He said dark witches had killed the Keepers of the shrine. The place has been overrun! I can match steel with any soldier, but how do you battle a witch's hex?
Hero: I'll look for your companions.
Kralald: Kyne bless you, stranger. Captain Alhana commands the brigade. She's an excellent leader and a terror with a blade, but they should have been back by now.
Hero: Tell me about Kyne.
Kralald: Kyne is the warrior goddess, the mother of the Nord people. She watches over us and protects us. She blesses our weapons and armor before we enter battle. I wouldn't expect you to understand.
Hero: So why don't you send for more troops to defend the shrine?
Kralald: Haven't you heard? The seeds of war have been planted in Eastmarch. Most of our fellow Nords are already on the battlefield. If we had the numbers, we'd march right in and take back the shrine. But as you can see, it's just Yllolda and me.
Hero: What was the brigade doing at the shrine?
Kralald: Soldiers often visit the shrine before going into battle. How else would we receive Kyne's blessing? The Keepers provide shelter, allowing pilgrims to pray for a day and a night. But Alhana and the others have been gone longer than that.
Hero: Could they still be praying?
Kralald: I don't think so. Captain Alhana is a stickler for schedules and protocols. But ever since that traveling merchant told us tales of witches and corruption at the shrine, we've been too—well—too frightened to go and check on them.

Keeper's Home: Go away, witch! You won't curse any more of my soldiers. If you don't leave, you'll taste my blade!
Hero: I'm not a witch. Kralald sent me to help.
Keeper's Home: Kralald? Really? How do I know you didn't bewitch him, just like the others?
Hero: [Persuade] If I was a witch, couldn't I just curse you instead of trying to talk to you?
Keeper's Home: That's the most rational thing I heard all day. Hold on. I'll unlock the door. Don't let any of the witches follow you in.

Captain Alhana: My apologies, but these are dangerous times. I watched my soldiers turn into mindless slaves. I had to make sure your will was still your own.
Hero: Kralald is worried. What's happened here?
Captain Alhana: Our brigade came to the shrine to pray. That's when they fell upon us. Daedric witches! They bewitched most of my soldiers. We four are all that remains, and Droi is burning with an unnatural fever. I fear he won't last much longer.
Hero: What happened to Droi?
Captain Alhana: He was cursed by the witches. The fever burns away all that he is. Soon he'll be a mindless slave, just like the others. The Keepers could heal him, but we haven't seen a Keeper since we arrived.
Hero: Where are the Keepers?
Captain Alhana: It's likely the witches killed or cursed them. Of course, they could be barricaded away, just like we are, waiting for help to arrive. Droi mentioned something about them before the fever took him, but we've had other things to deal with.
Hero: I'll try to find them. Any suggestions on where I should start looking?
Captain Alhana: Kill a few witches as you explore the shrine. That might turn up a clue or two, and it wouldn't hurt our chances. There's also a locked dresser by the bed. One of the bewitched soldiers might have a key. I'd love to know what they locked in there.
Hero: Kill witches, find a key. Any other thoughts?
Captain Alhana: Before the fever took Droi, he mentioned a witch by the lake. He said she didn't attack him. Find this witch. If she's really willing to talk to you, she might have something useful to say.

Leifnar: Why do you approach me? Do you want to end up like the rest of the bewitched? Or perhaps you believe Kyne will protect you?
Hero: I don't have time for games. I'm looking for the Keepers of the grove. Goodbye.
Leifnar: You search in vain, then, for the Keepers are lost. Kyne no longer lights their way. Why should the Keepers maintain the shrine of a god who ignores their prayers?
Hero: What are you talking about?
Leifnar: Kyne blesses the Nords before battle, but Nords die every day. We lose sons and daughters in these stupid wars. And what does mighty Kyne do? Absolutely nothing! We refuse to worship a god who ignores us and lets our children die.
Hero: You keep saying we. Who are you?
Leifnar: Think about it. You'll figure it out soon enough. Now leave this place and take everyone barricaded in that building with you. The Keepers don't need to be rescued. And this grove belongs to us now. Go.

Captain Alhana: Was your search successful?
Hero: One of the witches carried this book of hymns.
Captain Alhana: I know this book. Many Nords carry similar hymns written to our goddess. It's strange that a Daedric witch would take this from a Keeper. Perhaps it's part of their spell. Maybe they use a victim's property to maintain control.
Hero: A soldier's journal, hidden in the dresser, describes the Keepers' strange behavior a few days ago.
Captain Alhana: It sounds like the witches attacked before we arrived. I wonder if the Keepers were already cursed when this was written. That would explain why they were acting strangely.
Hero: I spoke to one of the witches. She seemed to have a connection to the Keepers. Goodbye.
Captain Alhana: A hymn book, a journal, and now a witch? I have my suspicions, but there must be more to it. This can't be what I think it is.
Hero: What do you propose?
Captain Alhana: Investigate the building where the head Keeper worked. Last time I checked, it was locked. If you can find a way into the house, you might find something that will make sense of this situation.

Captain Alhana: I should have checked the window. Nords tend to break things, not sneak through them.
Hero: The witches are the Keepers.
Captain Alhana: What? No. That can't be right. Even though I suspected .... No. No, there must be some mistake. To go against everything they believe in, everything they were taught. Why would the Keepers do such a thing?
Hero: The Keepers lost children to the war. They blame Kyne.
Captain Alhana: The Keepers teach us it is an honor to die defending our homeland. That's what they preach. Forsaking the teachings of Kyne dishonors us all!
Hero: Complete Quest.

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