Revered Ancestors [Quest]

Faction: Daggerfall Covenant
Province: Hammerfell
Location: Alik'r Desert
Required Level: 32

Text of the Quest:

Revered Ancestors The dead have risen at Tuwhaccas Throne, and an Ashabah here is particularly worried that three ancient heroes have been raised. I agreed to visit their graves, and if they have been raised, then I will kill them. I should choose an Ashabah healer or a warrior to assist me.


Choose Healer Choose Warrior

Ramati at-Gar: Do you understand why I am concerned? Some of the greatest heroes in history are buried here—kings, queens, legendary warriors ...! If they've risen, it is Ash'abah duty to kill them, and that's not going to be easy.
Hero: Is there something I can do to help?
Ramati at-Gar: There is. I maintain vigil hereto ensure that certain ancient heroes ... let's just say, if they're raised, that's a problem. With what's happened here, I need someone to check their graves. If they're up and about, they need to be put down.
Hero: I can check their graves.
Ramati at-Gar: Thank you. This is no small thing I ask, and I appreciate you stepping up. The three graves I need you to check belong to Armiger Rhina, Yokeda Razul, and Queen Afsar. They changed the course of history. They deserve to rest now.
Hero: I understand.
Ramati at-Gar: I'll mark the graves' locations on your map. I'd go with you, but I have to watch and ensure they don't slip by. There are other Ash'abah who can join you, though. You want one skilled in swordplay, or one who's adept at restoration magic?
Hero: I'd prefer one skilled in restoration magic.
Ramati at-Gar: You're brave to cross blades with these heroes yourself. Don't worry though. This man will ensure you do not fall.
Hero: Thank you.

Ramati at-Gar: There are many heroes buried here, to be sure, but these three are the ones Ash'abah scholars are most concerned about. They were extremely powerful in life, and scholars fear they could be extremely dangerous in death.
Hero: Who was Armiger Rhina?
Ramati at-Gar: Rhina was an Armiger in the Order of Diagna who died in the final days of the Siege of Orsinium. She was born in the siege camp there and spent her entire twenty-six years fighting the Ores. They say it was her sacrifice that brought us victory.
Hero: What is Yokeda Razul famous for?
Ramati at-Gar: Razul fought alongside Divad Hunding, leading the Ra Gada to conquer Alik'r. When the Na-Totambu and the Yokudan nobility came later, Razul made himself Yokeda to cement the power of the Ra Gada. Some call him the first Forebear.
Hero: Afsar was a Queen of Alik'r?
Ramati at-Gar: Yes. She seized the throne the ancient way. Late in the first era, the King died with no heir and the nobles squabbled over the throne. Afsar solidified her rule by killing the opposition. Despite its bloody start, her reign was very peaceful.

Ramati at-Gar: There's no need for me to ask whether the heroes had been raised when you found them. I only need to know—are they now at rest?
Hero: Yes. They are dead.
Ramati at-Gar: Then you've fulfilled the duty of the Ash'abah here, and saved me a dungheap of trouble. As we Ash'abah always say, true honor need not be named. I hope we cross paths again.
Hero: Complete Quest.

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