Restoring the Ansei Wards [Quest]

Faction: Daggerfall Covenant
Province: Hammerfell
Location: Alik'r Desert
Required Level: 36

Text of the Quest:

Restoring the Ansei Wards I have recovered all three Ansei Wards and defeated the heirs of Suturah. The Withered Hand is broken. Their campaign of terror has ended. All that remains is to restore the Ansei Wards to safekeeping in Sentinel. Ansei Halelah has created a portal through which I can return to Sentinel.


Return to Sentinel

Ansei Halelah: You have accomplished a heroic feat today, but there is more to be done.
Hero: What would you have me do?
Ansei Halelah: Return the Ansei Wards to their rightful place—the Impervious Vault. The vault is stronger, and it will protect the wards so that we can again protect the Alik'r. I have opened this portal to the vault. You may use it if you wish.
Hero: I will return to the Impervious Vault.

King Fahara'jad: One cannot be a great ruler without first being an impeccable judge of character. You walked into my palace a stranger, but I trusted you immediately. You have proven that my faith was well-placed.
Hero: It has been an honor. Your Majesty.
King Fahara'jad: Come though. This is an historic day. We have strengthened the seals on the Impervious Vault. Your friends and many others have gathered to witness the return of the Ansei Wards to their rightful place. Take them. The honor is yours.
Hero: I will restore the wards.

Ansei Halelah: The Wards are restored and so are we. We can again maintain vigil over the living and the dead, and ensure that both adhere to the divine laws of Tu'whacca. Your role in this has not gone unnoticed, young one.
Hero: Is it finished, then?
Ansei Halelah: For us, it is never finished, but for you, your road leads elsewhere. You have done for Alik'r far more than many others would have. You have fought bravely, sacrificed honorably; you have acted as an Ansei would have.
Hero: Where do I go now?
Ansei Halelah: Your path is your own, but be assured, Tu'whacca has blessed you, and wherever you go, the gods will be with you. Remain steadfast, mortal, and may you come safely to your journey's end.
Hero: Thank you, Ansei Halelah.

King Fahara'jad: In addition to the public praise, I must add my own private words of appreciation, wayfarer. You not only saved the kingdom, you also saved its king. My reign would have been buried in the sands had you not intervened. Thank you.
Hero: You're welcome. Your Majesty.
King Fahara'jad: In honor of your selfless dedication, your unwavering courage, and the incredible service you have done the kingdom, I have a gift. This was one of Sentinel's greatest treasures. Now it is yours. I know you will use it well.
Hero: Complete Quest.

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