Rending Flames [Quest]

Faction: Ebonheart Pact
Province: Morrowind
Location: Stonefalls
Required Level: 7

Text of the Quest:

I've awakened the spirit of an ancient Dark Elf scribe named Mavos Siloreth. Mavos's spirit can't remember how he bound Balreth in the original ceremony. To help me, he's going to perform a ritual and show me a vision of the past.

Mavos' ritual requires two items: a skull and a candle. These items are locked in chests to the east and west. I'll need to solve a puzzle at each chest to obtain them.


  • Collect Candle
  • Collect Skull
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Comments ()

  1. Anton Kónev 28 february 2014, 19:55 # 0
    how the hell i do this?
    1. Aleksandar Savic 17 march 2014, 01:37 # +1
      red yellow blue for candle
      yellow blue yellow for skull
    2. Harrie Jr. Visser 05 june 2014, 10:34 # 0
      the Rending Flames Quest is that a puzzel?

      red, for candle…
      yellow,blue,yellow for skull…

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