Party Planning [Quest]

Faction: Ebonheart Pact
Province: Skyrim
Location: Eastmarch
Required Level: 33
Reward: 235

Text of the Quest:

Rigurt the Brash has been named Master of Ceremonies for the celebration of King Jorunn's anniversary. Rigurt has many organizational duties to attend to and needs a little help.


Rigurt the Brash: Hello, friend! How long has it been? You remember Rigurt the Brash, leader of the Glorious Expedition for Nord Cultural Exchange? It is good to see you again. You are just in time to help.
Hero: What can I do to help?
Rigurt the Brash: I returned triumphantly from glorious mission to Dark Elf lands and Thane Mera put me in charge of Skald-King's big party. "You like a good party," she says. "Of course!" I say. "No one parties like Rigurt!" Turns out whole thing is mammoth dung.
Hero: What do you mean?
Rigurt the Brash: The pickled fish from Lower Yorgrim and the mead from Voljar's have not yet arrived. Worse, my Dark Elf assistant never returned with my fancy Dunmer clothing from Mournhold. Everything goes wrong, and I am stuck here doing organizing things!
Hero: I can check on things for you.
Rigurt the Brash: You do a great service for Rigurt. Rigurt knew he could count on you!

Del Seleth: What indignity! What utter.... What? Who are you? Leave me alone. I'm not doing anything.
Hero: Rigurt sent me to retrieve his cultural garb.
Del Seleth: Oh, such embarassment and folly! It's a horror perpetrated against the dignity of Dunmer culture.
Hero: What are you talking about? Where are the clothes?
Del Seleth: I'm talking about the clothes! These rags ... they're a horrendous joke, and Rigurt plans to meet the ambassador wearing them! It's an incident in the making! I will not have it! I'm doing Rigurt a favor.
Hero: [Intimidate] Give me the clothes ... or else.
Del Seleth: Fine! Take them! Let Rigurt embarrass himself. See if I care.
Hero: Goodbye.

Addald Cold-Eye: Greetings. What brings you to my pier in the middle of this disaster?
Hero: I'm looking for pickled fish for the Konunleikar.
Addald Cold-Eye: Shor's bones! What with the giant attack and all, I completely forgot all about that. My sincerest apologies. Here you go.
Hero: What happened here?
Addald Cold-Eye: Haven't you heard? Giants attacked Lower Yorgrim! Go speak to Eiraki in the tavern over there if you want more information.
Hero: I'm surprised you can spare the fish.
Addald Cold-Eye: It's pickled fish! No one actually eats this stuff. It's more of a tradition than a food group. I've even seen a starving horker refuse to eat these stinky fish! It might be good for keeping the wolves away, though.
Hero: Goodbye.

Jafrera Snowpeak: Welcome to Voljar's Meadery. Please excuse the mess.
Hero: You have an order of mead for the Konunleikar?
Jafrera Snowpeak: Sorry. We had some trouble and there hasn't been enough mead to fill the order. I'll get it on a cart as soon as possible. Here. Take this bottle. It's my way of apologizing for the delay.
Hero: What kind of trouble?
Jafrera Snowpeak: You need to ask Haraldar about that. I just fill the orders. He's right outside if you haven't spoken to him already.

Rigurt the Brash: Welcome back, my most excellent friend! How goes the hunt?
Hero: I picked up the mead and the fish, and I found your cultural garb.
Rigurt the Brash: Excellent! And just in time, too. We must welcome most important foreign dignitaries to Windhelm. Here. A set of cultural garb just for you. Please put these on. Excellent! You are here. And you are all fancy! All cultural and everything.
Hero: Are you drunk?
Rigurt the Brash: What? No! Of course not. Well, maybe a little. The mead you brought looked so good. I took a teeny swig to calm my nerves. I can't help it if the bottle was so small. Being master of ceremonies is hard work. I bet King Jorunn drinks plenty!
Hero: Should you postpone this meeting?
Rigurt the Brash: Don't be silly! Here come the dignitaries! Now look casual. And dignified!
Rigurt the Brash: That went amazingly well. I think.
Hero: I'm not so sure.
Rigurt the Brash: Nonsense. You worry too much, my friend. This is going to be the best Corn- loon-licker ever! Now please take this. It's a gift for all your hard work. Rigurt insists!
Hero: Complete Quest.

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