Our Poor Town [Quest]

Faction: Ebonheart Pact
Province: Skyrim
Location: Eastmarch
Required Level: 35

Text of the Quest:

Trolls overran the town of Darkwater Crossing, and now the Argonians who lived there have taken refuge in a nearby cave.

Stormy-Eyes: I will meet you at the camp of the Ternion Monks, my friend.
Hero: Is there anything I can do to help?
Stormy-Eyes: A stranger offers aid? You dare to put your own life into danger for the benefit of others? That sounds too good to be true.
Hero: I just want to help.
Stormy-Eyes: Well, I would be foolish to turn down help, wherever it conies from. I need certain materials to perform the ritual. Can you gather them for me?
Hero: What do you need?
Stormy-Eyes: I need you to catch torchbugs. I need five pairs of wings. No more, no less. I also need the satchel from my home—the intact building, the one with the sturdy lock. The key should be in an urn near the house. I tossed it in there when I ran by.
Hero: Will this help you heal her?
Stormy-Eyes: It will help me find my way through her dreams. I enter the Dreamstride and cure people from within. I've always had this gift. I try to use it for good, but... things don't always work out the way you hope. I try not to think about those times.
Hero: I need your help.
Stormy-Eyes: Can't you see I'm busy? Many people to care for, including one who slowly slips away. I don't have time to deal with strangers until my own people are safe and secure.

Asmalah the Caller: Who ... who are you? What are you doing in here? Everyone was supposed to be gone.
Hero: What are you doing here?
Asmalah the Caller: Um, just gathering my belongings. I had to leave so suddenly I ... missed a couple of necessities. Now, get out of my house, won't you? I don't want you here.
Hero: Isn't this Stormy-Eyes' house?
Asmalah the Caller: Figures you'd be working with the lizards. They always lure outsiders to their cause with false promises and sob stories. Those Argonians are killers. If you're working with them, you're no better than they are.
Hero: What are you talking about?
Asmalah the Caller: What am I talking about? That Dreamwalker! He uses dark magic, magic he doesn't understand. How many innocents have to die because of his recklessness?
Hero: He's trying to save an injured Argonian.
Asmalah the Caller: That's just what he wants you to believe. And you're stupid enough to listen to his lies! It's a shame a troll didn't rip your heart out. It's what you and those killers deserve! Now get out of my way. I have what I came for.

Asmalah the Caller: How dare you help the Argonians. The filthy lizards! They killed my wife! She put her faith in the Dreamwalker. Put her life in his hands ....
Hero: What do you mean?
Asmalah the Caller: My wife was ill. This Dreamwalker. He promised he could cure her. By entering her dreams. She swore off practical medicines. Said there were other ways. They were lies! I held her hand as her life slipped away. He killed her.
Hero: The Dreamwalker did? Is that why you're here?
Asmalah the Caller: I came here to make them suffer. All of them. To make them feel the pain as I did. I put blood around the village. Lured the trolls here. I watched them destroy the place. And now, it seems, I hold the life of another in my hands.
Hero: What life do you speak of?
Asmalah the Caller: Whoever the Dreamwalker is trying to save. He sent you for his reagents, didn't he? That's why you were in the house. That's why I was there too. To make sure he never stepped into another dream again. Let me go and I'll tell you where to find them.
Hero: Are you trying to bargain your life for another?
Asmalah the Caller: Then I die. And the Dreamwalker's reagents are lost for all time. Do it! Take my life! My wife ... she waits forme ....

Stormy-Eyes: Did you bring the items I requested?
Hero: A Redguard wizard who attacked the village stole and hid them. He's dead now.
Stormy-Eyes: That poor man. I once knew a Redguard. Good man. Had a loving wife. Very sad time, but that's another discussion. Is bad that we have no reagents. Will make the ritual more dangerous. Less likely to succeed.
Hero: What do we do?
Stormy-Eyes: Must try anyways. Do not have much time left. Still have chance of saving, even now, just much more dangerous. Many thanks to you for trying. Will remember that, whatever happens.

Stormy-Eyes: It didn't work. I wasn't able to shield myself from the nightmares. She is ... she is gone. I couldn't save her.
Hero: Are you all right?
Stormy-Eyes: ril recover. Sometimes the magic goes wrong and bad things happen. I'd risk all of this and more if I had another chance to save her. But no, it was not to be.
Hero: What happened?
Stormy-Eyes: Without my reagents, I couldn't protect myself from the horrors that roam the Dreamstride. But I don't blame you. At least you tried to help when no one else cared. That means very much to me.
Hero: Is that what happened to Asmalah's wife?
Stormy-Eyes: Not exactly. Sometimes even when everything goes right, something goes wrong. You can't save everyone, no matter how hard you try. The Redguard hates me for what happened to his wife. I guess he got his revenge. He took one of our own this day.
Hero: How can you be so calm about all this?
Stormy-Eyes: Will hate bring back Sister-of-Wind? Did it bring back Asmalah's wife? He did what anyone would do. He sought revenge against the one he thought was responsible. He did what he thought was right.
Hero: What will you do now?
Stormy-Eyes: I'll tell Blue-Bird about her egg-sister. Then I'll let the clan grieve for its loss. Once I know the clan is safe, I will move on. Find a new purpose. That's the way of the Dreamwalker.
Hero: I wish you luck.
Stormy-Eyes: We'll stay here for a while, at least until the trolls are gone. Many thanks for your help. If you ever have the need for a Dreamwalker, you only need to ask. It would be my honor to help one who helped us.
Hero: Complete Quest.

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